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Cambridge UK healing skills development course for healer training

  • First, a skilful creative state of mind is developed:
    by means of attunement exercises & sharing or writing-down current quests, personal issues, problems, goals, illness, directions or dreams.

  • Artistic creativity and craftwork skill is facilitated by a guided meditation or drumming a Shamanic Journey in order to access unconscious inner resources to guide the craftwork or art therapy.

  • A personal lone journey is then made into nature to connect intuitively to the materials to be used for your magical tool OR healing symbol.
    We call this a "Medicine Walk", during which certain materials and directions of walking will attract us. We as our spirit guide to guide us, or we seek out a tree or other plant that will speak to us. If we need to take any material from a living plant, we first ask it for permission.

    Healing Skills Training for Healers - Cambridge UK Course Copyright

    How to Make a Shaman's Drum   Rattle   Dreamcatcher   Medicine Shield or Totem Pole

    Making a Talking stick, Shaman's Staff, Magical Wand, Altar Decoration, Shaman's rattle, Healer's staff, Aura duster, Fetish pot (a "fetish" is an object with magical power to protect or aid), Prayer stick or other symbolic, self-expressive, self-protective or self-healing construction is an opportunity to channel creative spiritual energies. They are best made out of renewable natural resources such as twigs, leaves, vines, feathers, bones, leather, cotton, fur, wool or animal skin. If necesary, some recyclable materials such as metal wire may be used. Making symbolic items like these provides an excellent opportunity to express personal core values, qualities or aspirations.

    Naturecraft - Wood & Feather Tools
    Shaman's Prayer Stick Shamanic Prayer Sticks Shamanic Fetish Pots Shamanic Healing - Feathered Aura Dusters

    (L to R):
    Prayer Sticks (2), Fetish Pots with Prayer Sticks (2), Feathered Aura Dusters (2)
    These pictures come from the Shaman's manual "Animal Speak"
    How to Make a Dreamcatcher (Dreamweaver) - Materials & Practical Advice

    Dreamcatcher Art Guides: UK & Europe   Canada   USA
    How to Make Your Own Shamanic Rattles


    Make Your Own Personal Totem Pole - Some Ideas & Techniques
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    Manuals on Building, Making or Carving Totem Poles: UK & Europe   Canada   USA


    Drum-Making Skills - Make Your Own Shamanic Drum

    How to Make a Native American Hand Drum [Frame Drum]

    Drum-Making Guides & Manuals: UK & Europe   Canada   USA

    *Native American Shamanic Drum-Making Workshops in Cambridgeshire: With Keith Barrett

    Instructions for Making a Native American Hoop Drum

    Drum-Making Guides & Manuals: UK & Europe   Canada   USA


    A Medicine Shield is traditionally made out of natural material, such as animal hide, stretched over a wooden hoop with central decoration and other items hung around the edges. Feathers, fringes, beads, bones and sometimes other dangling objects are attached. Medicine shields typically have personal emblems, symbols or power animals painted on them. They are not used for fighting defense, but for inspiration, family/tribal honour and spirit-connection. The colours used may also symbolise particular energies, qualities or have colour-healing properties.

    Guide to shamanic practices to access personal & collective soul, discover the aura, develop breathwork, connect to power animals and engage in psychic powers and a vision quest. Trance-state journey can be induced by the rhythmic drumming session supplied on the CD + Make Your Own Medicine Shield

    Make Your Own Medicine Shield - With the Help of this Guide

    "Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers" by Kenneth Meadows is a guide to shamanic practices for those seeking to access the personal and collective soul, discover their aura, develop shamanic breath, connect to power animals and engage in psychic powers and a vision quest. A trance-state journey can be induced by the rhythmic drumming session supplied on the accompanying CD.

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    *For Shamanic Crafts - Courses & Workshops in Cambridgeshire, East Anglia U.K.: Contact Us


    Altar with Eagle feather outside Native American Sweatlodge Shaman nature-healer with feathered staff decorated with symbolic carved designs -  studying symbol for Mercury
    Shamans and their Symbols - prayer altar outside sweat lodge (L), Mercury totem in stones (R)


    Very technical shamanic medicine shields reflect aspects of the Native American Medicine Wheel

    Shaman's Nature Arts & Spiritual Tradition - Manual: Shamanic Experience - Kenneth Meadows


    Painting the Dream - The Shamanic Life and Art of David Chethlahe PaladinStone Fires - Liquid Clouds - The Shamanic Art of Derek Hyatt

    Shamanic Art - Natural Therapy

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