Equinox Celebration of Life-Balance in Cambridgeshire UK
Balancing Darkness & Light in Our Lives at Equinox time!

Spring Equinox: A Celebration of Light & Life Balance


*Align to the phases of the Seasons: Seasonal Festival Events in East Anglia UK - More Information

*The Medicine Wheel & Song of the Sacred Directions


A Key Question for a Spring Equinox Over-shadowed by Recession....

Are You Balancing (Financial?) Security


The Sands of this Lifetime **

That are Running Out?

[** soul-nourishment/life-purpose opportunities]

Sometimes we sacrifice personal fulfilment for feeling secure, be it the financial security of a job we hate or the security of relationships that unduly restrict, diminish or emotionally starve us. On the other hand, unbalanced, ungrounded, reckless pursuit of our needs and dreams can lead to over-hasty "live now, pay later" consequences.



Spring Equinox Celebration: "Enter the Circle of Balanced Energies!" - "Engage with the Flow of Life!"

The Vernal Equinox and the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Spring Equinox falls within the astrological sign of Aries, which is ruled by the planet Mars and is energetically related to the Solar Plexus chakra (energy centre). Our songs, dances, healing rituals, outdoor nature connection exercises and moving meditations, we will focus on energizing this chakra, with its emphasis on ACTION, PASSION and the tackling of any excess weight we may have gained during the winter.
In energetic terms, "The Vernal Equinox" is a time of year when we can easily fall into... We need an activated but well-balanced and clear solar plexus chakra at this time of year!


Planting our "Survival/Success/Fulfillment" Seed for the New Season

Flowing with the Energy Patterns of the 5 Elements

Dance a modern adaptation of the Seneca tribe symbolic "Planting Ritual"... - Building Resourcefulness & Flexibility via moving sequentially in the 5 elemental energy patterns (earth, water, fire, air, ether). The five element verses are alternated with actions that call down the guidance and support of our "Upper World" spiritual helpers.

Hey Hey Ya Na Na
Hey Ya Na
Hey Hey Ya Na Na Hey
Hey Ya Na Na
Hey Ya Na Na
Hey Ya Na Na Hey
[Hear this Native American Planting Dance Ritual ]

  • Aligning with "Here and Now" Enhanced body awareness leads to Integration, enhanced inner & outer awareness opens the door to "Flow". A chance to directly experience this via a specific walking meditation a "Healing Journey" i.e. a movement towards more Wholeness and Ease (= "flow", "ease" as opposed to "dis-ease").


  • "Stress Management & Self-empowerment":
    a) Breathwork wazifa using the mantric sounds "Shanoon" & "Hey hey ya hey ya ya"
    b) Heart-Healing & Heart-Protection based on a Native American Willow-tree wisdom dance:
      Phase 1:  Moving and chanting in the pattern of harmonious flow;
      Phase 2:  Moving & chanting: heart-driven self-empowerment: commitment, passion, tough love, "putting one's foot down";
      Phase 3:  Moving & chanting in "four directions" pattern of "big picture" objectivity, loving acceptance, heart-wisdom.

  • Re-Igniting the Spark to Engage with, and Follow, Our Personal, Soul-Purpose Path...
    Many people choose to live their lives "stuck in a rut" - miserable and unfulfilled, unprepared for death. Engaging in The Way (lifestyle) of the Shaman begins with nurturing our desire and passion for fulfillment - for living more fully, achieving more of our potential and having a fuller experience of ourselves and of the integrated earthly/spiritual life for which we have incarnated into this lifetime. For this we will draw on the Native American wisdom of the Medicine Wheel incorporating the 4 compass directions...
  •   Spirit of the East [x 2]
    Help the New Dawn in us rising

    Spirit of the South [x 2]
    Bring us healing and laughter

    Spirit of the West [x 2]
    Bring us cleansing and insight

    Spirit of the North [x 2]
    Bring us wisdom and purity

    Grandmother Earth [x 2]
    You give us food and shelter

    Grandfather Sky [x 2]
    You breathe the breath of life into me

    Spirit of Within [x 2]
    You are my appreciation

    Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, O Great Mystery
    Take the veil of ignorance away from me
    Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, O Great Mystery
    Take the veil away so I may see [x 2]

    ["Song of the Sacred Directions" - Amazon links to "Sacred Drumming" source Book + CD: U.K.   USA   Canada]

  • Shamanic Journeying - Upper World, Middle World, Lower World
    Journeying to find the spiritual guidance and "power animal" qualities that we need at this Equinox time.


  • Engaging our Patterns - Self-Awareness - Clearing Energy Blocks & Drains
    We will use Divination Cards as a tool. Self-awareness is necessary before we can let go of ego-driven neurotic behaviour to align more with our soul purpose and divine guidance - a fundamental aspect of healing. Clearing energy blocks and energy-draining patterns provides the energy for healing work. Resources: "Letting Go Cards" - How Letting Go Saves Energy!

  • Engagement of Healing Energies - Building Heart Energy - Channelling - "Laying-on of Hands"Aramaic Beatitudes Live CD: Dancing with the Aramaic Jesus The Beatitude Way of Yeshua by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz - Sufi Master & Middle Eastern culture / language scholar, Saadi
    An ARAMAIC CHANTING RITUAL from the "Aramaic Beatitudes Live CD" that cultivates heart-energy and heart-centredness plus "opening up to the divine" via surrender of Ego - Based on the healing wisdom of the 3rd Beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount, plus music, mudras, movements & healing wisdom insights of Sufi Master Saadi (Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz)
    This ritual feeds on the sound-healing power of the ancient Aramaic language that was used by the legendary shamanic healer Yeshua (Jesus). In the first half of this simple, yet very powerful, group-healing ritual we will be harnessing 4 different technologies for raising energy (a healing transformation requires energy, while energy remains low, little healing is possible). We will be repeatedly chanting a short sound-healing mantra in Aramaic, plus draw on the huge healing wisdom of the translated mantra, plus make symbolic movements to the music and adopt a symbolic mudra (hand gesture) which stimulates heart-centre energy.
    In the second-half of this group healing ritual we will be both radiating (from our heart) and channelling (from Divine Universal Energy) healing energy to anyone who wishes to receive it. Listen to a live recording of an healing ritual based on this ancient Aramaic blessing.



    ...ready for the dark times ahead!


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