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Participant Feedback Comments
(incorporating "Plant Spirit Healing" - shamanic co-healing)


  *Cambridge University Student: Thoroughly enjoyed...

*Lady Therapist - Spiritual Healer: Empowered to speak my truth!

*Ex-addict, ex-Nervous Breakdown: Safe - Free to explore

*Clinical Depression Sufferers: Inspiring & Perception-altering!

*Mobility-impaired - Therapist: Beautiful!








Cambridge University Student writes...
"Thank you for the great workshop on Saturday!
I enjoyed it very much, and I thought it was brilliantly led."

"I thought the workshop was really brilliant, and more importantly very inspiring towards making the search for that connection with nature a regular practice, something that is very absent in my daily life and something I have always felt was very important. I thoroughly enjoyed this day!"


Male Ex- Drug dependency sufferer - recovering from Mental illness, writes...
"On my way to the nature healing event, walking through the oak wood trail, I felt a palpable sense of adventure and mystery. I also felt joy at participation in a spiritual activity outside the architectural confines of churches - instead held within the chaotic beauty of nature."

"After connecting to the energy of the land, Mike sent me off on a long solo walk, during which I was to act out all the current feelings that came up. We spent an hour doing physical movement [moving meditation and tension release] exercises and then accessed our intuition to gently massage one another."

"Mike led us through these preparatory exercises [getting into a skilful integrated state of mind, body and spirit], drawing on his wide range of martial arts teaching and therapeutic training experience."

"We then meditated within ourselves to find a healing question and we each sought an answer by interfacing with the environment and our own intuition [deep inner guidance]. This exercise was gently revelatory as the minute detail of nature provided a bottomless well of wisdom to draw upon."

"It was a poetically beautiful way to gain inspiration and help each other [co-healing with a partner that we do not know] on our healing journeys. I have done shamanic journeys with Mike before and have always felt safe, yet free to explore and interpret the landscape of the psyche which I encountered."



Empowered to speak my truth! - says Lady Therapist & Spiritual Healer
"I had something unusual happen on the way home.... not altogether pleasant but very step forwardish for me..."

"I got into a big argument with someone who was being very judgemental. Shock horror... I believe we need to work on ourselves first to change things inside for then to come out into the world to lead [others] from a place of love and compassion. I was shocked at the level of her judgementalism.... my training has really made me oblivious to the reality of the state some people are in in their lives.... I expect everyone else to be tolerant of other people's needs.... [the experience] came like a thunder clap in my solar plexus.

"My breakthrough [this time] was that I spoke out against her blanket judgement. This is really unusual for me! So thank-you.... I feel this afternoon ["Nature Heals and Inspires" workshop] moved me into my place of truth and being able to voice it.... whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant, I spoke out, and that, for me, is very good!"


Clinical Depression Sufferer writes...
"Just wanted 2 say a big thankyou 4 the Plant Spirit course - we both found it really inspiring and perception altering, which has promoted a greater connection to ourselves and to the plant kingdom - thanks so much!"



Therapist with impaired mobility writes...
"That was Beautiful! A really beautiful experience. You run your workshops and "hold the space" for people with such a gentle, safe energy!"

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