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A Video About Stress & Sleep Problems
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Insomnia often results from mental overactivity.
Difficulty in "switching off the mind" is a potent cause of sleeplessness.
Breathing exercises are a great way to bring mind chatter under control in order to calm and relax ourself.
Ultimately we may need to make some lifestyle changes in order to access Inner Stillness and Peace of Mind.

Ways to Transform Stress into ...
Lifeskills, Wisdom, Creativity, Healing, Success & Fulfilment!

Transcendental Meditation [TM] is one approach

More About the Power of the Kwan Yin archetype


A Journey of Stress-Liberation & Wellbeing Uplift!

Vigorously defending or denying our WEAKNESSES, OLD UNHEALED WOUNDS or UNINTEGRATED TRAGEDIES repeatedly re-creates the murky waters of disappointment, frustration, isolation and resentment. These issues, often experienced as insomnia, difficulty relaxing or hypersensitive "hot buttons" are what we will be tackling in our "From Stress to Success" series of workshops and courses.

These workshops/courses include:

This course is partly experiential + partly an opportunity to share your struggles, setbacks, insights and successes with other people who are on a similar path of personal development.

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*Low-Stress Lifestyles: Holistic Lifetyle Training Programme

Transformation of Stress in home social life or work environment into creativity wisdom healing well-being & productivity - Copyright Quan Yin photo picture of Kwan Yin statue

What the Kwan Yin 'Divine Feminine' archetype can Teach Us!
To millions of people in the Far East, Kwan Yin (Guan Shi Yin) is the Goddess of Mercy - the Buddhist equivalent of the Madonna or "Virgin Mary". She symbolises the importance of cultivating the quality of compassion which can release us from our own self-destructive self-judgements and ensuing guilt patterns that trap us in dysfunctionality.

Kwan Yin also symbolizes how we can expand our consciousness, healing, wisdom and understanding sufficiently to release our self-righteous judgement of others. When others no longer have to defend themselves against our arrogance they become free to co-operate and co-create with us - REDUCING OUR STRESS LEVELS!

Kwan Yin - also known as "Quan Yin" - is holding one hand up in a symbolic gesture ["mudra"] that means "Be still" or "Be at peace". The modern equivalent of this, for stress management puposes, is...

*When you are in a hole - Stop digging!

Kwan Yin's right hand is pouring out balm [ambrosia] from a vial - to ease the suffering of the sufferers. The stress-management implication of this is that "palliative stress management" [pleasurable "chillout" activities like having a massage or a relaxing holiday away from it all] have an important part to play - it is hard to solve stress problems or make lifestyle changes when we are feeling low. However "chilling out" and "having a lovely time" are often not enough to solve our high-stress, low-wellbeing problems...We also need to confront our "inner demons" [dragons] of self-sabotage...

Like many images of Kwan Yin, in this statuette she rides [masters and harnesses the energy of] a dragon. A dragon is the ultimate symbol of power in many cultures. Apart fom the dangerous features [formidable physical weapons and defences] that a dragon possesses, on the positive side it is an animal able to travel on land, through the air and in water. The metaphysical equivalents of these three realms are: our everyday life, our spiritual life and our emotional life. So Kwan Yin symolizes mastery of all these three aspects of human life.

At another level, Kwan Yin's domination of the dragon symbolises mastery of the "shadow" or dark unattractive side of our human nature - our 'inner demons'. Our inner demon may be very unskilful and prone to generate violence and "bad karma" (consequences of our malicious or greedy actions and words) but it is a potent source of primitive ancestral stone-age-human energies. In other words our cave-person, self-centred, egotistical, survival at all costs, "shadow side" makes a bad master but a good servant!

Relevance of Kwan Yin to this stress management course...
Kwan Yin is pictured here riding and taming her stress (dragon) energy and using it to surround herself with peace, beauty and creativity - Exactly what we will be doing!

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