Shamanic Practitioner Training: Intermediate Level Course

To be healed is to be "whole" and "flowing" [a state of flowing through life's ups and downs with 'ease', as opposed to un-ease or dis-ease] - allowing uncomfortable or perceived-dangerous feelings and impulses [back] into consciousness, then doing what is needed to understand their messages and harness their energy and wisdom for our life journey.

This is a process of redeeming what is legitimate but resisted - a process of redemption [acceptance, forgiveness, self-forgivenes] then transformation and "re-integration" back into wholeness and flow, so that we have access to our full range of resources for "moving on" to the next step in our life journey.

The solar plexus chakra [hara/tan dien/"gut feeling"] has the job of protecting our heart chakra from wounding, abuse or neglect. Its formidable power can go off-course and become overly destructive [self-sabotaging] but a strong connection to our heart chakra can avoid most of that - and mature adults will forgive us for our occasional, inevitable errors! - because they know that they make them too sometimes!Heart and 'gut feelings' make a good team - on their own, either function is unbalanced and can be our undoing.

In order to heal an inner split it is necessary to go back to the time[s] in your life when that split [or 'soul-loss' experience] was created or deepened. Timeline-based healing practises, especially the Shamanic version of Timeline processing, whch is done outdoors with the attunement and resonance power of a natural environment - are great tools for locating and healing 'inner splits' [inner conflicts] - also for finding and releasing any past-history-originating, frustrating block to creating the future of our heart-felt desire, soul-purpose and destiny!

Healing journeys need motivation energy for the work of transformation, this comes from having ahead of you, on the timeline, a clear goal that you want to move towards - a place in the future where your most important needs are being met and your soul-purpose is being enacted.


I was introduced to "Time Line Therapy"® 10 years ago by a hypnotherapist who attended my Shamanic Practitioner Training courses. She had learned it during her NLP training years. For a couple of years she led "Time Line Therapy"® for my trainees, and I became more experienced at it myself.

The 'Timeline' memory construct of the human mind has been known for thousands of years and various attempts have been made to harness it therapeutically and for personal development. However, I didn't feel that the "Time Line Therapy"® approach really went as deep and sustainably as might be possible, so I started to develop a Shamanic implementation of the ancient 'Timeline' approach, which I called "SHAMANIC TIMELINE HEALING" [STH]....

It differs from "Time Line Therapy"® in the following ways...


b) STH is vastly more flexible and never PRESCRIPTIVE - there is no attempt to fit the client's journey to a theoretical model;

c) STH is DONE OUTDOORS in a natural environment (preselected by the client). For example their chosen 'HERE and NOW!' starting point might be a significant natural feature like a splitting-path or a patch of brambles. 'THE PAST' might be a dark patch of trees or a muddy field. The self-selected FUTURE LINE line might be along an uphill slope, or a downhill slope. The DESIRED FUTURE DESTINATION might be an open vista, or a beautiful & natural 'held' space. The selected natural features are all opportunities for enahnced self-knowledge and empowered facilitation of the psychodrama of the practice. The self-healing facilitator prompts holistic self-experiencing [mind, body, spirit, emotions, percpetions & relationship] and exploration of meaning and life-path relevance, as each choice is contemplated and made [or blocked], and the consequences directly-experienced.

d) PAST & FUTURE LINES do not have to be linear, nor on 'one level', nor do they have to be "rolled up" when they don't fit into the limited size of a room.

STH has become my preferred form of SOUL RETRIEVAL JOURNEYING - much more reliable, more grounded, more revealing and more transformative than the usual 'practitioner lying next to client' format of SR journey that is widely used.

As with 'Timeline Therapy', the healee has to formulate a positive affirmation about the desired future life-experience, before the journey begins, but with STH the affirmation construction is aided and validated by 'Shamanic Journeying'.


Self-Healing Project Report
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"Clearing the Past to Open Up the Future"

Shamanic Timeline Healing

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Thank you, Mike and Alexandra for such a powerful and momentous day, yesterday [3rd day of Intermediate Level Shamanic Practitioner Course]. I felt incredibly tired afterwards, as if I had taken anaesthetic. I knew that my body needed to sleep in order to process what I had experienced. It seemed to be a continuation of what had started that day, and I went with it because I was aware that if I didn't, I would be going against what I needed and there would be consequences to my health.

When I slept, it seemed intensely deep, in a way that was different to sleeping. I seemed to travel a long way during that time and a lot of unusual experiences occurred, as I travelled back to the sights and physical feelings of earlier times that I had forgotten....

I remember being amazed by actually physically feeling things that I had experienced during my childhood, as if they were actually here again. The ears of our dog, XXX was one of them and I can still feel what he was like. I feel as if he is helping me to get in touch with my childhood. There was also a feeling which I experienced when I had a fever and measles.

I remember marvelling at it all, as I went through it, as it seemed so unbelievable. The whole experience was very unusual and when I woke up, it was as if I had been far removed from my house and I don't know where the time went because it was so deep. Back in my room, it was as if I was looking at everything with new eyes, as if nothing had gone before.

Colours seemed more vibrant. I felt as if I'd been brought back down to earth and a sense of being humble and seeing that I was part of a big picture. The word reverence was in my mind. I feel as if everything is in perspective. During the "Timeline Healing", the wolf mother had helped me to link with my sadness, allowing it to well out of me. It was a necessary part to own the feelings which I had denied as a defence against the pain of wanting something that I couldn't have. I owned the need rather than denying it and depriving myself. It all links in with not being able to let go of things. I learnt an incredible amount about myself through your [Intermediate Level Shamanic Practitioner Training] course and it has acted as a catalyst for changes in me.

I feel as if I have some work to do in relation to my birth and early life, before I could walk. I feel as if it is connected with what I'm experiencing now. It feels like a necessary part of a puzzle. I feel as if I'm still going through a process, but I'm clearer about where I'm going and nearer to my art work and where I will be taking it. I've noticed that I'm more aware of how some people around me are not conducive to my well being. I feel as if I need to be really careful about what I take in. The past is not in front of me any more - I can still access it, but it isn't blocking my way forward. I have an idea about my future art work.

One of the healing parts of yesterday, for me, was that I was giving the opportunity to allow my feelings to flood out. The acceptance was important. Thank you.

Mentor comment: What a wonderful piece of work you have done! A significant Healing spreads to all levels including the physical body and brain [where some rewiring and chemistry changes may be required] so lots of sleep, fluids, good food, gentle exercise etc are important..

Reply: I'm feeling more able to stand back from things so that I can make the appropriate choices, rather than getting lost. It was good to know that it is normal to feel so tired after the Time-line healing. As a child. I learnt to put other people before myself. I feel that all this has shown me how much I have changed, and how much stronger I have become. I feel that it has been a real test for me and that I've learnt a lot about myself through it.


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