Sweet are the uses of adversity
Which, like the toad ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head
And this our life, exempt from the public haunt
Finds tongues in trees, Books in the running brooks
Sermons in stones and Good in everything!
[William Shakespeare]
Plant Spirit Healing meditation workshop Cambridge Cambridgesire UK  


  Nature moving meditation and Plant Spirit Healing workshop Cambridge UK - Shamanic healing and Stress Management workshop   *Workshop: Why try it?
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Nature moving meditation and Plant Spirit Healing workshop Cambridgeshire UK - Personal Development and Stress Management workshop  




Experience Self-empowerment - Fun - Creativity  in this innovative workshop! The programme is participant-centred i.e. will go at the pace, and with any minor variations, that the participants find most helpful. Part of the aim of the preparatory exercises is to help us slow down to the pace and harmonious, effortless flow of nature. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace - there is no rush, push or pressure in this workshop!

Clearing held-in stress and tension via a range of walking meditation techniques and simple easy loosening and bioenergetics exercises, which are cleansing, relaxing, "grounding" and integrating. These exercises release energy blocks and raise spirits while also calming and relaxing the body and clearing mental agitation and worry. They are useful skills to learn for controlling stress and distressed, tense, or upset feelings.

"Free spirit" moving tai chi (energy cultivation) exercises, alone, with a partner and then moving in harmony through woodland. Easy to learn, no previous experience required.
"Plant spirit healing" - an intuitive co-healing (i.e. working in pairs as healers for each other) technique for accessing your unconscious or divine deep inner guidance and insight via the mediation of plants. When we try to access deep or divine (spiritual) guidance ourselves we are sometimes obstructed or confused by our own "hang-ups" or "blinkered vision". Working in a simple intuitive way with a partner (who will be provided) you help each other to "hear" a simple piece of insight, creative idea or wisdom about any situation or feeling which may be bothering you. I was taught this practice by Simone Silverpath of the Coventina School of Shamanic Therapy

Opportunity to share any experiences related to the "Plant spirit healing" experience (if you wish).
Edible wild plants: Guided tour of edible wild plants which are a rich and free organic source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Nutrient-rich, pesticide-free additions to our diet boost the immune system, enhance our detoxification of traffic pollution and bolster up our resilience to stress.



Mobility impaired?
If you have any kind of movement problem or travel in a wheelchair, you are welcome to join this class and the exercises will be tailored to your requirements. The ground and paths are not very easy in a wheelchair, but it is all do-able, especially if you have an able-bodied assistant with you. Please tell us in advance of any infirmity or special requirements that you may have, so that we can be prepared.


If weather is at least reasonably fine (i.e. we will not get soaked) we will meet at the oak wood in Bar Hill. If clearly wet we will meet at the Merton Hall farmhouse in Madingley Rd Cambridge (contact us for directions).

If there is doubt and confusion about the weather - we will make email/office number contact (am) or mobile phone contact pm (my office number is 01954-789966) if needed to clarify which location.

If weather is fine but becomes wet, we can retreat to my office (1 mile from the oak wood) for indoor energy cultivation exercises plus an indoor shamanic journey (guided meditation) and sharing.


About Bar Hill: Historical & Community Information & Maps: Bar Hill village web-site (in new window)

Dr. M J Meredith, Workshop leader, Meditation teacher, Stress Management Trainer and Shamanic Healer

Your Nature Workshop Facilitator
Physiologist & Stress Management Trainer: Dr. Michael Meredith

"Do join us! - I look forward to meeting you!"

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