Holistic Lifestyle & Shamanic Journeying course - experience the transforming power of this ancient practice of healing and transformation to heal, empower and transformShamanism course - experience the transformation power of this ancient practice of healing - move your personal life journey forward!

Shamanic Circle Dances - Movement Medicine in Shamanism

Harness your body, that you may access greater powers!
Those who surrender themselves find inner strength!
When the soul becomes the warrior, all fear melts!

[Master Po]

Shamanic Circle Dance and Ecstatic Dance Workshop - Shaman trance dance as a spiritual practice - Training courses in U.K.

Move & Dance The Ancient & Modern Rhythms of the Shaman!
Light Your Creative Spark!

In Shamanic Dance we weave a magical tapestry of truly holistic experience from 3 golden threads:

***** Self-purification/Cleansing/Releasing *****
******** Self-disciplined repetitive ritual ********
******** Free-spirited self-actualisation ********

A specific shamanic dance practice might embody only disciplined repetitive "ritual" movements at one extreme [meditative transcendence] or consist entirely of spirit-driven "freeform" movement at the other extreme [channelling transcendence]. Freeform dance can be "cleansing"/"releasing" [physical tensions, chakra energy blocks, earthly cares etc] and thereby energising and uplifting, and can also be joyfully connective and self-expressive.

-   Spiritual Dance = Alchemy = Magical Transformation of Energetic State   -

Shamanic dance is a Spiritual Practice which can provide 3 Benefits:

* A bigger [cosmic] & richer [spiritual/emotional] experience of ourselves and the world
* Access to transcendent resources of wisdom, guidance and creativity
* Cultivation of safety and good fortune [success, happiness]

The shamanic lifestyle is an ancient natural and holistic approach to life which integrates mind, body, spirit, community and divine service.

-   Integrate & Align Your Psyche!   -

Deepening Self-awareness - Integration of Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit

B'reshith Dance in Hebrew - Verse 1 of Genesis

Reminds us of the spacious potential that was there in the beginning and still resides as a deep memory in the cells of our being. In the partner part of the Dance, we help each other clear space and let go of whatever baggage is not truly part of our pre-existing, primordial purpose in life.

A 'Divine Creativity' circle ance incorporating ancient mystical movements [Zikr] for accessing what Deepak chopra calls 'The Field of Infinite Potential'
Note: 'Elohim' is one of the 6 versions of "God" referred to in the books of the Old Testament and translates as "The One that is Many!".


The Genesis Meditations - In the beginning the One that is Many created heaven and earth - Bereshith bara Elohim et hashamayim we'et ha'aretz

Medieval translation: "In the beginning 'God' created heaven and earth"
"Elohim" is a plural [singular=Eloah (details)] and only one of the terms [and personalities] for "God" in the books of the Old Testament.

Modern translation [The Genesis Meditations]: "In the Beginning the One that is Many created Heavenly and Earthly experiences"

Were YOU there at the beginning of time?
-   Movement for Health, Wellbeing & Wholeness   -
The Cherokee Dance of Life - A Prayer in Movement - wikimedia.org

The Cherokee Dance of Life - A Prayer in Movement

An holistic Energy-Cultivation & Spiritual-Connection Practice connecting us to the world of spirit and the divine qualities of reverence, trust and oneness, honouring Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Four Directions and our own inner support [self-esteem]. The Dance of Life is an ancient Medicine dance, said to originate from the Eastern Cherokee Medicine people, though exact origin is disputed. Combines breathwork, creative visualization and gentle tension-releasing movements similar to T'ai Chi. Best done at dawn, The Dance of Life is grounding, centering, balancing and a dance of gratitude for life!



Hoof and Horn - Connecting to the Cycles of Life
A Dance of Universal Peace honouring the Celtic Tradition of hunter [Horned God] & gatherer [Green Man]

Hoof and Horn, Hoof and horn
All that dies shall be reborn!
Corn and grain, Corn and grain
All that falls shall rise again!

A circle dance version of the ancient chant of our Celtic Pagan Ancestors, created by Amara Karuna
In the shamanic tradition we love to dance with and for our Ancestors!


Journey into Oneness with the Sun Invocation

Finding Our Place in the Great Scheme of Things via the symbolic movements of a traditional Native American Chant.
Connecting to Earth, Community and the 4 Directions - The Shaman never lives or works in isolation!

Let Me be One with the Infinite Sun, Forever, Forever, Forever


- Exercises to "Let Go" & Clear Blocks to Deeper Self-Awareness -

Beyond the boundary of experience flows "The Way"
Ever greater - yet more subtle - than the world

[The Path to Serenity]



The 4-Phase Reflective Breathing technique is a self-awareness tool which integrates mind, body, spirit, perceptions, senses and feelings. Self-awareness is essential for healing self or others - it is the starting point for choice (self-empowerment) and personal transformation. There are 4 types of outcome of this exercise:
Deadness - can't do it!
Relaxation & self-centring
Energy blocks encountered
Contacting of held-in feelings & impulses

*More about this Self-Healing Breathwork Practice

*About the Art of "Let Go - Let God(ess)"


A Circle Dance to Release Energy & Uplift Spirit
Raising Our Level of Vibration!

We begin our workshop journey by chanting and moving together to a Native American style tribal dance, aided by drum and rattle, to raise our spirits & energy level. Our goals are: Self-empowerment, Inspiration, Motivation, without which we will not get very far! The 3 phases of this symbolic circle ritual remind us of our potential to connect with our 3 levels of identity...

and to experience our life on 3 interwoven levels...
          • Personal journey
          • Soul-Group (Family/Community) journey
          • Spiritual Life (free-flowing, self-creative, self-expressive, self-actualising)
The words of this mantric chant...
  We circle around
The boundaries of the Earth
Hayya Hayya Hayya Hayya
Wearing the long wing feathers as I fly

*More about this vibrant, uplifting shamanic circle dance


The Tai Chi Walk - Meditation in Movement - Energy Cultivation & Conservation

The Tai Chi Walk - Meditation in Movement

Energy Cultivation & Conservation

After some simple Tai Chi centering exercises we move into a beautiful, flowing, walking meditation.



The Breath of Arjuna Wholistic Empowerment - Arjuna Info and Materials

The Breath of Arjuna - Shamanic Self-Empowerment

Arjuna was an heroic archer in Hindu legend. His name means 'bright' or 'shining' and he was such a skilled warrior that he was nicknamed "the undefeatable". He symbolizes the qualities of "clear vision", "focus" [on a target, personal goal or direction] and potency [effectiveness]. "Breath of Arjuna" is a simple dynamic and holistic yoga movement connecting breath, body, mind, spirit and imagination [visualization of results]. It can be done sitting, but is most powerful in the standing position. It comes from "Dru Yoga" [yoga of the heart]. The shamanic version of this practice consists of 3 successive phases:

1. Shedding what is not needed on our journey into deeper experience of sacred dance;
2. "Drawing-in" soul nourishment, qualities and self-empowerment for the "next step" on our life journey;
3. Radiating the shamanic persona (spiritual or power animal qualities) that we can bring to our world.




- Dance Your Energy Pattern Resources to Support a Personal Intention -


Planting our "Survival/Success/Fulfillment" Seed for the New Season:
(Flowing with the Energy Patterns of the 5 Elements)

Self-actualisation version: Seneca tribe symbolic "Planting Ritual"
Building Resourcefulness & Flexibility via moving sequentially in the 5 elemental energy patterns (earth, water, fire, air, ether)

The five elements verses alternate with actions calling down the guidance & support of our "Upper World" spiritual helpers ["spirit guides"].

A glimpse of this symbolic 5-elements chant/dance planting ritual

*Hear the full version of this Native American 'Planting Seeds' Chant & Dance Ritual



Ignite the Spark to Engage Your Personal Soul-Wisdom & Life-Purpose:

We Use a "Smudging" Ritual to Purify Intentions for entering the "Sacred Space" of Trance Dance practice

Many people choose to live their lives "stuck in a rut" - miserable and unfulfilled, unprepared for death. Engaging in The Way (lifestyle) of the Shaman begins with nurturing our desire and passion for fulfillment - for living more fully, achieving more of our potential and having a fuller experience of ourselves and of the integrated earthly/spiritual life for which we have incarnated into this lifetime. For this we will draw on the Native American wisdom of the Medicine Wheel incorporating the 4 compass directions plus "down" [earth], "up" [sky] and "within" - a total of 7 directions of spiritual connection...

  Spirit of the East
Help the New Dawn in us rising

Spirit of the South
Bring us healing and laughter

Spirit of the West
Bring us cleansing and insight

Spirit of the North
Bring us wisdom and purity

Grandmother Earth
You give us food and shelter

Grandfather Sky
You breathe the breath of life into me

Spirit of Within
You are my appreciation

Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, O Great Mystery
Take the veil of ignorance away from me

Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, O Great Mystery
Take the veil away so I may see

Take the veil away so I may see
Take the veil away so I may see

["Song of the Sacred Directions" - Amazon links to "Sacred Drumming" source Book + CD: U.K.   USA   Canada]


A Ritual based on the above Sacred Chant leads us into Free Spirit (Trance) Dance

Shamanic trance dance is NOT about "totally losing control", "going crazy" or simply having a hedonistic "wild time" - it is an intentional spiritual practice to receive deep guidance or insight into a problem, issue or desire that we bring to the practice. Having earlier in the day set up an intention of what we wish to receive guidance, healing or illumination about, we enter now enter ecstatic trance simply by surrendering to the rhythm of the music...Deepening into our personal "soul space" and letting spirit-driven visions and receivings flow, while maintaining a "light touch" of self-awareness and self-control.




After sharing our initial trance-dance experience, we practise free-spirited self-expression via a fun-packed Gestalt exercise

A second trance-dance (different rhythm & nature sounds) follows. If necessary we will break for a while to do a Celtic unwinding/grieving/letting-go circle dance.


-   Grounding the Visionary Healing Experience of Trance Dance   -

Our visionary healing journey is shared with others and we "ground" our new awareness back into our body
in walking self-expressively plus dancing to a range of drum rhythms & music


- An Attitude of Gratitude Recycles Energy to the Spirit World -


Calling-in Our Ancestors & Spirit Guides to Support us in the coming Trance Dance Journey

"Ancestors, Sky people, All here Today"
A Huna Shamanism Tribute & Blessing Chant & Dance Ritual


A Parting Blessing for Each Other and for Our Universal Connections
"Te Aroha" A Symbolic Maori Chant & Dance - Radiation of Divine Love, Truth & Peace


This workshop provides you with a gentle, thoughtful introduction to the sacred, self-expressive and healing, arts and sciences of Movement Therapy, Ecstatic Dance and Shamanic Journeying via Trance Dance. Learn and practice at your own pace, all exercises are voluntary. Suitable for all ages, shapes and mobility levels, full instructions given.
An excellent way to..., release tension and recharge your energy levels via authentic movement exercises, movement meditations and the inspiring beat of rhythmic drumming. We will be moving and dancing indoors and also outdoors - connecting to the spirits of the natural world.

    How you can benefit:
            • Raise your "level of vibration" for more vibrant living!
            • Unwind from the cares and stresses of everyday life
            • Get your creative, spontaneous and inspirational juices flowing!
            • Ground your Spiritual Practice
            • Experience Healing Circle Dances
            • Connect more deeply to your embodied Soul!
            • Find & Dance with the "Power Animal" that can empower your life right now!
Facilitator for this workshop:  Dr. Mike Meredith

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Movement Medicine: Movement Meditations for The Dance Of Life
Movement Medicine - Movement Meditations - For The Dance Of Life by Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan

CD & Book Reviews:
UK [Europe]   Canada   USA

This instructional CD is a companion to the amazing manual: "Movement Medicine - How to Awaken, Embody and Dance Your Dream" [SPECIAL OFFER], this contains a heady mix of meditations, workings and music to exercise and exorcise your mind, body and spirit. Anybody in a body can take part. So that means you. Take a deep breath. Your drum is calling you. Its rhythm is in your blood. We are being challenged as a species to raise our game. The 9 Gateways are a map and a guide for the critical times we live in. In them, you will see the ancient and the modern, the psychotherapeutic and the shamanic, the devotional and the traditional, the scientific and the mystical, all woven together into material that is strong enough to support you to 'Live Your Dream'.

Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan have studied with healers and shamans from the Amazon to the Arctic Circle, including an eighteen-year apprenticeship with Gabrielle Roth. Susannah's background is in Anthropology, Gestalt, voice and music. She is author of The Walrog a redemptive tale of love and loss. Ya'Acov's background is in Visual Communications, Youth Work and Peace Action. He has a life-long fascination, study and practice of shamanism as a practical guide for living in balance.


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The transforming power of a Shamanic journey to find power animals for personal growth and maturation
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