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*What is "Living in Harmony & Flow"?

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A Traditional Huna Shamanism Prayer Chant & Dance Honouring Mother Earth

Meaning of the Hawaiian Sacred Phrases in this Song...
E malama pono [DO WHAT IS RIGHT]  Eh! [COMMITMENT]
Earth and Sky  -  Sea and Stone  -  We Hold this Land in Sacredness!
See also: The Principle of Universal Oneness - "All Things Are Connected"
We often include this sacred nature-connection dance in our Shamanism & "Tribal Drum & Dance" Workshops

[Dance devised by B. Kessler & M. Anderson]

Common Themes of these "Live Deeply & Fully" Workshops...

    • PASSION (connection to the incoming life-force and outgoing heart-force)
    • FULFILMENT (achievement of personal potential and soul purpose)
    • FLOW (harmony as opposed to separate,self-centred lifestyle)
    • POSITIVITY (living to create desired experiences) rather than NEGATIVITY (staying safe and avoiding experiences)
Living POSITIVELY means...
Living NEGATIVELY means...
What does living fully in flow/harmony look like?...
What we do in these workshops...
Self-awareness - Energy Quality - How is Your Energy Today?
  Chaotic/agitated Peaceful/Calm
LP = rest/restoration/receptiveness
Move from HC to HP via a) meditation-type processes (Letting Go as in Exercise 1) or b) self-expression Releasing as in Exercise 2) [energy flows out]


"How can we build our spiritual connection? How can "God", "Great Spirit" or "The Divine" become real to us?
"Blind Faith" (just accepting what sacred texts/prophets/gurus/your culture tell you) is the path that some follow. Others experience an "inner knowing". Yet others, tread the path that I call "The Buddhist model" (interestingly the Sanskrit word for a Buddhist monk may be the source - from India via China - of the Tungus word from which we get the word "Shaman"). In this path, the journey of faith begins with realising that we are unhappy and unfulfilled (the state of Dissatisfaction or Suffering). Usually we deal with this discomfort by going into:

But we may have a "Behold" experience [sacred text or guru] - we see an alternative path (Scott Peck's 'Road Less Travelled') a seed is planted which goes through germination and growth etc stages (eventually producing its own seed) the plant gets hit by repeated disillusionment/suffering episodes which wither it for a while but can each time grown back stronger than before.

Exercise 3: The Metaphor of half-empty glass...
List what you want added/more of, + list what you want removed/less of.

Exercise 4: Modern adaptation of the 19th Century Arapaho Ghost dance
Connecting to...

Exercise 5: Seneca Symbolic Planting Ritual...
Build Resourcefulness & Flexibility via moving sequentially in the 5 elemental energy patterns (earth, water, fire, air, ether/spirit). Also bring down guidance and help from Spirit guides/God/Guardian angel/Wakan Tanka etc.

*Hear this Ancient Tribal Dance Ritual

* Walking meditation   * Spontaneous tai chi (alone, partnered, with trees)   * The "No!" Process (catharsis & self-empowerment)


Exercise 6: Enjoying the simple Ebb & Flow of daily life via "Only Love is Flowing..."

Exercise 7: Sacred Breathwork for healing & soul connection.

Exercise 8: Drummed Inner Journey to Find Your Power Animal and/or Spirit Guide

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Passionate & Holistic Living - Resources for Further Study

Inspiring FILMS available on DVD:

* "School Of Rock" starring Jack Black, Mike White, Joan Cusack
If anything can reconnect you with your passion for life and your inner vision for fulfilment it is this moving and remarkable (also very funny) film.

Jack Black plays unemployed slob and hell-raising guitarist Dewey Finn, who needs to make a few fast bucks after being kicked out of his rock band. Posing as his reformed rocker-come-substitute teacher flatmate, he falls into teaching a class of prepubescent stiffs. After over hearing the kids practice in their school orchestra, Finn decides to teach the kids "the power of rock", and fulfil his life long dream of entering the Battle of the Bands competition.
Turbo-charged comic Jack Black shakes School of Rock to its foundations, wailing with born-again metalhead passion as Dewey Finn, a guitarist who gets kicked out of a band because he grandstands too much--or, to put it another way, enjoys himself. Through an intercepted phone call, Finn gets a job as a substitute teacher for a fifth grade class at a private grade school. Neither students nor teacher quite know what to do with each other until Finn discovers that some of his young charges can play instruments; at once he starts turning them into a blistering rock & roll troupe that can crush his former band at an upcoming competition. School of Rock is silly and formulaic, but director Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused), writer Mike White (The Good Girl), and especially Black and co-star Joan Cusack invest the formulas with such glee that the movie is irresistibly fun.
The DVD is like the movie, but the DVD extras are smarter and a lot more entertaining than your average flick. The making-of feature ("Lessons Learned") has the usual behind-the-scenes banter but Jack Black is in fine form - that is, something special - interviewing as much as being interviewed about the making of the film. His unique pitch to Led Zeppelin to use their song is alone worth the price of the DVD. Black is more his maniacal self and a bit more grating in MTV's Diary segment, but his commentary track with director Richard Linklater is as insightful as it is funny. OK, it's a lot more funny, but entertaining throughout. The commentary track featuring just the kid actors is less so, but any preteen would love listening to it. To top it off, the DVD-ROM has Dewey Finn's instantly famous blackboard history of rock. You can drill down to the bands mentioned and get a brief history of each.
Amazon discount New or Used copy order pages: USA   Canada Edition   UK Edition


Positive Affirmation each day to Change Your Life, Lift Spirit, Elevate Moods, Inspire, Motivate and bring self-empowerment into your life 2014 calendar


"I Can Do It!" Daily Affirmations Calendar 2018

Positive Daily affirmations to Change Your Life, Lift Spirit, Elevate Mood, Inspire, Motivate and bring self-empowerment into your life.


Healing Hands - Build up vital energy chi ki prana - clearing human energy field work - video film of martial arts master demonstration of techniques and skills for self-healing - photographs of healing work on patients - Acupressure points Theraputic touch TT Laying on of hands


Healing Hands chi/ki/prana life-force cultivation video.

A DVD guide to building up vital energy (chi / ki / prana) and clear your chakras (human energy field centres).
Video film of a martial arts master demonstrating techniques and skills for energy healing, self-healing, Acupressure points, Theraputic touch.

WEBPAGE: Deal with Frustration & Irritation


  • "Women Who Run with the Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman"
  • Undoubtedly the most significant women's book of the twentieth century. A massive and incredibly perceptive book - a darn good read/browse/reference. Second-hand copies are available cheaply on this Amazon UK page. Also useful for the men in your life to read, so that they might understand you/relate to you better! The lessons are nicely illustrated with archetypal mythic stories e.g. the classic myth of the "red shoes".


    *Mindfulness Training

    *Meditative Circle Dance: The Dances of Universal Peace

    *CHEAL Newsgroup: Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group (CHEAL)

    *Live Fully & Passionately in the Flow of Life: UK Training Courses & Workshops

    *Experience the Oneness of Creator and Creation: The Sufi Sacred Zikr Practice


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