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Find YOUR Power Animal NOW! - Guided Journey

A Shaman's Meditative Journey to help you find a Totem Animal or Bird Spirit Guide
What lessons of integration, release or rebalancing is our animal spirit guide bringing to You?

The "Animal Speak" Directory of "Power Animals"
A Shaman's Guide Manual to Power animals and Familiars in Shamanism
By Ted Andrews
Animal Speak by Ted Andrews - Identify animal totem - Learn to invoke its energy and use for personal growth - Natural history and animal folklore - magical animal rites and how to read omens - Dictionary of bird mammal reptile insect totemsAnimalspeak Workbook - Explore Spiritual Wonders of the shamanic Animal World - Guide to Power animals and familiars in shamanismAnimal Spirit Guides & Animals as Totems
Their Meanings in Shamanism

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*Horses as Totem or Power Animals

*The "Shadow" Dark Side of Totem/Power Animals: Shadow Totems & Contrary Totems

Inspiration from Native American Trance Dance, Dance & Chant

Powerful Drumming, Chanting & Power Animal Images:
Buffalo, Deer, Eagle, Goose, Hawk, Horse, Ladybird, Owl, Rabbit, Snake, Wolf
More Shamanic Music & Circle Dance Recordings

*Interpreting Shamanic Journeys, Dreams & Visions: Totem Power Animals & Dream Symbols

*Shamanic Workshops & Events: Cambridgeshire UK

*Working with Personal Animal Totems: Shamanic Healing - Shamans - Shamanism

*Psychic Protection - Techniques, Approaches and Insights

*Angels as Spirit Guides



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