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"Career Development - Create an Internet Shop"
Chrissie Gray
Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritional Therapist, Reflexologist & Reiki Master


Project: Set up an internet shop on my website selling my herbal remedies and other natural remedies from different suppliers.

Reason for delay: This project has been delayed for several years partly due to a lack of time because of family commitments, partly due to a fear about the forthcoming restricting EU regulations and at a deeper level a lack of confidence in my ability to create and be a success.

Tools used to initiate and move the process along: The "Empowerment Dialogue" with Sue Jones was hugely encouraging and the next day I began work on the project. The Timeline Healing helped me to identify where the lack of confidence had originated from and has helped to heal this. The "Shamanic Re-birthing" experience was amazing and I feel like I shedded a skin...

...which feels very empowering.

Achievements so far: Since the “Empowerment Dialogue” exercise with Sue, where I gained confidence in my ability to move forward with this project at a steady pace (not at break-neck speed) I have been active in bringing the ideas into reality. Now I really believe I can do this and it will be a success.

The day after the chat with Sue, I set to work. The first step was deciding what to sell and then finding good ethical suppliers to source from. I found this very exciting and got very positive encouragement and feedback from the suppliers.

Nothing happened following this flurry of activity due to half term. But last week I began to design the product range, work out the pricing and I publicly announced the coming of the shop in my newsletter.

Today I would have contacted the web designer and given her the info for the shop design and the product information but my children are sick and off school.

Still to do: Design new labels, produce literature and take photos of products. Order stock.




Mentor comment: Good progress! As with so many projects, just getting started can be the hardest step. Good luck with this continuing project, Chrissie!

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