From Crisis to Transformation
from crisis to transformationfrom crisis to transformationfrom crisis to transformation
Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic 2001
A Practical Application of Holistic Principles in Animal & Human Health
YinYang holistic health symbol of balance


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Part 1
Holistic model of Animal Health & Welfare
Part 2
Holistic analysis of UK FMD epidemic
Introduction FMD Crisis in UK
Objectives FMD Consequences in UK - Grief?
Art & Science of Veterinary Medicine from Crisis to Transformation
Integrating Animal & Human Welfare Structured Reflection Process
Energy - Holistic Approach raw material Upstream / Downstream Concept
Holistic Practice Protocol State Disease Control Models
Health & Disease - Natural Rhythm Dis-ease in Organisational Culture
Holistic Definitions - Health, Disease Dis-ease in Democracy
Holistic versus Reductionist Constructive Transformation
Control or Respond? Acknowledgements
Holistic Model - Basics Author details
Holistic Model - Summary References
Symbolic image of Holism Notes

ISBN 0-9520409-6-4   June 2001
Published by the Pig Disease Information Centre

YinYang holistic health symbol of balance



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