Step into the Magic, Mystery & Healing Connectivity of Shamanism - the world's oldest and most widespread tradition for human healing, inspiration and restoration.
Shamanism is the art of cultivating internal & external harmony via the blending and honouring of Nature, Community and Spirit


Ground!  -  Balance!  -  Nourish!
Shamanic Journeying course - experience the transforming power of this ancient practice of healing and transformation to heal, empower and transform your personal life journey
...Step into Your Shamanic Power!

In each of us there is a shaman or "shamanic potential" which can be activated and developed. Our inner shaman is a magician or alchemist capable of weaving the magic, joy and bliss which builds our zest for life. Our inner shaman can also empower us to cope with and transcend the inevitable challenges, hardships, setbacks and suffering that life occasionally throws our way.

WORKSHOP PROGRAMME (click topics for details)

  • Dancing a Path through Changing Circumstances
  • Shamanic Pathworking exercises - tuning & following subtle guidance
  • Native American "Moon Qualities" dance
  • Cherokee poem
  • Clearing & Balancing chakras
  • Shaking Meditation
  • Energy & Spirit cultivation - spontaneous tai chi
  • Sacred Eating & Drinking - Ceremonial sharings & blessings
  • Aramaic Healing Dance from the Gnostic Christian tradition
  • Drummed Shamanic Journey
  • The Shaman's Prayer

    Your Shamanic pathworking facilitator:  Dr. Mike Meredith



    Dancing a Path through Changing Circumstances
    A Celtic Centring & Balancing circle dance to the Celtic ballad "Steal Away" from the "Essential Fureys" (UK   USA)
    Change confronts us with a major challenge in our lives from time to time, be it a change in our work, leisure, health, home, diet, lifestyle or relationships. We will dance a simple, symbolic and thoughtful group ritual that uses breath and movement to help us to navigate the "Letting Go" and "Grieving loss of the familiar" aspects of change.

    Shaking Meditation
    In order to connect to the lively spontaneity and joyful, energising creativity of our inner spirit, we have to "shake off" a few of the tensions, stresses and inhibitions that may be imprisoning us. Based on the work of 20th century shaman, Gabrielle Roth and the Esalen Institute.


    Native American "Moon Qualities" dance
    "Nature wisdom" is a great source of joyous inspiration and guidance to people following a shamanic path (lifestyle). In western Europe we live in an info-techno dominated and frequently "laddish" culture which is often brash, coarse, loudly "in your face" and orientated towards power-games, control agendas and competitiveness.

    This simple, innocent, delightful dance, based on an ancient indigenous tribal tradition, puts us back in touch with our potential for bringing into our lives more of the attractive, seductive and spiritual "moon" qualities of subtlety, modesty, quiet gracefulness, understated inner beauty and impenetrable mystery - "The Goddess Energy".

    The moon is not a "self-radiant" body like the sun, but instead gives off a "self-reflective" light. Similarly, it can be said that each of us is potentially a reflection of "divine light" - we can become more and more "enlightened". The moon never burns anyone i.e. is never "over-bearing" and never over-exposes itself. It's nature is to glide gracefully and mysteriously across the sky with a soft, gentle yet all-pervading ethereal glow which "enlightens the darkness" of others.

    This symbolic circle dance draws on the magical power of human intentionality to transform our lifestyle and relationships. The moon referred to in the chant accompanying this dance is specifically the "winter moon". In winter we cannot so easily draw on (or be distracted by!) the energy of the sun, so it is an excellent time to shift our focus a little more towards moonlight with its overtones of romance (in the widest sense of loving and living a romantical life) and "lunacy" (emotionality/intuition/the unconscious mind). We are more exposed to the moon during the winter months - it often puts in an appearance during the day, as well as at night.

    The simple repetitive movements of the dance were an inspiration of Rasullah Clarke of The Dances of Universal Peace. The words and melody come from the Seneca tribe who historically lived in riverside longhouses around the Genesee River and Canandaigua Lake in Western New York. They grew crops of corn, squash, and beans, supplemented by hunting and fishing.

    The Seneca were the biggest of 5 tribes making up the Iroquois League (Five Nations). The advanced governmental system of the Seneca is believed to have partly shaped The American Constitution. They had a great leader known as "Red Jacket", famous for his oratory and for quotes such as...


    Aramaic Healing Dance from the Gnostic tradition
    An Aramaic chant and dance ritual that cultivates heart-energy and heart-centredness plus "opening up to the divine" via surrender of Ego - Based on the healing wisdom of the 3rd Beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount, based on music, mudras, movements & healing wisdom insights of Sufi Master Saadi (Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz)
    This ritual feeds on the sound-healing power of the ancient Aramaic language that was used by the great shamanic healer Yeshua (Jesus). In the first half of this simple, yet very powerful, group-healing ritual we will be harnessing 4 different technologies for raising energy (a healing transformation requires energy, while energy remains low, little healing is possible). We will be repeatedly chanting a short sound-healing mantra in Aramaic, plus draw on the huge healing wisdom of the translated mantra, plus make symbolic movements to the music and adopt a symbolic mudra (hand gesture) which stimulates heart-centre energy.
    In the second-half of this group healing ritual we will be both radiating (from our heart) and channelling (from "Divine" or "Universal" Energy) healing energy to anyone who wishes to receive it.

    Shamanic Pathworking exercise
    Shamanism is not a religion or cult with fixed rules, beliefs and structures. Nor is it about "having all the answers" ourselves. Shamanism is both a spiritual path and a lifestyle which is very individual - there is no "one size fits all" about it. Because there is no inner or outer dogmatic "know-it-all" to dictate our life, we are open to the gentle and subtle cues that arise within (intuition, wisdom, divine guidance) and around us (feedback, wisdom and "signposts" from other people, nature and our environment) that can guide us on a life of magical adventure - our life path can be a mystery to gradually unfold, like unwrapping a present.
    To find and follow our personal life path we have to develop the arts of:

  • "Tuning in" to subtle signals
  • Letting go of habitual patterns and rigid old beliefs which keep us trapped in repeating past experiences - not moving forwards.
    This exercise with a range of different partners helps us to cultivate these twin skills so that we can live harmoniously in the flow of life and thereby unleash our potential for self-fulfilment plus making our special contribution to the world around us.

    Self-empowerment Breathwork
    To find and follow our path of self-actualising fulfilment we have to free ourselves from the grip of powerful emotions and states of mind (fear, lethargy, anger, habit, craving, depression etc) that might otherwise dictate our actions and fly in the face of our best wisdom and long-term interests. We can't live fully and wisely if our decisions are determined by passing emotions or rigid patterns or mental attitudes.
    We will practise simple breathing techniques that stabilise mind and emotions and thereby free-up our options and choices - putting our highest skill back in charge of our life.

    A Drummed Shamanic Journey
    Shamanic Journeying is a form of "awake dreaming" or "guided meditation" in which part or all of the inner scenery of archetypal images is provided by the unconscious mind of the participant. This process is both ancient and totally natural. Shamanic Journeying provides a means for greater communication (and hence harmonising) between the conscious and unconscious areas of our mind.   (Shamanic Journeying Resources)


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