"Positive Living with Your Inner Shaman" - August 2009

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* Teach me to be a child. Walk me the ways of the wild!
* The Soul in Depression
* Holistic Living - UK Courses
* Your Mental Attitude: "Manager"? or "Entrepreneur"?
* Relationships Tips
* Who are you sleeping with? The Travellers Nightmare!
* Shamanic Living - Videos Online


"Teach me to be a child. Walk me the ways of the wild!"
Teach me to be a child. Walk me the ways of the wild.
Give me a dream of dreaming crystal blue and gold.
Give me a seagull's wings. Tell me the soul of all things,
Give me an open hand and watch the sky unfold.
Every desire I have, I'll gladly give away, if you just.....
[more of this at www.cheal.org/messages/1006]

The Soul in Depression
Around 6 million people in the UK knowingly experience periods of depression. Many [many!] more are believed to be "in denial". In "The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder"
Professor Jerome Wakefield says that medicating depression as if it were a disease blocks us from embracing our "miserable" side and changing our lives for the better. In similar vein, is "The Soul in Depression" - an audio book by Andrew Solomon that you can download FREE
In this series of live interviews with people who have lived through, or are still living with, depression the point is made that depression can provide an opportunity to contact a very deep place within ourself, that was previously unknown.

Holistic Living - UK Courses - August-September
"Surfing Stress & Weaving Well-being"
"Energy Level Management & Spontaneous Tai Chi"
"Positive Thinking & Mood-Management Skills"
"Assertiveness & Self-Confidence"
"Sacred Circle Dancing"
"Shamanism: Basic Principles & Practices"

Your Mental Attitude: "Manager"? or "Entrepreneur"?
A research team has been looking at the minds of successful managers with those of successful entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs’ brains were more active in the region where “risky" and "hot" decisions are made. The Cambridge University researchers go on to say that people can be trained in the type of risk-taking skills essential for creating successful businesses.
When “cold” decision-making was needed i.e. emotionally neutral decisions with no need to weigh up rewards and punishments, enterprise-minded and stability-minded people performed equally well.
When it came to “hot” or risky decisions there was a marked difference between the two groups...
[More at: www.cheal.org/messages/774]

Relationships Tips
"101 Uses for a Man!"
"10 Tips to Improve Your Friendships"

Who are you sleeping with? The Travellers Nightmare!
"Bedbug problems in the UK and when travelling"
REMEDY: "The Divine Pacifier"

Shamanic Living - Videos Online
"The Shaman's Prayer for Strength & Humility":

"We are one people! We are one spirit!"

"Shamanism as a Daily Practice" [with Nepalese Shamanic drumming]

"Voices of The Wind" - Wayra

"The Society for Shamanic Practitioners"

"Personal Mystical Shamanic Experiences"

The Legendary "One Earth" Wisdom of Chief Seattle

"The Arapaho Ghost Dance"

Shamanic Poetry to Deepen our Relationship to All Life

"Inca Shamanism"

"Shamans' count down to end of Mayan calendar in 2012"
[Tikal is one of the most spiritually powerful spots on earth. Huge pyramids rise out of thick jungle beckoning us to explore ancient mysteries, over 3,000 structures cover six square miles, including palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms and steam baths. Building began in 600 B.C. For 1,500 years this city was an important religious, scientific, and political centre]



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