Sacred Practices of the Middle-Eastern Mystics - Body Prayers, Zikr, Healing Rituals, Inner Silence - Techniques of the Sufi MysticsEntering

The  "Oneness"  Experience
Feel  into  It  -  Heal  into  It

A workshop for Spiritual Seekers or Shamanic Practitioners Wishing to Deepen their Practice

The Zikr Ancient Mystical Practice of Transcending Ego
Remember Our Connection to Great Spirit/Creator/God/Allah

Harness your body, that you may access greater powers!
Those who surrender themselves find inner strength!
When the soul becomes the warrior, all fear melts!

[Master Po]


Experience Sacred Practices of the Middle-Eastern Mystics - Body Prayer,  Zikr,  Healing Rituals!


In Ecstatic Chanting & Movement we weave a magical tapestry of holistic experience from 3 golden threads:

****** Self-purification/Cleansing/Releasing ******
******** Self-disciplined repetitive ritual ********
******** Free-spirited self-actualisation ********


Meditative Chanting & Movement are Spiritual Practices providing 3 Benefits:

* A bigger [cosmic] & richer [spiritual/emotional] experience of ourselves and the world
* Sense of Acceptance, Belonging, Harmony, Inclusion [success, happiness]
* Access to transcendent resources of wisdom, guidance and creativity


      How you can benefit from the Zikr spiritual practice...


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The transforming power of a Shamanic journey to find power animals for personal growth and maturation
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Shamanic journeying to find your power animal for personal transformation

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