Farida & Omar Inayat-Khan of the Sama Centre for Sound & Healing

Farida & Omar Inayat-Khan of the Sama Centre for Sound and Healing, London & Huntingdon, U.K.

Based in London & Huntingdon U.K.

Co-Presenters of: Cosmic Oneness - Feel into It, Heal into It!


Omar and Farida Inayat-Khan follow a contemporary Sufi path, which is dedicated to nurturing a mystic awakening through direct, personal experience. They are experienced Circle leaders within the Sufi Way*, leading local Sama Circles**, workshops and retreat activities across the UK and Europe.

Omar and Farida use a variety of transpersonal, meditative and musical techniques which invoke an atmosphere of open awareness and cultivate a deeper sense of intimacy with the self. They bring the musical tradition of Zikr into a contemporary form, whilst maintaining its original purpose and intention, of remembering our unity with the divine.


* The Sufi Way is known particularly for the creation of musical meditations which evoke a sense of inner peace and communion, and for the inclusive use of teachings and practices from diverse sources. Also characteristic of the Sufi Way is an on-going search for ways to inspire change, both in individuals and in the world.

** Sama Circles: Inspired by the Sufi tradition, but open to all spiritual paths, we sing musical themes and contemporary zikr; we share mystical poetry and prose; we prepare with silent and/or guided meditations. No experience necessary, just sincerity and an open heart.


*Spiritual Development Courses & Workshops in UK


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