Shamanic Healing & Lifestyle Skills for the 21st Century
Shamanic Journeying course - experience the transforming power of this ancient practice of healing and transformation to heal, empower and transform your personal life journey

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Syllabus Outline  -  Shamanic Pathworking  -  Soul Retrieval

The Tao (spirit, path, way, truth)  Manifests all that Happens   -   And all that May Happen!

[Tao De Ching]

  • Sharing of personal journeys & healing symbols
  • Shadow Archetypes - Dissonance Healing: Caroline Myss Archetype Cards - Archetypes in Healing
  • Soul Retrieval - Confronting Tragedy & Meeting Ancestors:
    Wise Shamans - Sages, Prophets & Crones throughout the Ages - have told us that it is by confronting the harsh realities of suffering and death that we learn...
    • How precious life is
    • To see our everyday worries and life dramas in perspective
    • To clarify what personal values and goals matter most to us
    • To make the most of our limited time here on earth
    • Carpe Diem - Seize the day! - Tomorrow may be too late!*
    * Too late to speak our love and appreciation! Too late to do acts of kindness! Too late to show compassion!

    When hardship or tragedy strike our own life we can connect with the eternal spirits of our ancestors - those who toiled, grew and blossomed on this same earthly journey in times past. Via the Celtic ballad: "The Green Fields of France"...

    "In some faithful heart, is your memory enshrined?"
    (On CD: UK   Canada   USA)

  • Soul Retrieval - Healing the Inner Child:
  • Healing Circle, Mudra (symbolic hand gesture) & Chant: "How could anyone ever tell you?"
    Abandoned / Wounded / Malnourished Nurtured / Whole / Flowing
    Insecure, Needy, Clingy, Miserable, Bored, Boring, Demanding, Unattractive, Unloved, Unloving, Greedy, Possessive, Spiteful, Vulnerable, Touchy, Fragile, Rigid, Controlling, Manipulative, "Stroppy", Angry, Destructive, Unco-operative, Self-centred, Disruptive, Self-sabotaging, Sad, Depressed, Weak, Careless, Thoughtless, Accident-prone, Illness-prone, Unhappy, Restless, Anxiety-ridden, Jealous, Victim, Bully, Abuser, Resentful, Contentious, Confrontational, Hostile, Unreasonable, Aggressive, Untrustworthy, Irresponsible, Blaming, Hating, Vindictive. Secure,Independent, Adventurous, Playful, Joyful, Curious, Creative, Enterprising, Helpful, Imaginative, Interesting, Magnetic, Considerate, Loving, Lovable, Generous, Friendly, Relaxed, Easy-going, Sociable, Contented, Peaceful, Caring, Compassionate, Supportive, Resourceful, Courageous, Resilient, Reasonable, Trustworthy, Thoughtful, Adaptable, Forgiving, Appreciative, Responsible, Team-player.

  • A structured (soul retrieval) Shamanic Journey
  • *A Spiritual Friendship Blessing

  • Engaging the Healing Journey : Finding Direction & "Next Step"
    We will use a co-counselling approach based on "The Empowerment Dialogue"

    Tutor for this course:  Dr. Mike Meredith      Email Mike


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    The transforming power of a Shamanic journey to find power animals for personal growth and maturation
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    Shamanic journeying to find your power animal for personal transformation


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