Holistic Lifestyle & Shamanic Journeying course - experience the transforming power of this ancient practice of healing and transformation to heal, empower and transformShamanism course - experience the transformation power of this ancient practice of healing - move your personal life journey forward!

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Shamanic Journeying is a spontaneous "awake dreaming" process in which the conscious mind can connect with, and interact with, the unconscious "spirit world" mind. It is a tried and tested way to bring our conscious and unconscious into alignment [wholeness and healing) in order to live a more integrated, harmonious, effective and fulfilling life, driven less by the clinging, grasping, insatiable neediness of our insecure ego and more by deep spiritual guidance, soul-wisdom and soul-nourishment.

The shamanic lifestyle is an ancient natural and holistic approach to life/ourself/the world, in which our conscious and unconscious minds, ego and soul, emotional needs & social connections, spiritual connections, responsibilities and contributions are brought into integrated alignment.

This is a very personal journey, achieved by regular spiritual practises such as the traditional shaman's journey to a rhythmic drumbeat by which we can consult our spirit guides and connect with any "power animal" or "totem" archetypal quality that we could usefully cultivate and express in our daily life right now.

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Shamanic Journey Workshop, Shamanism Drumming Circle & Shaman Arts training UK
Easter/Ostara Journeying Workshop

This Journeying Workshop includes...

Class Presentations & Discussions:


-   Exercises to "Let Go" & Clear Blocks to Deeper Self-Awareness   -

Beyond the boundary of experience flows "The Way"
Ever greater - yet more subtle - than the world
[The Path to Serenity]


*About the Art of "Let Go - Let God(ess)"

Five Elements Purification Breathwork Practice Poster -  The way we breathe reflects the way we live! Improve the results you are getting in any particular area of your life by  breathing more effectively and resourcefully - drawing on five elemental patterns: earth, water, fire, air, ether (essence / spirit) expressing your full potential in any situation. Sufi breathwork technique to experience yourself & relationship to the world around you in 5 fundamental ways

The Five Elements Breath Purification Practice

Resourcefulness - Balance - Self-empowerment

The way you are breathing right now reflects the way you are living! To improve the results you are getting in any particular area of your life you need to breathe more effectively and holistically (resourcefully) - drawing on the five elemental patterns: earth, water, fire, air and ether (essence / spirit) which express your full potential in any situation. In this breathwork technique [a modified traditional Sufi exercise] you experience yourself and your relationship to the world around, in 5 fundamental ways. By moving in sequence around these patterns you cultivate mindfulness and this enhanced self-awareness helps you to clear energy blocks, centering and calming your inner child, raising your core energy level and literally bringing you "new inspiration". This practice can also be helpful for overcoming panic, depression, anxiety, addictions such as comfort-eating, alcohol or smoking, also insomnia problems.


The Cherokee Dance of Life - A Prayer in Movement - wikimedia.org

The Dance of Life - A Prayer in Movement

Holistic Energy-Cultivation & Spiritual-Connection Practice

Connecting us to the world of spirit and the divine qualities of reverence, trust and oneness, honouring Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Four Directions and our own inner support [self-esteem]. The Dance of Life is an ancient Medicine dance, said to originate from the Eastern Cherokee Medicine people, though exact origin is disputed. Combines breathwork, creative visualization and gentle tension-releasing movements similar to T'ai Chi. Best done at dawn, The Dance of Life is grounding, centering, balancing and a dance of gratitude for life!


A Circle Dance to Release Energy & Uplift Spirit
(Raising Our "Level of Vibration")

We begin our workshop journey by chanting and moving together to a Native American style tribal dance, aided by drum and rattle, to raise our spirits & energy level. Our goals are: Self-empowerment, Inspiration, Motivation, without which we will not get very far! The 3 phases of this symbolic circle ritual remind us of our potential to connect with our 3 levels of identity...

and to experience our life on 3 interwoven levels... The words of this mantric chant...
  We circle around
The boundaries of the Earth
Hayya Hayya Hayya Hayya
Wearing the long wing feathers as I fly

*More about this vibrant, uplifting shamanic circle dance


Arjuna Info and Materials - The Breath of Arjuna Holistic Self-empowerment Exercise

The Breath of Arjuna - Holistic Self-empowerment

Arjuna was an heroic archer in Hindu legend. His name means 'bright' or 'shining' and he was such a skilled warrior that he was nicknamed "the undefeatable". He symbolizes the qualities of "clear vision", "focus" [on a target or goal] and potency [effectiveness]. "Breath of Arjuna" is a simple dynamic yoga movement connecting breath, body, mind, spirit and imagination [visualization of results]. It can be done sitting, but is most powerful in the standing position. It comes from "Dru Yoga" [yoga of the heart]. This adapted practice consists of 3 successive phases:

1. Shedding what is not needed at the present time;
2. "Drawing-in" desired qualities, feelings and power for our personal "next step";
3. Radiating the persona [personal qualities] we wish to bring to the world.


Alignment with Self:
(Deepening Self-awareness - Integration of Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit)

The Reflective Breathing technique as a self-awareness tool which integrates mind, body, spirit, perceptions, senses and feelings. Self-awareness is essential for healing self or others - it is the starting point for choice (self-empowerment) and personal transformation. There are 4 types of outcome of this exercise:
  • deadness - can't do it!
  • relaxation & self-centring
  • energy blocks encountered
  • contacting of held-in feelings

    Whatever the outcome, we will use a range of exercises to move us forward to...



    Ignite the Spark to Engage Your Personal Soul-Wisdom & Life-Purpose:

    We Use a "Smudging" Ritual to Purify Our Intentions before entering the "Sacred Space" practices which follow

    Many people choose to live their lives "stuck in a rut" - miserable and unfulfilled, unprepared for death. Engaging in The Way (lifestyle) of the Shaman begins with nurturing our desire and passion for fulfillment - for living more fully, achieving more of our potential and having a fuller experience of ourselves and of the integrated earthly/spiritual life for which we have incarnated into this lifetime. For this we will draw on the Native American wisdom of the Medicine Wheel incorporating the 4 compass directions plus "down" [earth], "up" [sky] and "within" - a total of 7 directions of spiritual connection...

      Spirit of the East
    Help the New Dawn in us rising

    Spirit of the South
    Bring us healing and laughter

    Spirit of the West
    Bring us cleansing and insight

    Spirit of the North
    Bring us wisdom and purity

    Grandmother Earth
    You give us food and shelter

    Grandfather Sky
    You breathe the breath of life into me

    Spirit of Within
    You are my appreciation

    Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, O Great Mystery
    Take the veil of ignorance away from me
    Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, O Great Mystery
    Take the veil away so I may see

    ["Song of the Sacred Directions" - Amazon links to "Sacred Drumming" source Book + CD: U.K.   USA   Canada]

    A Ritual based on this Sacred Chant leads us into a short Drummed Shamanic Journey
    Focussed on finding a Spirit Guide for Anyone who does not yet have one


    After a Review of the Short Journey + Advice Tips, a longer Drummed Shamanic Journey begins


    -   Grounding the Vision   -

    Our visionary healing journey is shared with others and we "ground" our new awareness back into our body in walking expression plus dancing to a range of drum and music rhythms




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    The transforming power of a Shamanic journey to find power animals for personal growth and maturation
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