UK self-empowerment, stress management and shamanism workshop Cambridge Cambridgeshire United KingdomUK self-empowerment, stress management and shamanism workshop Cambridge Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

At the Centre of Your Sphere!

Be Your Own Life Coach!
Life Balance
- Empowerment - Assertiveness

Self-Coaching, Self-balancing, Assertiveness Skills:

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Since ancient times human beings have always had the sense of living in a "sphere", it is a key aspect of shamanic cosmology in traditional indigenous shamanic cultures. In our 21st century developed-world, post-modern culture we are more concerned with our personal world - our everyday sphere of reality, our "sphere of influence" - which is also the sphere which influences us! We live in a society which is not shamanic, but as individuals with the power of choice we can learn and practice the ways of an holistic shamanic lifestyle, based on the "oneness" of all things: community, nature, life-force and the spiritual dimension which pervades all earthly life and forms.

UK self-empowerment, stress management and shamanism workshop 2008 Cambridge Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

At the Centre of Your Sphere!

Self-balance & Self-Empowerment
An elderly cabinet-maker told his boss that after some decades of working and struggling for a living, he now wanted to take life more easy and therefore now wished to retire.
His boss asked him if would kindly make one more cabinet before taking his leave.

The cabinet-maker agreed and set about this task. However, his mind was on other things - regrets about times past and dreams of how things might be wonderful in the future. His heart was no longer in his work, for he had become weary and disillusioned with his career and his life in general.

He constructed the cabinet "any old how", using inferior materials that were "easily to hand" and assembled them without care, love or pride in what he was doing. What did he care how it turned out? His mind was on other things, he just wanted to get through the day as quickly and easily as possible. So each day he started work late, took long breaks and finished early.

When the onerous taks was done he said his final goodbye to workmates and faced the master carpenter who had employed him. The kindly man thanked him for his years of service and said "This cabinet you have worked on is now yours - my gift to you as a reminder of what you have contributed here".
Oh dear! If only he had known how important it was to do his best and get it right! [this story is an edited extract from "Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career and Family Success" (Amazon details)].
How often do we all construct our lives in an un-focussed, distracted way? As Dorothy Rowe points out - contented people build each day wisely and skilfully. This workshop gives you the tools to create the life story that will take you happily into the hereafter!
Victim consciousness - Take personal responsibility for Self-Balance and Self-Empowerment Victim consciousness - Take personal responsibility for Self-Balance and Self-Empowerment

Don't be one of life's victims!

Empower your Life Journey! Take control!

Find your place in the jigsaw of life!

Find your place in the big jigsaw of life!
This workshop provides a range of exercises and experiences that bring our conscious and unconscious (deep wisdom) minds into alignment, focus and balance. It draws on ancient Shamanic principles and wisdom that reconnect us with the healthy power and resourcefulness of nature, spirit and community. No prior experience required, suitable for folks of any religious or spiritual persuasion.

Facilitator: Michael Meredith

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  • Life Coaching, Self-empowerment, Inspirational Quotes & Teambuilding: Amazon UK List

  • "The Successful Self" by Psychotherapist Dorothy Rowe.

  • "Women Who Run with the Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman". Undoubtedly the most significant women's book of the twentieth century. A massive and incredibly perceptive book - a darn good read/browse/reference. Second-hand copies are available cheaply on this Amazon UK page. Also useful for the men in your life to read, so that they might understand you/relate to you better! The lessons are nicely illustrated with archetypal mythic stories e.g. the classic myth of the "red shoes".

  • "Loving What Is: How 4 Questions Can Change Your Life":
    The art of turning negative experiences into a positive ones (order pages for the book & CD: Amazon UK

  • "Crones Don't Whine" (Mature Personal Qualities for Women)

  • The Law of Attraction. The amazing documentary film on DVD: "The Secret" which features a panel of international "happiness and success" gurus, accompanied by an array of real-life examples, drawing on five thousand years of science, psychology and mysticism for key tips on how and why you can create the future of your dreams - happiness, love, joy fame, wealth, relationships, adventures, top sports performance etc.
    These "change your life for the better" teachers, with the help of actors acting out dramatic scenes, teach the keys to making your affirmations, ambitions, dreams, prayers and visualisations actually work this time! The experts are a team of psychologists, psychotherapist, spiritual masters, physicists, sports performance trainers, wealth creation gurus etc. A really life-transforming experience full of simple, practical, everyday tips on how to transform your health, wealth, relationships and happiness..

  • "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat " (see Manifest Your Vision) - A Christian approach to realising our dreams. Some useful tips for non-Christians also.


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