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1. Positive Self-Affirming Music

Remembering who - and what - we are is a key part of surviving and healing the "inner child" wounds that can come from derogatory remarks (also to survive and overcome arguments, bullying, fighting, insulting or offensive behaviour and body language) from others. A good self-affirmation can also help us to let go of old patterns of bullying or otherwise down-grading ourself.

Healing, Learning and Growth opportunities can come from being on the receiving end of abuse, quarrelling, abusive argumentive behaviour, arrogance or neglect. Tools like the ones on this page can help us to transform suffering and victimhood into empowerment and fulfilment of our true potential.

Heal Your Wounded Inner Child - Build Inner Strength
From "Songs for the Inner Child" album by Shaina Noll (Details: UK   Canada   USA)
is a good example of how we can treat and support ourselves much better!
How could anyone ever tell You, You are anything less than beautiful?
How could anyone ever tell You, You are less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice, that Your loving is a miracle?
How deeply You're connected to my soul

*Clear Bad Feelings & Negativity: Emotional Detox for Self-Empowerment!


2. Abusive or "Toxic" Relationships: Overview

3. Books Couples argue - Marriage argument and dispute management - Conflicting opinion and view of Man and Woman - Deal with aggression and aggressive behaviour - Domestic Violence and agression - Agressive bullying at home or at work - Dealing with angry customers or patients -  Managing Confrontation skill and techniques - United Kingdom Conflict Management seminar and training course in Cambridge East Anglia England UK

* "Life and How to Survive It" by Robin Skynner & John Cleese (Details & Order pages)

* "Families and How to Survive Them" by Robin Skynner & John Cleese (Details & Order pages)

* "Beyond the Power Struggle" by Susan M. Campbell (Details & Order pages)

* "Friends and Enemies" by Dorothy Rowe (Details & Order pages) Couples arguing - Marital arguments and conflict management - Conflicting opinions and views of Men and Women - Deal with aggression and aggressive behaviour - Domestic Violence and agression - Agressive bullying at home or at work - Dealing with angry customers or patients -  Manage Confrontation - United Kingdom Conflict Management seminars and training courses in Cambridge East Anglia England UK

* "Beyond Fear" by Dorothy Rowe (Details & Order pages)

* "Verbal Judo" by George J. Thompson & Jerry B. Jenkins 2004 edition: UK & Europe   Canada   USA

* "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers:
     E-book digital download version: Amazon UK link (Worldwide Supplier)
     Audio CD:     UK & Europe     Canada edition     USA & International
     Paperback:   UK & Europe     Canada     USA & International

* "To Walk on Water - Get Out of the Boat" by John Ortberg (Details & Order pages)


4. Video & DVD

Film: "The Last Samurai"
Dramatises the martial arts principle of "No Mind" i.e. not being over-attached to the outcome of an argument, fight or other dispute or to what others are thinking or making judgements about.
Instead we can focus on doing our best and making the most of the situation we are in.
Availability on DVD or Video for: UK & Europe   Canada   USA

Film: "Pleasantville"
Humorous film with a very serious message for anyone who dreams of living in a community where there is no conflict or violence and everyone is very nice to everyone else all the time! (More information)


5. Webpages

"Reflective Practice" - a tool for personal development and stress prevention in the workplace

"Deal with Hate, Hating, Hatred - how to cope"

"Strategies for coping with chronic Stress"

"Self-Defence - personal security self discipline"

"Bullying - Harassment - Victimisation in School or Workplace"


Domestic violence in couples and family relationships Domestic violence in gay and lesbian couples relationships


Domestic Violence - Resources
Books - Videos - CDs
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The Mediator's Handbook by Jennifer E. Beer and Eileen Stief - mediation skills on family home relationships and workplace relationship quarrels and disputes The Anger Management Book Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out - Domestic violence disputes and arguing in parent-child relationships

Managing Anger and Developing Conflict Management Skills
New & Popular Research Resources
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*Conflict Management Training: Article     UK Conflict Management Workshop

*Aggression, Hostility & Confrontation - De-sensitisation*: Karate & Martial Arts

*Psychic Attack - Psychic Protection



Fear or Depression Paralysis
Many of us are very sensitive to people or situations that are hostile, aggressive or abusive. If we "freeze up" with anxiety or fear we will find it hard to think clearly or act decisively. We may even go into denial about what is happening and either pretend everything if fine, or "split off" (dissociate) into unreal thoughts, perceptions or (displacement of anxiety) activities - pretending that nothing bad is happening by shutting the abuse or aggression out of our awareness.

Martial arts or self-defence training (U.S. English spelling = "self-defense"), IF REASONABLY REALISTIC, can help us to de-sensitize ourselves to the point where we are able to fully confrontthe reality of a threatening situation or person, skilfully consider our range of options (fight, flight, ignore, negotiate) and have a low enough anxiety level to respond effectively.

*See also: Self-Sabotage - The Death-Wish Demon!


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