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Impington College, Cambridgeshire Autumn
Independently-collected &: audited feedback from people attending our 1-day workshop

Independently audited feedback from participants at 1-day STRESS MANAGEMENT & WELLBEING  Impington College, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England, United Kingdom


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More Personal Comments & Experiences

  *Computer Programmer: Very therapeutic!

*Massage Therapist: Role model gives inspiration!

*Cambridge University Student: Brilliantly led!

*Therapist - Spiritual Healer: Empowered - More assertive!

*Young man recovering from Psychosis: Help on our healing journey

*Depression sufferer: Inspiring! - Perception-altering!

*Mobility-impaired - Therapist: Beautiful!

*Housewife & Mother: There was nothing to feel intimidated by...

*IT Engineer: Liked the way you organised the group work...




Computer Programmer GR

Michael, thanks so much for the course today. I think that was a really good group of people...we covered a lot of ground today, and I have a lot to think about afterwards, not least of which my posture which I keep noticing now. Thanks for a very interestng day. It is actually very thereputic just to sit around and talk over certain issues with a group of like minded people (almost irresective of the course title). I also got a lot out of the touching and being touched execises, and that made me think just how little physical contact I have with other people (outside my immediate family). I didnt realise that would feel so powerful!


Shiatsu Massage Therapist

"I enjoyed the day very much. What I like is your ability to structure and contain feelings. Feelings which can feel threatening and chaotic without [that] containment or when one feels isolated.
The way you can observe your own feelings and share what you feel from a calm centre provides a role model that gives me inspiration and hope for myself."


Cambridge University Student

"Thank you for the great workshop on Saturday! I enjoyed it very much, and I thought it was brilliantly led."

"I thought the workshop was really brilliant, and more importantly very inspiring towards making the search for that connection with nature a regular practice, something that is very absent in my daily life and something I have always felt was very important. I thoroughly enjoyed this day!"


Young man recovering from 'Nervous Breakdown' (psychosis)

"Mike led us through preparatory exercises [getting into a skilful integrated state of mind, body and spirit], drawing on his wide range of martial arts teaching and therapeutic training experience."

"We then meditated within ourselves to find a healing question and we each sought an answer by interfacing with the environment and our own intuition. This exercise was gently revelatory."

"It was a beautiful way to gain inspiration and help each other on our healing journeys. I have done shamanic journeys with Mike before and have always felt safe, yet free to explore and interpret the landscape of the psyche which I encountered."


Empowered to speak my truth! - says Lady Therapist & Spiritual Healer
I had something unusual happen on the way home.... not altogether pleasant but very step forwardish for me...

"Thank-you.... I feel this afternoon's workshop moved me into my place of truth and being able to voice it.... whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant, I spoke out, and that, for me, is very good!"


Depression sufferer

"Just wanted to say a big thank-you. We both found it really inspiring and perception altering - thanks so much!"


Therapist with impaired mobility

"That was Beautiful! A really beautiful experience. You run your workshops and "hold the space" for people with such a gentle, safe energy!"


Housewife & Mother writes...
"We enjoyed the workshop very much. We both found it insightful and I felt it to be so in a very subtle way. I can't think of anything that I felt to be negative as I was very relaxed once I realised that there was nothing to feel intimidated by. Thankyou very much and hopefully will catch you at another workshop soon."


IT Engineer (JG) writes...
"[I] liked the way you organised the group work so we all had a part in it but emphasise being on no pressure."


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