"Positive Living with Your Inner Shaman" - September 2010

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In this month's E-zine...

* Chakra Rebuilding: A New Shamanic Healing Tool
* Shamanic Practitioner Training Cambridgeshire UK
* The "Pool of Possibilities" Project
* Grandmother Drum - Awakening the Global Heart
* Life Skills Training - Autumn 2010
* "A Gift of Song" by Brooke Medicine Eagle
* Sacred Sites - A Panorama!


Chakra Rebuilding: A New Shamanic Healing Tool
[Published in the International Journal of Healing & Caring] Chakras pump our vital life force or chi from the body’s central axis throughout the body and the body’s electromagnetic field or aura. When they have been shattered from a trauma, abuse, assault, or injury, the chakras cannot function properly. An individual with a shattered chakra can keep endlessly recycling the same problem such as fear, anger or grief; or a behavior pattern such as repeated failures or abuse. When a chakra has sustained damage, it needs to be rebuilt. Chakra rebuilding is a new technique my shamanic master teacher, or inner guide, taught me. This deep work can have a transformational impact on the life of the client. It blends shamanism with unique chakra work.
This article defines chakras and examines their functions; it describes the chakra rebuilding work, what occurs during a chakra rebuilding, and how it has changed the lives of several people who have received the work. READ MORE

Shamanic Practitioner Training Courses
Certificated Courses...
* Basic Shamanic Practitioner Training Course
* Shamanic Practitioner Training - Intermediate Level
* Shamanic Healing Workshop
* Intuitive Hand-Reading
DETAILS AT: UK Shamanism Workshops

The "Pool of Possibilities" Project
An example of "Seeing the World through new Eyes"...
Photographer Courtney Milne says "After thirty years of photographing sacred landscapes on all seven continents, in the past nine years I have focused my camera in one place – my swimming pool! I now have more than 40,000 images, all different, and the project shows no sign of coming to an end. I am constantly amazed at what I see, which for me is an endorsement of philosopher Marcel Proust’s statement that “the real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes!” READ MORE

Grandmother Drum

One Drum, One Heartbeat, One Family, One Earth!
GrandMother Drum Awakening the Global Heart

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Seven years in the making, this documentary tracks the journey of the large seven foot GrandMother Drum from a vision given in dream, to a year long building process to traveLling the world gathering thousands in worldwide drum vigils for peace and dynamic multicultural prayer-formances.


Life Skills Training
"Awakening Personal Magic!"
Would you like to build your self-confidence & self-awareness, self-expression and body-language skills? Become a more powerful and effective communicator? Feel more in harmony with life and with your personal style of living and relating? In this powerful 20-hour course, you will be coached in...
•The arts and sciences of living in "ease" i.e. with harmony, attunement and "flow"
•How to be more spontaneous and creative
•Becoming more self-confident in social situations
•Maximising your intuitive skills & minimising the sources of error
•Build your Conflict Management skills
•The management and transformation of conflict, struggle and misery [un-ease, dis-ease]
•Overcoming the 9 blocks to magical Living
•Weaving the 9 threads of magical Living
Intuitive skills are especially important in novel social or work situations, where we lack experience or feel "like a fish out of water". They are also magnificent in situations where people are seeking to exploit, manipulate, deceive, "con" or pressurise us into falling in with their personal agenda rather than looking after our own best interests. Intuition is also a key ingredient in enhancing emotional or physical intimacy in our relationships.
DETAILS: UK Lifeskills Workshops

From Stress to Success!
After a hectic, stressful day, or a heated argument, or a personal loss or failure, or a setback to our dreams we often find that we are miserable, tense, agitated or weary and it is all too easy to fall into "comfort eating", "comfort drinking", drug-dependency (medicinal or recreational) or "couch potato" lifestyle to ease our suffering. Unfortunately, over a period of time, these short-term fixes can end up adding to our problems instead of reducing tem. In this course you learn simple holistic techniques that can empower you to "bounce back" from the effects of a hectic, stressful day (or a personal loss or failure). The aim is not simply to reduce stress, but to harness and transform the potent energy and wisdom that our stress experiences contain in order to achieve our dreams, fulfilment, harmonious relationships and the full expression of our personality and lifestyle potential.
We will be practising tried and tested holistic techniques to relieve uncomfortable feelings and move us towards a more harmonious, integrated and skillful state of being.
DETAILS: UK Lifeskills Workshops

Intuitive Hand-Reading
In this delightful and magical workshop 1-day you will learn how to connect with, and develop, your natural innate human gift of "intuition" and learn the simple art of intuitive hand reading which can enliven any relationship. This easy-to-learn, meditative form of hand-reading is NOT about palmistry, NOR about predicting the future. It is a practice via which anyone can develop their natural, innate sixth sense for sensing the deeper nature ["heart & soul qualities"] of another person via hand-to-hand contact.
How well do you tune into and develop rapport with others? How well do you pick up the subtle non-verbal cues as well as the [less powerful and less authentic] words spoken? Your ability to both listen and intuit has a major impact on interpersonal effectiveness and on the quality of your relationships. Are you tuned into your natural human "6th sense" instinct of intuition? Do you trust it blindly or do you run "checks and balances"? Empowered intuition and listening skills help us to navigate better the potentially stressful situations that arise at home or at work. We can become more in tune with how people feel and what they really "need", as opposed to what they say they "want". Especially important in "novel" social or work situations, where we lack experience, or feel "like a fish out of water".
Intuitive skills are especially magnificent in situations where people are seeking to exploit, manipulate, deceive, "con" or pressurise us into falling in with their personal agenda rather than looking after our own best interests. Intuition is also a key ingredient in enhancing emotional or physical intimacy in our relationships. When we read the hands of other people in this way we can reflect back to them a part of their own inner "essence" which they may have lost touch with, or even not yet made contact with. Will your darkest secrets be revealed? No! - Relax! - This type of hand-reading works via communication between the higher self (divine guidance or deep inner wisdom) of the hand owner and the hand reader. These "higher selves" only reveal to the hand reader what they judge is the best interest of the hand owner.

Angry? Frustrated? Feeling Low?
A 2-Saturdays course of Anger, Frustration & Depression Management Coaching.
Holding anger inside us is bad for our health, yet letting it out unskillfully can damage our relationships. Uncontrolled outbursts so easily "shoot us in the foot", lower our self-respect and undermine the respect that others have for us. On the other hand, disconnecting from our frustration and anger leads to depression [= "anger turned inwards"].
In this course you learn ways to track and cut-off the roots of unreasonable anger and express more skillfully the anger that IS reasonable, plus there will be a unique chance, for those who wish, to confront and safely release some of the frustration and anger that has built up over a period of time and is being unhealthily held in our energy field as muscle tension, negative body language, hostile tone of voice etc.

On September 21st the Otomi Toltec elders of Mexico will be holding annual ceremonies to gather as many sacred drummers together all around the globe to continue the fulfillment of their 500-year old prophecy with the powerful intention to open healing of our blessed earth mother and Human Family. You can join in this gathering wherever you are at this time!
Sunflower Health will be hosting a gathering in Cambridgeshire UK - more info at: UK Shamanism Workshops
For folks in other places, see info about organising your own group: HERE
Let us join together with all indigenous nations around the world in calling for peace – for dignity - for justice - for healing.
According to Sacred Prophecy: "The day when the sounds of 8,000 Sacred Drums join together will be the beginning of the real healing of Mother Earth and Humanity. It is time to unify ourselves to rediscover the seeds of the Four Directions - to reactivate cosmic energy, heal historical wounds. It's time to respect life, liberty and the dignity of Our Peoples"
- To seal and heal each wounded vortex of our Mother Earth. To heal our Peoples and Relatives.
- To identify and activate the Indigenous energy centers at sacred places. This is our duty.
- To plant and strengthen consciousness of love and respect for our Mother Earth. This is everyone's work.
- The Indigenous ancestral recommendation is to create and to practice our ancient culture of Peace and Life. This is fundamental.
- The recognition and use of the energy and healing properties of our sacred instruments.

"A Gift of Song" by Brooke Medicine Eagle
"Gift of Song" is a collection of songs from the native heart and spirit of life. These enticing songs and chants are pure and powerful expressions from an Earthkeeper, one devoted to caring for the Earth, who sings with joy and clarity. As you listen to the beautiful songs of this legendary Earth Wisdom teacher, you will be reminded of Joann Shenandoah, Joan Baez & Emmy Lou Harris. She sings honouring Mother Earth and "All Our Relations", with harmony, purity and power.
These songs are give-aways: to us from Spirit singing within us. "This album features the all-time favorite song of fans of my music (including many children): Wishi Ta. Other beautiful songs and chants are Cedar Song, Neesa Neesa (Greeting the Moon), Blood of Life (moontime song), Spirit of the Wind, Secret One, Morning Song, Whirlwind, O Shoo Wa, Traveling Song, Ama Terra, Hey La Shey La, plus more.
1. Wishi Ta: a river song singing of quiet swirling eddies, and rushing currents, urging us to balance movement with stillness.
2. Spirit of the Wind: May the Great Winds sweep away what we no longer need, and bring us home to All That Is. 3. Secret One (Sufi song inspired by Rumi): The loveliness of who we are and what lies deep within as is seldom praised. May our true essence be released by this song.
4. Cedar Song: Dawn Star came in love to presage a new day on Earth, and brought cedar from its origin in Lebanon. This song may be sung as cedar's healing scent wafts among the people.
5. Neesa Neesa (Seneca tribal traditional): is the name of Grandmother Moon in Seneca. Here we greet and sing her praises.
6. Blood of Life: A woman's moon time cycle shows her pattern of creation, her mysterious renewal of life. This song is sung during the moon time visioning retreat, and at the giveaway of sacred blood.
7. Mother I Feel You: Mother Earth is our true mother who supports our every step. Our native way is to respect her and walk gently upon her face, in rhythm with her heartbeat.
8. Morning Song: This song came in Hawaii as I greeted the sun over the sparkling blue waters. It is used as a celebration of all newness, all beginnings.
9. Winged Ones Come: Lines of light shine down into this time from radiant beings. Let us welcome this ancient connection within us and walk forward in beauty.
10. Whirlwind Woman (from Anne Williams): In the North our shaman women may be called whirlwind women spinning, changing, lifting, carrying others upward.
11. Dance Awake the Dream: One of my ceremonies was Dance Awake the Dream, held on Harmonic Convergence. This is one of the songs we used as we danced toward the morning light.
12. O Shoo Wa (Basque traditional): This song works to open the heart - removing obstacles to giving and receiving love.
13. Bones: We call upon our ancestors for their wisdom, and in return pledge to them that we will live out our sacred purpose as a promise to seven generations. This song calls to those bones, those ancestors.
14. Traveling Song [AWEAHEY AWEAHO]: This song came to me as I traveled down a long and dusty road. It is for journeys across the land, and within.
15. Ama Terra: This praise of Mother Earth touches the strings of many languages, many spiritual ways. Anne Williams on harp.
16. Hey La Shey La): We are learning to create our lives through our thoughts, our words, songs, and harmonies. This African traditional song brings much joy to the singer and to all of life.

A Panorama of Sacred Sites!
"Sacred sites are the most loved and visited places on planet earth. Since prehistoric times they have exerted a mysterious attraction on billions of pilgrims from every region and religion. These holy places have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and awaken the soul. Anthropologist and National Geographic photographer Martin Gray spent 25 years as a wandering pilgrim to study and artistically photograph many hundreds of sacred sites in more than one hundred countries. This web site features Martin’s sacred art photographs and shows the location of sacred places and pilgrimage shrines around the world."
My thanks to Sue Skidmore for drawing my attention to the website of Martin Gray, an architectural photographer who photo-journals sacred sites around the world. LINGER AWHILE ON THE HOME PAGE OF www.sacredsites.com TO WATCH AN UNFOLDING PANORAMA OF SACRED SITES!

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