"Positive Living with Your Inner Shaman" - January 2009

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* YOUR NAME! - What you do not know about it!
* NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: Wealth & Romance
* "Burning Your Bridges" to Move Forward [Article]
* "Navigating Life's Rapids via Your Inner Shaman" [Article]
* 2012 Affirmations Calendar - A New Year Gift
* The Journey Energy Healing Technique
* "Potency" - The Art & Science of Getting Results [Course]
* UK Epidemics of Obesity, Food Intolerance & Asthma [discussion]
* Sacred Circle Dances & Meditative Chants [group]
* Clear Anger, Frustration or Depression [Course]
* Positive Thinking & Mood-Management Skills [Workshop]
* Holistic Living - New Shamanism Course March 2009
* Shamanic Living: NEW online FREE resources


YOUR NAME! - Lots of things you did not know about it!
A fascinating and FREE online service will tell you lots of amazing stuff about YOUR NAME, or the names of FAMOUS PEOPLE such as Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Britney Spears etc. INCLUDING..
+ Origin and Meaning of this name
+ Top 5 Facts for this Name
+ How common, or rare, this name is
+ The ASCII binary version of it
+ The Pig Latin version of it
+ 3 Things You Didn't Know about this name
+ The "power animal" for this name
Go now to: www.isthisyour.name

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Affirmations for Romance (I Can Do It Cards) by Louise L. Hay

Affirmations for Wealth (I Can Do It Cards) by Louise L. Hay

"Burning Your Bridges" to Move Forward
Sometimes our bridges are burned unexpectedly, and we watch them collapse in fear and grief. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a storyteller and curandera, talks about the concept of disconsos: those moments in our lives when the path we were on hit a brick wall, like an unexpected job loss, or a disabling illness, or the death of a loved one or of a relationship - those events that do not allow us to continue down that road any further, that never let us turn back the clock, that never let us be able to undo what has happened. Disconsos is actually the word for the crosses with flowers and names on them along the roadside where someone's life has been ended in a car crash.
[Read more: www.shamansociety.org/essay.cecile.html]

Navigating Life's Rapids via Your Inner Shaman [Article]
The roar of the river was extraordinary and there seemed no easy route through the maelstrom. There were huge gaping holes, reversals, boat flipping waves, and massive keepers that could tumble a fully-loaded boat for minutes before spitting it out. For hours we analyzed and strategized and when all was said and done there was nothing left to do but go back to camp and sleep on it. At dinner we discussed who felt comfortable going down the rapids and who felt they would rather walk around them. People divided themselves into walkers and floaters based on what they felt deep inside was the right path. No one was to feel shame or cowardice for electing to walk. The boats would be rowed by Anna and myself with riders in each one. Anna would row the self-bailer and I would row the bucket boat, the one that had to be manually bailed. Each had their advantages and disadvantages.
I felt the usual churning in my stomach and loosened bowels. I was beginning to obsess over the details of the rapids even though I knew it was not really helpful. So I did the only thing I knew to do — I went off to a private spot, sang a favorite song thanking the river, and talked to the river spirits, the canyon spirits, the Blue Herons and so on. This helped to calm me and I quieted myself to listen for their advice. Collectively they had words of wisdom for me. [Read more: www.shamansociety.org/essay.jose.html]

Affirmations Calendar - A New Year Gift?
Prepare now for those "What would you like for Christmas/Yule?" moments!
365 Daily Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life, Lift Spirits, Elevate Mood, Inspire & Motivate!
in the 2012 Louise Hay Calendar:


"The Journey" Energy Healing System
"The Journey" energy healing approach guides you through a simple, revolutionary set of techniques that has freed thousands of people from lifelong emotional and physical blocks - from addiction, depression and low self-esteem to chronic pain and illness. The Journey was born of Brandon Bays' extraordinary experience of healing a football-sized tumour, without drugs or surgery, in six weeks. Forced to go beyond the limits of known alternative therapies (she had been working in mind-body healing for two decades) she was catapulted into a remarkable, soul-searching and ultimately ground-breaking healing journey. Bays pioneered a remarkable healing technique that guides you directly to the root cause of a long-standing difficulty - emotional or physical - and then gives you the tools to resolve it. At the most sophisticated level of mind-body healing today, The Journey guides you from a current symptom or problem down through the layers of associated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of this "dysfunctional entity" to the key root which can be transformed by the natural healing energy of shining the light of awarness onto it. It is a process of peeling away the layers of an "onion" of upset or dysfunction. It is a process of "energy medicine" that anyone from a child to a CEO can use.
*READ MORE: "JOURNEY" ENERGY HEALING     POINT HEALING: Centring Grounding Clearing Connecting

UK Epidemics of Obesity, Food Intolerance & Asthma [discussion]
Recent discussion: Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group
See www.cheal.org/msearch?query=epidemics&submit=Search


"Potency" - The Art & Science of Getting Results [Course]
5 Thursday evenings Jan 15th-Feb 12th
[Impington College, 1 mile N of Cambridge]
Tired of being inneffective?
Feeling frustrated? Powerless? Insecure?
Tired of Deadness and Self-Pity?
Tired of (Self-)Criticism & Unhelpful Advice?
Tired of Ideas that don't Work?
Tired of Getting More & More of Less & Less?
In these times of “credit crunch” and recession there has never been a more important time to build our "Potency" skills. All around us, and even inside us, there are influences which consistently undermine our effectiveness - blocking, energy-draining, motivation-sapping, spirit-deadening or restricting us so that moving forwards or getting things done becomes a constant steep uphill struggle.
This course provides training and practice in assertiveness and letting go (un-learning) self-sabotaging habits, perceptions & beliefs. Develop your intuition & spontaneity, creativity & humour, communication/connecting to others, living life to the full and learn the "reflective practice" tool for cultivation of insight and wisdom.
More info: www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm

Sacred Circle Dances & Meditative Chants [evening group]
Meets 1st Friday in every month in Cambridge.
Since the beginning of time, communities have come together in a circle to dance, sing, share eternal wisdom, join hearts and express the irrepressible divine nature of the human spirit...Heart & Soul Nourishment
...with an attitude of mutual respect, tolerance which mixes joyful celebration with quiet thoughtfulness.
These stress-relieving circle dances heal, restore, revitalise and inspire the human spirit!
Beginners welcome! No partner needed.
More info: www.lovehealth.org/dances/index.htm

"Clear Anger, Frustration or Depression [Course]
2 Saturdays: Feb.28th & March 7th
[Swavesey College, 6 miles from Cambridge on A14]
Holding anger inside us is bad for our health, yet letting it out unskilfully can damage our relationships. Uncontrolled outbursts so easily "shoot us in the foot", lower our self-respect and undermine the respect that others have for us.
In this workshop you will practice simple techniques for finding and cutting off the roots of unreasonable anger, ways to express more skilfully the anger that IS reasonable, plus there will be a unique chance, for those who wish, to confront and safely release some of the frustration and anger that has built up over a period of time and is being unhealthily held within.
In this course you learn ways to track and cut-off the roots of unreasonable anger, express more skilfully the anger that IS reasonable, plus there will be a unique chance, for those who wish, to confront and safely release some of the frustration and anger that has built up over a period of time and is being unhealthily held in our energy field as muscle tension, negative body language, hostile tone of voice etc.
More info: www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm

Positive Thinking & Mood-Management Skills [Workshop]
March 14th 2009 1 day workshop Saturday 10am-4pm
[Impington College, 1 mile N of Cambridge]
Positive thoughts and positive moods provide a solid foundation for our emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing; an attractive and infectious platform for getting co-operation and support from others. They are the essential glue that holds healthy partnerships and teams together and keeps them focussed. Positive thinkers have robust self-esteem - inner strength and resilience in the face of stress and the inevitable ups and downs of life. In contrast, negative thinking paves the downhill roads to anxiety, self-sabotage, frustration, depression, loneliness, misery, rage, self-hatred and ineffectiveness.
In this workshop we will examine the roots of negative/destructive/self-sabotaging thought and mood patterns and experience a wide range of simple techniques for clearing or transforming them and interrupting the “vicious cycles” of mental/emotional turmoil. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their personal patterns and issues around unhelpful mood and thought patterns. They will leave with a range of strategies for shifting and transforming unhelpful mood and thought patterns. Please wear loose-fitting clothing workshop includes some gentle “meditative movement” & mood-shift exercises.
More info: www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm

Holistic Living - Shamanism Course
4 Sundays: March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd
* Connect to, express and share, your inner shaman
* Connect more deeply to nature
* Experience "shamanic journeys"
* Energising Healing Circle Dance systems: circle, ecstatic & trance dancing.
* Techniques of aura cleansing & creating sacred space.
* Energy-healing & Channelled Healing
Details: www.sunflower-health.com/courses/swavesey.htm
[Suitable for beginners or anyone who just enjoys this lifestyle]


"We need no great gifts – the most ignorant of us can draw deep breaths of inspiration from the soil. The way is through love of beauty and reality, and through absorbed preoccupation with those signs of divinity that are like faint, miraculous foot-prints across the world. We need no passports in the freemasonry of earth as we do in the company of men; the only indispensable gifts are a humble mind and a receptive heart. We must go softly if we desire the butterfly's confidence; we must walk humbly if we dare to ask for an interpretation of this dream of God.

"No accident of environment or circumstance need cut us off from nature. Her spirit stirs the flowers in a town window-box, looks up from the eyes of a dog, sounds in the chirp of grimy city sparrows. From an observation hive in a London flat the bee passes out with the same dumb and unfathomable instinct that drove her from her home on Hybla of old. We may pry into her daily life, but her innermost secrets are as inviolable and as fascinating to us as they were to Virgil, watching from the beech-tree shade.

"It does not matter how shut in we are. Opportunity for wide experience is of small account in this as in other things; it is depth that brings understanding and life. Dawn, seen through a sick woman's window, however narrow, pulses with the same fresh wonder as it does over the whole width of the sea. A branch of flushed wild-apple brings the same joy as the mauve trumpet-flower of the tropics. One violet is as sweet as an acre of them. And it often happens – as if by a kindly law of compensation – that those who have only one violet find the way through its narrow, purple gate into the land of God, while many who walk over dewy carpets of them do not so much as know that there is a land or a way.

From "THE SPRING of JOY - A LITTLE BOOK OF HEALING" published in 1917.

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