An Holistic Approach to FMD
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Definitions:   reductionist   ethics   karmically
Quotes from:   "The Mummers Dance"   "Dante's Prayer"   "Of This Land"   Dadi Janki




The reductionist "model" of disease views a disease epidemic as a "problem" which can best be solved by reducing the elements of the situation to a key series of simple beliefs (facts) and judgements, from which a simple strategy can be devised for controlling or eliminating "the problem".

"Reductionist" health paradigms perceive disease as a "problem", reduce it to its simplest element (s), then change those elements so that the problem is minimised or eradicated.
For a wider view of reductionist limitations in natural sciences see on-line review by H. Robinson taken from the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.




Ethics & Ethico-spiritual Aspirations in Post-Modern Society
examples of ethical issues....

  • principle of autonomy
  • principle of non-maleficence
  • principle of beneficence
  • principle of justice
  • doctrine of double effect
  • Ethical Foundations of Healthcare - ethics and ethical issues in societyThese issues and others are discussed in "Ethical Foundations of Health Care" by J. Singleton DPhil, BA & S. McLaren PhD BSc RGN
    This practical review of ethical issues in society underlines philosophical approaches to ethical theories and how these can be used to structure an approach to day-to-day ethical issues in health and welfare. The focus is human health and welfare, but the issues also apply to animal health and welfare. It provides an understanding of the ethical theories which underpin decisions in healthcare by first laying the foundation with a philosophical framework and then developing this into a practical examination of contemporary health care dilemmas and professional issues. The book is intended to be used as an aid to the development of decision-making skills in this area of clinical practice. Appendices include the International Code of Ethics, The Patient's Charter, Declaration of Helsinki and Rules of Professional Conduct for nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.
    More information about the book at Amazon UK (delivers world-wide). Not available at Amazon USA but they have some similar books




    Karma is believed by holistic practitioners to be a fundamental law of the universe, wherein all actions have consequences. Some take this further and believe that skilful actions (e.g. based on wisdom, generosity or love) tend to generate desirable consequences and unskilful actions (e.g. based on ignorance, self-delusion, greed or hate) tend to generate undesirable (dis-ease) consequences. top




    Quotation from "The Mummers Dance" by Loreena McKennit

    photo of the Merrie England Mummers









    Photo: The Merrie England Mummers
    Mummery is a symbolic and traditional rural play performed by an itinerant group of local men who dress in masks and strips of rags to disguise their identity. They enact dramas which are partly humorous and partly spiritual wisdom, often on the theme of death and resurrection, fertility and transformation. Mumming played an important part in community cohesion. The symbolic imagery has been described as "cognitive mapping".

    Who will go down to the shady groves?
    And summon the shadows there
    And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms
    In the springtime of the year

    A free RealAudio sample of this beautiful song by Celtic artist Loreena McKennit - The Mummers Dance - can be heard at Amazon UK (Europe) or at Amazon USA (world-wide)
    If you do not have Real Audio software, you can download a free RealPlayer 8 basic top




    Quotation from "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennit

    When the dark wood fell before me
    And all paths were overgrown
    When the priests of pride said "There is no other way"
    I tilled the sorrows of stone

    This is an extract from "Dante's Prayer"...
    a beautiful poetic song by Celtic artist Loreena McKennit
    cover photo Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennit
    Dante's Prayer - is available on this CD of Loreena's music
    mystically entitled "The Book of Secrets"
    for more details and to hear free sample tracks, just click on one of these direct links to her CD at:
    Amazon UK (delivers to Europe) or at Amazon USA (delivers world-wide)





    Quotation from "Of This Land" by Clannad

    Will the flowers grow again?
    As I open out my hand
    Precious time - Time for Healing...
    the beauty of this land

    A free RealAudio sample of this beautiful song by Clannad can be heard at Amazon USA. The CD (without RealAudio sample) is also available at Amazon Europe
    If you do not have Real Audio software, you can download a free RealPlayer 8 basic top




    Wings of Soul by Dadi Janki

    Quotation from "Wings of Soul" by Dadi Janki  

    "A diamond will sparkle - even in the dust"  

    This beautiful book, a distillation of spiritual wisdom  
    is available from:   Amazon USA or Amazon UK  







    cover photo of Hands of Light -  A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan

    Brennan, B.A. (1987)
    The development of a healer
    in "Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field"
    available from:   Amazon USA or Amazon UK

    McKinlay, J.B. (1979)
    A case for reforming upstream: the political economy of health
    cited by J. Naidoo & J. Wills in "Health Promotion: Foundations for practice", 2nd Edition (2000) available from:   Amazon USA or Amazon UK

    Photograph of Sitting in the Fire by Arnold Mindell

    Mindell, Arnold Sitting in the Fire: Large Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity
    Arnold does not use the term "holistic" but his model for working with group conflict is identical to the holistic animal health and welfare model propounded in this monograph. I found his book a little verbose and repetitive at times buy it is an excellent guide to dealing with, and harnessing the creative energy of, conflict and diversity in human social groups. The book is worth reading for the insights into linear and non-linear communication alone! Arnold s concepts, tactics and experiences are an immense inspiration to all of us who have been frustrated and irritated by the diversity of human views and behaviours. The book is available from:   Amazon USA (world-wide) or Amazon UK (Europe)

    Whitlock, R. (1968) - now deceased
    The Great Cattle Plague - An Account of the Foot-and-Mouth Epidemic of 1967-8
    Published by John Baker, London (Amazon links: Copy 1  Copy 2.



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