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Inner beauty is not phased or faded by physical defects, illness, ageing or death. It survives all things and can be enjoyed by ourselves (= enjoying "YOURSELF") even when others are not appreciating us. Unlike external prettiness, inner beauty does not attract undesirable attention. actually the opposite! - Inner beauty, mystery and sparkle attract people and experiences that create an uplifting spiral of peace, joy and fulfilment in our life.

Those who say that beauty is only skin deep have yet to discover the subtle world of INNER BEAUTY!

In the magical world of inner beauty/charisma, ugliness, negative experiences and personal limitations are transformed into creativity, wonder and appreciation. Inside each of life's curses is a "blessing" craving to get out! Open up your own can of Inner Beauty, Mystery and Sparkle to share with like-minded others in this liberating and re-vitalising course of self-discovery and self-remembrance.

The annual UK spend on external beauty/cosmetic products for men and women is £6.4 billion. Sales are driven by the beauty industry spending 600 million a year on marketing its products as pure, simple, organic and natural, but a recent Channel 4 documentary "Beauty Addicts: How Toxic Are You?" revealed just how unhealthy " outer beauty" products can be. This "Inner Beauty" course was launched in 2007 to encourage interest in the topic of "inner beauty" [for both sexes]. The content outlined below is based on the last time that the course ran, however the content is partly determined by the participants and is under continuous development.
  • Find your untapped resources of inner beauty, personal magic & self-worth
  • Learn how to dismantle negative self-talk and self-sabotage
  • Learn to respect, value and appreciate who you really are
  • Feel more self-empowered - boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Build resilience - become less vulnerable to negative comments
  • Explore the depths of your inner potential
  • Build "self,health & wealth"-enhancing body langauge
  • Become less dependant on external factors for happiness
  • A rise in your personal creativity and self-expression
  • Let "enjoy yourself" take on a whole new meaning
  • Developing inner beauty positively affects all aspects of your life: family, relationships, work and wellbeing


    Week 1:    "Awakening Self-awareness & Personal Path"          

    Beyond the boundary of experience flows "The Way"
    Ever greater - yet more subtle - than the world

    [Do Your Work then Step Back!]

  • "Getting to know Each Other and Our Paths" - connecting and sharing.

  • Tools for Moving Forwards: Flexibility, Letting go, Grieving the Old
    Demonstrated via the Circle Dance: "Steal Away" - a meditative dance to a Celtic ballad (lyrics & music details). Encoded in this dance and ballad are some key wise tips to help us change "stuck" (in a rut) patterns:
    * "Slow down" in order to change direction:
    * Energise the lower chakras (energy centres) concerned with "rootedness" attachments (base chakra), creativity (sacral chakra) and self-empowerment (solar plexus chakra);
    * Loosen up and become more flexible (ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints) in order to stay flexible and vibrant;
    * Accept that if we wish ourself and our life experience to change, then some of our relationships will have to change;
    * To take on new patterns of living we have to let go of old habits - unless we acknowlege our old patterns as "valued former friends and companions" and grieve their loss, we will keep circling back into them.
    The dance steps were devised by Cambridge Circle Dance teacher, Pam Adcock, drawing on her long experience of the ancient circle dancing tradition. Circle dancing provides individual relaxation, self-centering, inner peace & community connection.
    This circle dance and song lyrics centre on the theme of "Moving On".

  • Alignment with Self : Self-awareness, Self-empowerment, Integration of Senses & Feelings
    The 4-phase Square Breathing technique as a self-awareness tool to center oneself,and integrate mind, body, spirit, senses, emotions, intuition, behaviour and perceptions. Self-awareness is essential for expressing ourselves fully and living our life fully and skilfully. It is the starting point for choice (self-empowerment) and personal transformation.

  • Signposts to Personal Magic: Personal Qualities reflecting Inner Beauty, Mystery & "Sparkle"
    Sharing group views on the qualities and behaviours that make up personal charisma and the qualities and behaviour that constitute "inner ugliness" (i.e. unattractive, shallow, overbearing, repulsive, dull, deadened).

  • Homework Diary Exercise: Experiences of Desirable & Undesirable Qualities and Behavior in Ourself and Others
    Week 2:  "Empowering Self-Expression & Connection"             

    "If you bring forth what is within you - What you bring forth will save you"
    "If you do not bring forth what is within you - What you do not bring forth will destroy you!"

    [The Gospel of Thomas]

  • Homework Sharing: incidents during the past week where we felt either good or bad about ourselves and our life.

  • Singing & Dancing "Every Wave of the Sea..." - words by Hazrat Inayat Khan who taught the art of Spiritual Mastery, the uplifting melody and vibrant bouncing dance movements were created by Amida Harvey.

      Every wave of the sea
    As it rises, seems to be...
    Stretching its hands upwards
    As if to say...
    Take me up higher and higher! (x4)

    Inner Beauty Magic & Mystery ResourcesThese words and symbolic movements of this dance are about the "ups and downs" and "ebbs & flows" of both our life and our personal energy. We can spend our life struggling against these natural tides (YinYang dynamics) of energy, or we can run from them in fear of them overwhelming us, or we can get so attached to an "up" that we are unbalanced and fall over when the next "down" or "ebb" comes along, OR we can learn to accept the natural ebbs and flows of life, enjoy the lovely rocking motion we knew and loved as an infant (even in the womb!) and learn to surge forward when the current is with us, and to let go and release (liberate ourself) as the "tide of life" rolls us back ready to begin a new cycle.

    The second phase of this dance also acts out another wise secret of raising our personal "level of vibration" (quality of lifestyle) higher...
    To engage fully in life, express ourselves fully and contribute our potential to the world, we need to be willing and able to freely negotiate (flow in and with) a range of relationships, without unduly self-limiting, unhealthy attachment (dependency/clinginess).

  • Dramatising your name: spontaneity, creativity, self-expression.

  • Leading/Being led (controlling/being controlled) partner exercise: To build flexibility   creativity via the recognition and release of: a) self-imposed boundaries and b) self-limiting habitual patterns of behaviour.

  • Spontaneous Tai Chi with Partner: Energy, creativity and harmony cultivation via free-movement with a partner.

  • Spontaneous Tai Chi alone: Finding and "dancing" to one's own inner "music".

  • Homework Diary Exercise:
    (a) Listing the desired/undesired incidents we wish to either change (undesired) or have more of (desired)
    (b) Scoring our success rate in taking a creative "breathing" space when these incidents occur
    (c) Noting when we make new choices in undesired situations, or gain new insights into how we could create the desired experiences happen more often.
    Week 3:    "Accessing Our Inner Mystery"          

    Seek no contacts and you will find many
    Be still and you will move forward on the tide of spirit
    Be gentle and you will need no strength
    Be patient and you will achieve all things
    Be humble and you will remain entire
    Close your eyes and you will see clearly
    Cease to listen and you will hear truth
    Be silent and your heart will sing

    [Taoist Meditation]


  • Homework Sharing.
    Potentially ugly incidents which we turned around into beautiful ones. Beautiful experiences that we created more of.

  • "Dramatising How we Feel".
    Self-expression & emotional-clearing exercise to build self-confidence and break stuck moods or vicious cycles in which moody emotions drive thoughts which create more of the same mood.

  • Guided Visualisation.
    Relaxation with an inner journey into our unconscious mind and creative imagination to view the more beautiful, mysterious or sparkling version of ourself that is our untapped (or maybe just "unrealized"!) potential.

  • Flexibility Loosening Exercises.
    Self-energizing and liberating.

  • "Trance Dance" Inspirational Music to progress the process begun in our vision.

  • Homework Diary Exercise:
    Further unfolding of the mysterious inner images and experiences received in the visualization exercise.

    Week 4:    "Healing our Heart & Expressing Our Heart Qualities"          

    When you Love say not "God is in my Heart", but rather, "I am in the Heart of God"
    ["The Prophet"]

  • Homework Sharing: shifts in our self-awareness and behaviour patterns since last week.

  • "Healing the Heart": a) Breathwork wazifa using "Shanoon"; b) Heart-Healing & heart qualities Expression dance based on the Willow-tree natural wisdom chant of the Chumash tribe:

  • "When love beckons to you...": Shared reading from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran which reminds us of the courage, risk-taking and "letting-go" that loving requires of us. Also that loving brings pain as well as great beauty and pleasure, thus we must continually repair the wear and tear on our heart and restore our capacity to love, without which we cannot be fully alive or inwardly nourished and fulfilled.

  • "Healing Touch": Intuitive, unconditional-love, well-being massage.

  • "Beauty is Eternity": A reading of this mystical passage from "The Prophet", followed by a symbolic action song to bring home the meaning, based on these words from the poem...
    Beauty is Life when Life unveils her holy face
    But You are Life and You are the Veil
    Beauty is Eternity gazing at iteself in a mirror
    But you are Eternity and you are the mirror

    which concludes with the words...

    Where shall you seek beauty and how shall you find her?
    Unless she herself be your way and your guide!


    Recommended Reading / Study Resources List

  • "Women Who Run with the Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman". Undoubtedly the most significant women's book of the twentieth century. A massive and incredibly perceptive book, very shamanic in style of late twentieth-century shamanism, plus a darn good read/browse/reference. Second-hand copies are available cheaply on this Amazon UK page. Also useful for the men in your life to read, so that they might understand you/relate to you better! The lessons are nicely illustrated with archetypal mythic stories e.g. the classic myth of the "red shoes".

    "Loving What Is: How 4 Questions Can Change Your Life":
    The art of turning negative experiences into a positive ones (order pages for the book & CD: Amazon UK

    "Stress Management & Mindfulness"
    To hear the Cambridge Community Radio show: Life is Sweet (Wellbeing) on these topics click here.

    "Crones Don't Whine" (Mature Personal Qualities for Women)

    The Law of Attraction. The amazing documentary film on DVD: "The Secret" which features a panel of international "happiness and success" gurus, accompanied by an array of real-life examples, drawing on five thousand years of science, psychology and mysticism for key tips on how and why you can create the future of your dreams - happiness, love, joy fame, wealth, relationships, adventures, top sports performance etc.
    These "change your life for the better" teachers, with the help of actors acting out dramatic scenes, teach the keys to making your affirmations, ambitions, dreams, prayers and visualisations actually work this time! The experts are a team of psychologists, psychotherapist, spiritual masters, physicists, sports performance trainers, wealth creation gurus etc. A really life-transforming experience full of simple, practical, everyday tips on how to transform your health, wealth, relationships and happiness..

    "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat " (see Manifest Your Vision) - A Christian approach to realising our dreams. Some useful tips for non-Christians also.

    "Ambika's Guide to Healing and Wholeness. The energetic Path to healing via the Chakras (physical and emotional energy centres) and Colour.

  • "Attitude of Gratitude". Appreciation / Gratitude is a spiritual and socially cohesive personal quality and key component of inner beauty that has been valued and extolled for thousands of years. When we are sincerely and spontaneously appreciating "things", people, "God", "life" or even ourself, our face lights up and we experience emotional positivity.

    *CHEAL Sharing Group: Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group (CHEAL)

    *Courses & Workshops in Cambridge UK on Personal Creativity, Stress Management & Healing

    *Live a Passionate & Fulfilling Lifestyle!



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