Remember when you were a child and the world was a magical playground, full of wonder?

Could you ever return to that experience?


"Of course not!" you say - I was just a child and that experience of the world was unreal - just an illusion!

Well, the world always was (and always will be!) a magical wondrous playground. We can recapture the excitement and joy of that magical way to live....

Yes, even sad, weary, burdened, disillusioned adults can return to wonder, amazement, lightness and a deep inner sense of nourishing love and connection to life. We can once again experience that upsurge of playful, joyous energy within us.



Then, let me prove it! - Come to one of my "Nature Heals and Inspires" workshops and if you don't re-connect with an inner and outer lust for life and joy in being alive, I will gladly return your workshop admission charge!

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Live long and Prosper!

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