Audio Clips of our New Age, Middle Eastern & Native American Tribal Dances
    Raising Vitality via...
The "Arapho Ghost Dance"

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Our 3 Levels of Identity
Building Resourcefulness:
A Seneca Planting Ritual

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Spirit Help + 5 Elements


*Learn Shamanic Circle Dances!

Audio Recordings from our Group-based Energy-Healing Rituals
Energy-Healing Circle:
"How Could Anyone..."

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Healing the Inner Child
  Clearing Energy Blocks by
Mantric Energy Channeling

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Aramaic Beatitude 3    


Recordings from Michael [Mikhael] Meredith's "Healing Circle Dances" workshop at UK SSP Conference 2008

*What People Say about Sunflower Health "Find the Shaman Within You" Workshops

*Calendar of our Workshops & Courses: Wellbeing, Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

*Shamanism Resources Directory






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