"Positive Living with Your Inner Shaman" - May 2010

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* Time to Hatch Out of Your Shell?
* Shamanism & LifeSkills: Events & Training
* Spiritual Community Camps this Summer
* Do Not Expect Much from Friends!
* Secrets of East Anglian Magic
* SOUND HEALING: free online video
* Tony Samara: - A Modern Shaman...and Beyond


Time to Hatch Out of Your Shell?
All this week I have been picking up broken eggshells around the village where I live. The start of May ["Beltaine to our Celtic ancestors] is definitely the season for "hatching out" of one's shell! Hatching out from a restricted life to a bigger, richer, more exciting, more liberated experience. What could this mean for you? What "safe but restricted" shell are you ready to break out of? Have you got the FIRE ENERGY (energy, inspiration, passion) to do it?

Is it time to "LIGHT YOUR FIRE!"? - How about getting together with others in your locality for a bit of wild drumming, singing and dancing? - there is no finer way to "raise the spirits" - both human and beyond!

Beltane is not just about connecting to and uplifting our "fire energy", but also about "shaping and directing" it - so that it does not become quickly scattered or dissipated in "abandoned" living. The Beltaine festival is named after Bel [aka Belenus], the Celtic God of "Fire" but also of "Restorative Healing" [his name means "The Shining One"].

There is also a strong Beltaine connection with SPIRITUAL PURIFICATION - traditionally farm animals were driven between Beltane fires in a ritual of purification before releasing them onto summer pasture.

So why not engage in a sacred ritual of self-purification this weekend? After you have raised your fire energy of self-empowerment, why not write a list of all the things you want to BURN OUT of your life? - then cast it into the Beltaine flame. Why not write a list of all the things you want to bring into your life in the coming months? - then bury it beneath a flowering plant, that it might nourish the roots of your own flowering! For the start of May is also about flowering, as in "Garland Day" [background] and "May Day" [background].

Our ancestors believed that Beltaine was a "Sabbat" - a time when the veil between the Physical and Spirit [collective unconscious] worlds is at its thinnest - a great time for prayerful connecting of our earthly heart's desires and concerns to the insight and wise and guidance of the soul/spirit/unconscious dimension of our reality. May your unfolding Summer be Blessed!

Shamanism & Interpersonal Skills Events - May-July
* Beltane Celebration: May 2nd
* Soul Retrieval Day
* Shamanic Nature Practices Workshop
* Cambridgeshire Shamanic Drumming Circle Meetings
* Shamanic Journeying Workshop
* Basic Shamanic Practitioner Training Course
   Details: UK Shamanism Workshops
* "Deal with Verbal Abuse!" Workshop [DETAILS: UK Life Skills Training RESOURCES: Deal with Verbal Abuse!]

Spiritual Community Camps this Summer
If you like an holistic lifestyle, you [and your children?] will love these summer camps...

* "Sacred Arts" - International Dance & Voice Camp Oxfordshire Fri 28rd May - Sat 5th June.

* Unicorn "Peace Through The Arts" Camp - Dorset August

I can heartily recommend these camps run by the "Dances of Universal Peace" movement. More info about them, and links to their websites can be found here: UK Summer Events

Do Not Expect Much from Friends! - In order to have friends!
"Do not expect much from friends. Why must they be as you want them to be? They are not made by you. They are as they are. You must try to be for them what they expect you to be. It matters little if your friend proves to you to be a friend. What matters is, if you prove to be a friend. [Read More]

"However evolved we may be with our education and experience, yet what are we really seeking? Things from which we cannot derive any lasting gain. From these false things we gain the experience that the things to which we have hitherto attached importance and which we have valued are things that do not last. We learn at length that it would be wise to remember that all these objects and ideals and aspirations which we have in life should be judged according to whether they are dependable or not, lasting or not. "

"After we have perceived the truth that this or that is not to be depended upon, we find that it is not necessary to renounce them all, to give up everything in life. We can be in the crowd just as well as in seclusion in the wilderness. We can have all good things, wealth, friends, kindness, love to give and love to take once we have learned not to be blinded by them, learned to escape from disappointment, leaned to escape from repugnance at the idea that the things are not as we would want them to be. A man can still attend to business, he may attain wealth, he can carry out all those things, but now his eyes are wide open; before, they were blind. This is the teaching of life. ...

It is not the actual literal renunciation which counts, it is the personal abandonment of belief in the importance of transient things. ... If there is such a thing as saintly renunciation, it is renouncing small gains for better gains; not for no gains, but seeing with open eyes what is better and what is inferior. Even if the choice has to lie between two momentary gains, one of these would always be found to be more real and lasting; that is the one that should be followed for the time. When we take the torch of wisdom to show us our path through life, we will end by realizing what is really profitable in life and what is not." [Read More]

"Secrets of East Anglian Magic"
Latest edition of this classic treatise by Nigel Pennick www.Amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1861632436/sunflowerheal-21 with many new illustrations making it much superior to the original version. A rich source book for talismanic magic, charms against evil, household and animal magic, folk recipes, ceremonies of protection, curative spells and recipes, offering a unique and fascinating insight into the little-known techniques and traditions of East Anglia, with emphasis on the practical, useful nature of 'nameless art' as a magical path to self-awareness.

From the magical realms of eastern England comes the 'nameless art', the magical spiritual inheritance of East Anglia, land of horse-whisperers, wizards and witches, cunning men and wise women. With its roots in the pagan traditions of the ancient Anglians and Danes who lived there in former times, East Anglian magic has rarely been written about, and never before in such depth. A practical guide to these traditional secrets. Containing a wealth of information, this book gives not only a history of magic in this region, but also explains the current use of its ancient skills and wisdom, revealing the origins and mysteries and explaining the underlying principles of this magic, enabling the reader to come into a dynamic interaction with nature, personified by spirits, becomes approachable. SEE ALSO..."The Sacred World of the Celts" [Discount Offer!]

SOUND HEALING: free online video
Positive Thinking doesn't get any more positive than this!
Mystical Healing doesn't get any more mystical than this!
This Quantum K healing process is interesting and FREE: www.quantumk.co.uk/quantumk_video.htm [Note: broadband needed, allow a few minutes for downloading [19.3Mb] or scroll down page for instructions to copy it to your PC].
It's a 23 minute online healing and if it resonates with you, you can download the manual for free.
SPEAK THE AFFIRMATIONS OUT LOUD EVEN IF THEY APPEAR RIDICULOUS - NOTE WHEN READING ALOUD APPEARS BLOCKED OR WEAK - DOES NOT SOUND REAL OR CONVINCING, this can open the door to insight about something that is holding you back in your life or relationships. See also this article: "Quality Control for Energy-Healers"

Tony Samara: - A Modern Shaman...and Beyond
Just published! My shamanic practitioner colleague, Peta Jane of www.shamanichealingways.com comments... "...it is absolutely riveting I have met Tony some years back in a workshop at a camp, he is a fascinating and genuine person."

Publisher synopsis: "A special two-books-in-one edition combines the Journeys and Teachings of Tony Samara, a Spiritual Master of our age. It is a guide to Enlightenment for us in the West in the twenty-first Century. But before you read it, be warned! Tony’s teachings are truly transformative. Your life will never be the same again!" SOURCES:
UK & Europe  International Free Delivery]

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