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Positive Affirmation Music + Group Healing Circle Dance

Heal Your Wounded Inner Child - Build Inner Strength

How could anyone ever tell You, You are anything less than beautiful?
How could anyone ever tell You, You are less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice, that Your loving is a miracle?
How deeply You're connected to my soul

From "Songs for the Inner Child" album by Shaina Noll (Details: UK   Canada   USA)

A particularly special self-healing mantra collection on how we can treat and support ourselves much better!

Remembering who, and what, we are is a key part of preventing and recovering from burnout - getting back to our simple child-like innocence, vitality and purity of spirit at a time when we may have become bogged down in the complexities of life.
We can save a lot of energy and avoid a lot of disempowerment and self-isolation by learning to talk to ourselves and to speak to others with less expressions of negative criticism or negative judgements. We can learn to treat ourselves and others more lovingly and more affirmingly. This is one of the learning and growth opportunities that can come from the threat or actual experience of burnout.

Deterioration of Mental Functioning under Stress Deterioration of Mental Functioning under Stress Copyright AF

Many people passively accept symptoms such as diminished memory, slow thinking, reduced libido and the loss of playful youthful exuberance, even though they are only in their forties or fifties. Experts such as Dr. Dharma Khalsa argue that these symptoms are not a natural part of growing older, that the brain can be rejuvenated, and that memory, energy, good mood and youthful sex drive can be recovered.

Dr. Khalsa says that when under persistent stress we "age prematurely" due to the effects of the stress hormone cortisol - which is toxic to the brain when present in excessive levels. Acute or chronic tress diminishes the ability of the brain to concentrate, remember facts and learn new ones, and savages the body's hormones governing the regulation of mood and sex drive.

Dr. Khalsa's books describe how the effects of ageing can be reversed. He presents a step-by-step programme for using complementary medicine from Eastern and Western traditions and what you or I can do to return to mental and physical vibrancy through the use of exercise, meditation, natural food supplements and diet. Here are regional links to listings of his books: U.K. & Europe   Canada   USA


The Five Rhythms of Intuitive Lifestyle

The "Five Rhythms" are a range of inherent patterns of motion that are the (sometimes latent) potential of all human beings. If one or two of these natural human patterns are "dead", blocked or inhibited we are to some extent unbalanced in our lifestyle and will find it more difficult to live and enjoy life to the full, with a steady flow of energy. Blocked energy is inaccessible energy. Controlling or repressing fundamental aspects of our nature uses up energy as well as cutting off access to the energy of the repressed behaviour.

The Five Rhythms or "Wave" system of free movement is very liberating to our self-expression and increases our options in how we move and live our life, express ourselves and relate to others. Dance teacher and healer Gabrielle Roth has drawn attention to the 5 rhythms she calls Stillness Staccato Chaos Lyrical and Flowing and her books and music are a great gift to the world:
"Connections: The Five Threads of Intuitive Wisdom" by Gabrielle Roth (USA & International   Canada   UK & Europe)
Gabrielle Roth - Music, DVDs and Books list: United Kingdom   Canada   USA (all deliver world-wide)


Juices & Smoothies for Energy Vitamins Minerals & Detox:

Juicing is a great aid to physical rejuvenation. Many of us have found that the concentrated enzyme and easily digestible high nutritional content of freshly juiced vegetables, herbs and fruit can do much to lift chronic fatigue. Note that with detoxification programmes you might feel slightly "toxic" at times as tissue toxins are liberated and return to the blood stream prior to detoxification and elimination.

Smoothies are blended vegetable, herb or fruit liquid mixtures based on the entire foodstuff being liquidised and consumed - not just the juice. They are bulkier to consume and require more energy to digest but include fibre as well as nutrients and natural enzymes.


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Living with and Managing Burnout Symptoms

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