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As the old adage goes "A good listener beats a good talker!" How well do you tune into and develop rapport with others? How well do you pick up the subtle non-verbal cues as well as the [less powerful and less authentic] words spoken? Your ability to both listen and intuit has a major impact on interpersonal effectiveness and on the quality of your relationships. Are you tuned into your natural human "6th sense" instinct of intuition? Do you trust it blindly or do you run "checks and balances"?

Empowered intuition and listening skills help us to navigate better the potentially stressful situations that arise at home or at work. We can become more in tune with how people feel and what they really "need", as opposed to what they say they "want". Especially important in "novel" social or work situations, where we lack experience, or feel "like a fish out of water".

Intuitive skills are especially magnificent in situations where people are seeking to exploit, manipulate, deceive, "con" or pressurise us into falling in with their personal agenda rather than looking after our own best interests. Intuition is also a key ingredient in enhancing emotional or physical intimacy in our relationships.


Intuitive & Listening Skills - U.K. Course

In this entertaining workshop (based partly on the scientific research of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake) you can learn a variety of simple, magical and enjoyable techniques to increase your ability to tune into your natural intuitive gift of "gut feeling" intuition.

In this powerful 10-hour course, learn how to...
  • Recognize the 7 common communication/interaction styles
  • Understand the dangers & opportunities of each interaction style
  • Interpret the body-language "tells" of others
  • Empower your own non-verbal communication
  • Maximise your intuitive skills & minimise the sources of error
  • Build your Conflict Management skills
  • Be more self-confident and self-empowered in social situations

The morning of this course is spent practising techniques that can clear the "junk" that normally blocks us from hearing our "gut feeling" wisdom. The afternoon is spent on practising using our intuition with feedback to help us gain accuracy and confidence at "tuning into" our intuition.

We will be including some Intuitive Hand-reading and some simple (clothes-on!) Intuitive Massage

Cultivation of Intuition
Intuitive Massage is an excellent way to make contact with or strengthen your sixth sense instinct or "gut feeling" about how to relate to others. A strong and clear intuition is a vital life skill with applications in business and social relationships. Our gut feelings provide guidance on how best to navigate tricky situations and difficult people as well as how to flow harmoniously, intimately and co-creatively in close loving, or work and team, relationship situations.

Intuitive Massage for Stress Relief
As we come under stress we go into one of our stress sub-personality patterns and quickly lose flexibility and openness, including the ability to receive subtle information and clues from other people, from within ourselves and from our surroundings. One of the valuable human resources that we lose access to under stress, is our deep inner sense of wise guidance. Under stress it is so easy for frustration, anger, fear or desperation to drive our words and actions. Sensible reasoning and calm intuition are "out the window". Intuitive Massage training is a stress prevention and personal social skill development system which also has applications in relieving stress - both giving and receiving Intuitive Massage can be profoundly stress relieving.

Michael Meredith is trained and experienced in meditation & cognitive therapy techniques, healing & stress management

Your Coach: Michael Meredith is a trained physiologist, healer and professional stress-management trainer.

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