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Evening Courses and Workshops in Cambridge Cambridgeshire East Anglia region of UK

Healing Skills DevelopmentHealer Training workshop in Cambridge UKHealin Skills Training course in Cambridge UKHealing Skills DevelopmentHealer Training workshop in Cambridge UKHealin Skills Training course in Cambridge UKHealing Skills DevelopmentHealer Training workshop in Cambridge UKHealin Skills Training course in Cambridge UKHealing Skills DevelopmentHealer Training workshop in Cambridge UKHealin Skills Training course in Cambridge UK

Evening Course and Workshop in Cambridge South Cambridgeshire East Anglia U.K.

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June 1st :    Reclaiming Energy - Transforming Negative Experiences!          

"Reality is merely an illusion - although a very persistent one!"
[Albert Einstein]

  • Clearing Held-in Stress & Trauma : How to clear uncomfortable emotions & disabling traumatic experiences
    We continuously weave a mental and emotional "story" about what is happening to us. This story is coloured and embroidered by our past history - especially our childhood training (conditioning) and held-in traumatic memories (old stories).

    Practice in using breathwork and cognitive therapy to release troublesome physical or emotional feelings, worries, loss of vitality, agitation.

    Technique 1: A stress & upset clearing practice for releasing recent upsetting incidents plus uncovering their roots to prevent recurrence. We successfully combined this with role-play psychodrama.

    Technique 2: Re-framing old memories that are distressing (based on the inspiring and highly readable book "Loving What Is" (How 4 Questions can change your Life!)


  • June 8th :    Self-expression - Woodland Art Therapy          

    "Your work is to discover your world and then - with all your heart - to give yourself to it!"

    [Gautama Buddha]

    Healing Skills Training for Healers - Cambridge UK Course Copyright Cambridge UK stress management workshops

  • Attunement exercises & Personal Journey Sharings

  • A guided meditation heralded by hand-cymbal sounds:
       Accessing unconscious inner resources to guide the art therapy

  • A personal lone journey into nature to connect intuitively to the materials to be used.
  • Making a Personal Medicine Shield, Talking stick, or Totem
    An opportunity to make a personal "medicine" (heraldic) shield, dream-weaver, totem pole, Shaman's rattle, Healer's staff, aura duster, fetish pot (a "fetish" is an object with magical power to protect or aid), prayer stick or other symbolic, self-expressive, self-protective or self-healing construction out of natural materials such as twigs, leaves, vines, feathers, bones, leather, cotton, fur, wool or animal skin. Making symbolic items like these provides an excellent opportunity to express personal core values, qualities or aspirations.
  • Some participants made archetypal models, shields, table decorations or staffs of inner demons, personal power animals or valued tantric qualities. There was also a hands-free dowsing device for developing and testing personal psychokinetic skill.

    *Examples of Therapeutic Nature Art taken from Shamanism

    June 15th :    "Walk softly, Speak quietly, Act gently"          

  • Meet the Healers - Personal Sharings - Discussion of Psychic Surgery & Distance Healing

  • Walking meditation

  • Physical flexibility/energising exercises

  • Self-expression and Emotional/Attitude clearing :

  • The "I am...I feel..." exercise with group mirroring/validation.

  • Partnered massage

  • Moving into a new area of life : Self-Awareness, Activation of Lower Chakras

  • Via the Circle Dance: "Steal Away" - a meditative dance to a Celtic ballad (lyrics & music details). The dance steps were devised by Cambridge Circle Dance teacher, Pam Adcock, drawing on her long experience of the ancient circle dancing tradition. Circle dancing provides individual relaxation, integration & inner harmony and also facilitates harmonious relationships.
    The dance and lyrics centre on theme of "Life Change". Letting go, moving on and adaptating to a new phase of life (e.g. a new relationship, job or home, change in health, wealth or social status).

  • "Letting go" (pride & rigid beliefs) to "Move On" : Build & Channel healing energy via Aramaic chant & dance

  • Introduction to "The Window of Perception" : Integrating "Focussed Attention" with "Big Picture" wholeness
    The benefits of bringing more "flexibility to our "Window of Perception" are enhanced self-empowerment, resourcefulness, improved relationships. When stressed we are biassed towards "Exclusive - Reductionist" filtering-out of perceptual possibilities, when relaxed we tend towards wholistic "Inclusive - Big Picture" perceptions. Tantric and "flow" perceiving versus obsessive and tense perceptions. Alternating between the two requires effort but deepens and enriches our life experience.


    June 22nd: The 5 Domains of Healing: Body, Mind, Aura, Essence (Soul) & Intention (Will)

  • Alignment with Self : Awareness & Integration of the 5 Domains of Healing

  • Via the symbolic bodywork and chant of "Breath you are breathing me!" Ancient associations between Breath, Spirit & The Winds of Life

  • "Healing Touch" - Healing Practice with a range of partners
  • A combination of Body Massage (clothed), Aura massage, Boundary validation, Containment healing & Reiki-style Energy channelling.

  • Group Healing Rituals : Practice for the forthcoming "Wellbeing Day"
  • "Steal Away" circle dance (freeing-up lower chakras / navigating life-changes)
  • "Letting go" (pride and rigid beliefs) Aramaic chant & dance (energy channelling)
  • "Healing Wounded Inner Child" - Song, Mudra, Circle (communicating love & acceptance)
  • June 29th : Dowsing the Mary Ley Line at Wandelbury Sacred Iron Age Site

    Suitable for beginners and for experienced dowsers. Bring along 2 wire coat-hangers if you want to learn how to make a set of simple dowsing rods. We also supply ready-made rods or you can bring along your own favourite rods. Arrival Instructions (no mat needed this week)

    The dowsing will be preceded by "attunement exercises" (based on movement meditation and Chi Kung (aka ch'i kung or qi gong) for getting into a skilful state for dowsing work. This will include a short session of Healing Touch (an intuitive combination of massage/aura/reiki therapy) - basic instruction will be provided if you have not done this before.

  • "Healing Touch" - Healing Practice with a range of partners

  • Body massage, Aura massage, Boundary validation, Containment healing, Energy channelling.

  • Dowsing workshop led by a leading local dowser from The British Society of Dowsers who was a key figure in the dowsing of the world-famous Cambridge Crop Circles on Gog Magog Hills which appeared close to Wandlebury in 2001.
  • The Michael and Mary Lines are part of the "Rainbow Serpent" earth energy grid that travels though England linking sacred sites from St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, through to Glastonbury, Avebury and many sacred sites up to Royston Cave, Wandlebury, Bury St. Edmunds and finally enters the North Sea at Hopton-on-Sea. (More about the Rainbow Serpent)

    Facilitator for this series of events:  Dr. Mike Meredith


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