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* Be the change you want to see in the world!
* Brain Waves & Trance Dancing
* Modern Shamanic Living
[Book Review]
* Shamanic Journeying - Health & Safety Tips
* Lost Magic - An Ancient Native American Story
* Healing Circle Dances - listen online
* Shamanic Living in Photos
* What we appreciate, APPRECIATES!
* Access Your Higher Self
[series of articles]
* Craving Security via Money or a Relationship?
* Shamanism: online FREE resources


Be the Change You Want to See in the World!
[by SANDRA INGERMAN www.sandraingerman.com]

Remember to walk through your life with honor and respect for the earth, air, water, and the sun for their life giving properties. You can honor the spirit that lives in all things by remembering to live your life honoring all living beings, even those who trigger you into states of anger.

* Remember to be grateful for being alive and for all that you love about life.
* Remember the shamanic teaching that what you bless, blesses you in return.

You can shift out of a negative way of viewing the world right now by working with the power of gratefulness. This is a teaching that comes from all shamanic traditions. It is interesting to note that the alpha waves in the brain help support our immune system. It is now known through brain mapping that being grateful is a potent way to increase alpha waves in your brain.

Keep up your creation practices wherein you continue to focus on dreaming into being the world you want to live in rather than focusing on what creates fear and anger for you.

Use all your senses and fully engage in an experience of participating in a life and world that brings joy, love, peace, love, light, harmony, equality, and abundance to all. See the visuals of such a life and world, hear the sounds of nature and children laughing, feel the feelings of living in such a world, smell the fragrances, and taste foods that are prepared in love. Don’t watch your creation like you would a movie on TV. Rather make it three-dimensional by fully stepping into your dream.

And remember to watch the energy behind the thoughts you are sending out to others. In shamanism, thoughts are things. When we send out thoughts of hate, we are sending psychic arrows to others that only feeds the energies of fear, hate, and warfare. We must learn how to see the divine in all creation and transmute the energies we send to ourselves, to others, and into the world. We must also learn not pity others but rather have compassion for their suffering.

Remember we are caretakers of this great earth and we must continue to tend our beautiful earth garden. Don’t allow yourself to stay in dense states of consciousness. Use your spiritual practice to rise up and fill the world with love and light. As egoic beings, we are limited from being able to get a full perspective of what this time is about and where it is all leading. Journey to merge with a teacher and walk around (not drive) and look through the world with “spirit eyes”.

Remember these words of wisdom...

"Be the change you want to see in the world!"

Brain Waves & Trance Dancing!

Music for Trance dancing:
Endless Wave: www.Amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000028BCS/sunflowerheal-21
Trance: www.Amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004RBJV/sunflowerheal-21
Shaman: www.Amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000E00N/sunflowerheal-21

What is Trance Dancing?
[from http://theparty.netraver.org.za/Tm2.html]
Trance is an altered state of consciousness which accesses the magical realms of inner space. The trance dancer not only moves muscle and sinew to express the rhythms of music, but also through breathing and concentration, moves energy from the body's auric fields through the dancers on the dance floor. In this way the trance dancer becomes an energy transducer, stepping down energy from the higher vibrational wavelengths of sound and light into etheric energy fields. So the trance dancer is able to inspire and energize others by means of the flowing movements and kinaesthetic energy s/he creates.

Trance States & Health [from Wikipedia]
Trance has been shown to be very psychologically beneficial, by helping to relieve built up stress, allowing one to reflect on life issues without censorship or guilt, and generally giving the psyche respite from operating at alpha or delta states. Trance forms [including meditation] may be contraindicated for certain individuals with a history
of mental illness and people on certain psychotropic medications. Generally, one is only in a theta state for a period of minutes, right before going to sleep, and when waking up. Being in a theta state for 15 minutes is considered to be an 'extended period'.

Trance is from Latin 'transire': to cross, pass over and the multiple meaning of the polyvalent homonym "entrance" as a verb and noun provide insight into the nature of trance as a threshold, conduit, portal and/or channel. An intransitive usage of the verb 'trance' now obsolete is 'to pass', 'to travel' is cognate with shamanic journeying and vision quests.
Trance states have also long been used by shamans, mystics, and fakirs in healing rituals, being particularly cultivated in some religions, such as Tibetan Buddhism.

Some anthropologists and religion scholars define a shaman as an intermediary between the natural and spiritual world, who travels between worlds in a trance state. Once in the spirit world, the shaman would commune with the spirits for assistance in healing, hunting or weather management.

Achieving ecstatic trances is a major activity of shamans, who use ecstasy for such purposes as traveling via the axis mundi to heaven or the underworld, guiding or otherwise interacting with spirits, clairvoyance, and healing. Some shamans use drugs from such plants as peyote and cannabis (also see cannabis (drug)) or certain mushrooms in their attempts to reach ecstasy, while others rely on such non-chemical means as ritual, music, dance, ascetic practices, or visual designs as aids to mental discipline.

Trance and science
Convergent disciplines of neuroanthropology, ethnomusicology, electroencephalography, neurotheology and cognitive neuroscience, amongst others, are conducting research into the trance induction of altered states of consciousness resulting from neuron entrainment with the driving of sensory modalities. For example polyharmonics, multiphonics,
and percussive polyrhythms through the channel of the auditory and kinesthetic modality.

Neuroanthropology and cognitive neuroscience are conducting research into the trance induction of altered states of consciousness (possibly engendering higher consciousness} resulting from neuron firing entrainment with these polyharmonics and multiphonics. Related research has been conducted into neural entraining with percussive polyrhythms. The timbre of traditional singing bowls and their polyrhythms and multiphonics are considered meditative and calminative and the harmony inducing effects of this potentially consciousness altering tool are being explored by scientists, medical professionals and therapists.

Trance, brain waves & brain rhythms
Scientific advancement and new technologies according such as computerized electroencephalography (EEG), EEG topographic brain mapping, positron emission tomography, regional cerebral blood flow, single photon emission computed tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, amongst others, are providing measurable tools to assist in understanding trance phenomena. All brain waves are analogous to different types of trance in that they utilise brain and consciousness resources differently and provide different input and information filters.

There are four principal brain wave states that range from high amplitude, low frequency delta through to the low amplitude, high frequency beta. These states range from deep dreamless sleep to a state of high arousal. These four brain wave states are common throughout humans. All levels of brain waves exist in everyone at all times, even
though one is foregrounded depending on the activity level. When a person is in an aroused state and exhibiting a beta brain wave pattern, their brain also exhibits a component of alpha, theta and delta, even though only a trace may be present.

Upon waking from a deep sleep in preparation for arising, your brain wave frequencies increase through the different stages of brain wave activity, moving from delta to theta and then to alpha and into beta.

Alpha waves are any of the electrical waves from the parietal and occipital regions of the brain, having frequencies from 8 to 12 hertz (cycles per second). Some scientists consider the range 8 - 13 Hz and are most usual when we are mentally alert, calm and relaxed, or when day-dreaming. Alpha waves are a sign of relaxation, as they indicate a lack of sensory stimulation in a conscious person.

Beta waves are the most common of the brain wave patterns that occur when awake. These occur during period of intense concentration, problem solving, and focused analysis. The frequency of beta waves is between 13-30 Hz (cycles per second).

Delta waves occur primarily during deep sleep or states of unconsciousness. The frequency of delta waves is between 0.5-.4 Hz (cycles per second).

Theta waves occur when we are mentally drowsy and unfocused, during deep calmness, most daydreaming, relaxation or tranquility, as for example we make the transitions from drowsiness to sleep or from sleep to the waking state. The frequency of theta waves is between 4-7 Hz (cycles per second) though some researchers regard theta to be 5 to 8 cps.
In brain wave frequencies, theta is the frequency range where drowsiness, unconsciousness, dreaming states and deep tranquility happen. Most daydreaming occurs while in the theta range. It is normally a very positive mental state and prolonged states of the theta brain wave frequency while conscious can be extremely productive and a time of very
meaningful/creative mental activity. With practice, meditation can also lower a person's brain wave frequency to theta while allowing the meditator to remain conscious.

Try Trance Dancing Yourself?
Shamanic Practitioner Training Course:

"Modern Shamanic Living"
"They [the shamans] see their lives, not as a series of steps towards a goal, but as a process that is endless and flowing. There are no guarantees of prizes at the end of the trail; there is only the magic of the path itself!" This is a quote from "Modern Shamanic Living", which is the best account ever written of the art of shamanic journeying. Both new and low-cost second-hand copies are available via this Amazon UK page...

Shamanic Journeying - Health & Safety Tips
[from www.lovehealth.org/tools/journeying.htm]
Shamanic Journeying is a powerful process, only suitable for people who are in good psychological health and emotionally and socially balanced. Never try to enter the journeying process from a place of acute stress, urgency or desperation. Shamanic Journeying is NOT suitable as an immediate way to calm or de-stress, it is for accessing deep and powerfully-wise resources and guidance from a balanced, calm state from which we can access, interpret and implement these resources/this guidance sensibly.
Instead, take a look at these suggestions for de-stressing:

If you are reasonably calm already, you might use a suitable drumming CD
(see www.Amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001127LCQ/sunflowerheal-21) without actively journeying, to deepen your state of relaxation. Never try to journey, or listen to rhythmic Shamanic drumming tapes or CDs, while driving a vehicle or operating any kind of machinery or electrical equipment or power tools.

You are advised to gain initial experience in Shamanic Journeying and in the interpretation of journey symbols and experiences with experienced shamanic practitioners. Sunflower Health run workshops which include Shamanic Journeying sessions: www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm and also 1-to-1 private sessions [see www.stress-counselling.co.uk/ADMIN/mikemeredith.htm]

Traditional Shamanic cultures have often used psychotropic plants or fungi to facilitate their Journeys, but these people live(d) very grounded, physically active lives, living in close harmony with nature. Modern hi-tech cultures are already over-balanced towards excessive use of the mind (cerebral cortex) and imagination (TV, telephone, films, computers etc), so hallucinogenic drugs are not only unnecessary, but can be actively harmful due to over-stimulation of the brain and imagination.

Preparation for Shamanic Journeying
It is important to be relaxed, grounded and centred before drumming begins. See grounding, centering and balancing (www.lovehealth.org/tools/centring.htm). Suitable preparatory exercises might include breathwork, chanting, prayer, sacred ritual, yoga, walking meditation etc. A conducive environment - candles, sage burning or incense, dim lighting - is also important.

Lost Magic - An Ancient Native American Story
[A Mystery Story written in 1918]

[Fetishes] personified the hidden powers of Nature, most of which were feared, and they supposed that back of all disaster stood some evil intelligence that must be appeased, or fought, with the aid of some other power possessing greater virtue.
Naturally enough, the power that, in their opinion, brought the greatest protection against evil, and produced the greatest blessings in abundant crops, successful hunting, and strength in battle, was symbolized by an image or object which took to itself the mighty power and gave out its magical charm, or great medicine, to the fortunate tribe who possessed it.
All good fortune, great or small, was credited to its power. All evils were thought to be less vicious than they would have been had the great Magic not been on duty in the medicine lodge, or hidden away on some secluded altar. It was most jealously protected and regarded as the tribe's most priceless possession. Gradually such a tribal fetish would come to be looked upon as the vital link between the power of the gods and the humble earth people; their charm against all the wiles of the witches, and evil spirits that were ruled over by the chief of all trouble makers – the Shin-di.
Thus the people of Ah'-co, with whom our story deals, placed the highest earthly value upon a little carven bear of turquoise – their mighty Magic, handed down to them out of a mysterious past; an inheritance from generations of their forefathers who had received its constant protection, and the blessings of its power for good. Its fame spread abroad, and at last a powerful neighboring tribe began to covet it, and the unscrupulous young chief of the tribe laid careful plans to secure it by a subtle method of his own.
One eventful night, five years before our story opens, the great Magic disappeared from the sacred altar of the medicine lodge of Ah'-co, and with its loss came the looked-for train of want, woe, and disaster. One heavy shadow lay upon the hearts of the men – the loss of their Magic; one determination remained uppermost in their minds – its recovery.
Seasons passed, bringing their varying fortune, and then dawned the day of Kay'-yah who, with ever constant faith in Joho'-na-ai, the Great Spirit whose symbol was the sun, went forth to find the little blue bear and restore it to his people...
[READ ON AT: http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/moon/lost/lost.html

Healing Circle Dances - listen online
From the "Healing Circle Dances" workshop at UK SSP Conference 2008.
With links to background notes.
If you would like to experience these powerful group-healing rituals first-hand, join our upcoming Shamanic Practitioner Training Course:

Shamanic Living in Photos

The Recession - "What we appreciate, APPRECIATES!"
"We trust in providence, and whole-heartedly believe in the Law of Gratitude - that what you put out returns to you... and even greater. World Gratitude is a community-supported endeavor, catalyzing a collective shift from an obligation economy to an Appreciation Economy"
Read more at: www.cheal.org/message/757
Discussion: www.cheal.org/message/758

Access Your Higher Self [series of articles]

Craving Security via Money or a Relationship?
....versus... Courage to be Vulnerable?
A FREE online video by "Vagina Monologues" author
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