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Introduction to our Cambridge UK Day Course


Set yourself up for the looming festive season with a day of relaxed activities in good company to clear your heaviness, lighten your burdens, warm your heart and lift your spirits.

December can be an especially stressful time of year, with short daylength, dull weather and a looming festive period which might hold as much apprehension and challenge as it does gladness and relaxation. There is no better time for sharing good company, unburdening some of your cares and woes, re-experiencing your "inner light and beauty" and tapping into some seasonal good cheer with a bit of stirring poetry, enchanting stories, harmonious song and some calming, centering and restorative movement exercises.

Don't let December misery, or festive season stress drag you down. Kindle your spark by joining with us in a simple day of loving connection, gentle healing and gentle stress-relieving exercises to re-vitalise mind, body and spirit.

Shopping Break
The morning session starts at 11am with a break from 1-2 pm for lunch or shopping (the venue is at the heart of the Cambridge shopping centre, 100 metres from the Sunday market. The afternoon session is from 2-4 pm.

Course facilitator:  Dr. Mike Meredith

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