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Neuroscientists estimate that we use less than 10% of our available brain-power resources. Personal development and career experts say that most of us barely tap into our extensive human potential for living a fulfilling lifestyle or doing the work that would bring us real fulfilment. The temptation to stay within our "comfort zone" can be very strong, but many people have found that if they are adventurous (or frustrated enough!) to take some calculated risks and invest a bit of effort they can successfully change their life for the better. How about you?...

Would you like your life to...

a) Be different in some way?

b) Go in a new direction?

c) Be a Deeper, Richer experience of:

d) Have LESS of:

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Of course you would!! - Most of us would like some form of change or enhancement of our life. A more fulfilled (healed) life is the goal of shamanic healing.

The question is "How can I achieve that change I long for?" - So often we find ourselves stuck back in the same old rut or falling back into the same old patterns.

How Shamanic healing can help us to change our life for the better...

Shamanic healing, and especially the guided conscious envisioning that we call shamanic journeying, is a simple direct way to access our unconscious mind's deep wisdom.

The unconscious mind - if we ask it in the right way - will show us in pictorial form (just like in a dream) what archetype* we could usefully let go of right now, and what dormant or forgotten archetype we could usefully integrate into our life right now to take us forward in the direction that will enrich and empower our life.

* An "archetype" or "sub-personality" is a pattern of feeling, thinking, perceiving and behaving together with certain related qualities of character. These archetypal patterns are communicated to us very simply from our deepest wisdom in the form of mental pictures (e.g. of an animal or person that symbolises that particular set of qualities) - just as happens during our sleep-dreaming. Without thinking, we all access a wide range of sub-personalities from day to day as we move from one situation to another. For example, there are "role" archetypes such as father, mother, brother, sister, policeman, healer, counsellor, judge, friend, teacher, rescuer, "knight in shining armour", "shoulder to cry on", victim, damsel in distress, warrior, etc, and there are "power animal" sub-personalities such as "mouse-like", "roaring lion", "brave-hearted lion", scared rabbit, fierce tiger, graceful gazelle, raging bull etc. Other archetypal images in our deep unconscious symbolise particular personal qualities such as: sensitive, caring, gracious, generous, disciplined, regal, assertive, calm etc. These are all resources within our huge and largely untapped human potential.

Author of this article & Shamanic Journeying facilitator:  Dr. Mike Meredith


Shaking Medicine - The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement as used by the Kalahari bushmen tribe, Quakers, Shakers etc

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Shaking Medicine: The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement

Bradford P. Keeney's manual [includes a 40-minute CD of ecstatic drumming music for shaking] is a revolutionary call to reawaken our bodies and minds to powerful healing through ecstatic movement.

He has studied and practised this art around the world with Quakers, Shakers, Kalahari Bushmen, Native American Shakers of the Pacific Northwest and Japanese SEIKU JUTSU practitioners. He instructs readers in how to shake for physical AND spiritual therapeutic benefit.

Shaking Medicine reintroduces the oldest medicine on earth - the "ecstatic shaking" of the human body, which Keeney proposes as the essential holistic counterbalance to the deep relaxation of meditative practices. Most people's worst fear is that of "losing control" - of situations, emotions and, most of all, of our bodies. Yet in order to achieve the transcendent state necessary to experience deep healing and a return to living in a harmonious flow of spirit we MUST be able, on occasions, to surrender control.

Keeney explores the full spectrum of the healing cycle that occurs when moving from ecstatic arousal to deep trance relaxation. He explains how the alternating movement produced while shaking brings all the body's energetic systems into balance. He includes practical exercises in how to shake for physical therapeutic benefit and shows how these techniques lead ultimately to vibrant health and spiritual attunement.



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