Transform Frustration, Disempowerment, Creative Block & Self-Sabotage Emotions

Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners

HEALTHY ANGER... a key player in constructive co-creative relationships at work or in the home, it does not judge or label another person in the way that aggression and hostility do, or seek to damage them in the way that hatred does. It is simply a non-attacking, natural, appropriate level, response to specific actions or attitudes that are causing frustration or distress.
The problem is that we are often too angry, hurt, upset, irritated or frustrated to communicate our anger in a healthy, measured, focussed and situationally appropriate way! This is why training in "anger catharsis" release skills can be life-saving to our jobs, relationships, quality of sleep and 'peace of mind'.

Safely Vent Your Anger to Clear Head & Avoid Self-Sabotage
Take the excess top off Your Anger before Expressing It!

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Anger Cathartic Clearing techniques are a group of 'safe-discharge' ['safety-valve'] practices for 'taking the top off' our anger so that it doesn't overwhelm us and we can focus it and express it in situationally-appropriate and goal-directed ways. We teach these key life-skills in a safe, encouraging and supported environment in our "Anger" course [see below].

The group of powerful feelings and impulses that get lumped together under the title "ANGER" HAS GREAT FORCE BUT ZERO INTELLIGENCE! but denying or repressing our anger, rage, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, aggression, hostility, irritation or frustration is not the answer....

"You are a (wo)man, therefore you will sometimes be 'angry'. To repeatedly hide such feelings is to increase their force a thousand times!" [Shaolin wisdom]

Disconnection from the emotional truth of our frustration/rage etc. can happen when are trying to go too directly towards POSITIVITY, or being 'A NICE, LOVABLE PERSON' or 'BEING SPIRITUAL'! When this happens we not only become 'unreal' ['split off', 'flakey', 'space cadet', dissociated] to others but also lose vitality, partly because of disconnection from the feeling energies we have bottled-up and partly because the bottling process itself is a constant drain on our will-power.

CONSTRUCTIVE USE of ANGER... "Healthy communication of anger is focussed on concrete things [specific incidents] and does not generalise. It is aimed at changing specific things [that are causing problems]. In a healthy relationship the other's anger can be respected as an expression that something in the relationship is not right. In other words, anger can be used to work on improving the relationship. Anger that helps to establish healthy boundaries allows the relationship to develop to new levels." [from "Symbiotic Trauma and Love Beyond Entanglements" details: UK/Europe, USA/International]

Vicious Cycles in Frustration/Anger/Depression
e.g. Caffeine Addiction & ADHD

Is that Quick-fix Cup of Coffee Really Helping? - Check out this Funny Animation!

Coffee Cravings & Caffeine Addiction resources: U.K.   Canada   USA

Destructive Emotions as Good Servants, Bad Masters or Depressed Prisoners

Anger:  Good Servant!   Bad Master!   Sad Prisoner!


Burnout - Creative Block - Writer's Block - Artist's Block - Demotivation - Deadness

Burnout: In the absence of medical conditions, 'Off track', 'scattering energy', 'control dramas**' and 'self-imprisonment' are common underlying causes of low energy [feeling dis-spirited!]. 'Creative Over-balance' can be another source of burnout - trying to be constantly creative and not balancing creativity with destructivity [Yin with Yang!].

If you have been creatively over-balancing, you will need to do some destructive stuff to restore natural balance - not mindlessly destructive activities, but focussed destruction - i.e. cathartically clearing frustrations which have accumulated and been bottled-up over a period of time, then in a more measured way finding the aspects of current lifestyle that need 'destroying' in order to move forward.

[** 'Control Dramas' = patterns of thinking and behaving that are basically about avoiding REAL, bottled-up feelings & impulses]

Losing motivation, energy and enthusiasm for life or work is an increasingly common problem. In order to move forward we need to take a step back - Letting Go! as in "When you are in a hole, stop digging!". Then take stock of our current approach that is not working, plus harness the enormous power and creativity that lies within all human beings [CATHARSIS] that lies hidden within our present negative attitude and (self-)destructive impulses. Luckily in these situations, low-energy is a natural self-cure phenomenon, encouraging us to reap the benefits of 'Letting Go!' - if we can just learn to trust and work with it!

Inappropriate angry outbursts can cost us our job, a friendship, a marriage partnership, the love and respect of others, self-respect, self-esteem, happiness, success and general personal effectiveness in family or workplace. Anger is an emotion that can make us feel powerful, self-righteous or "potent" but it is highly addictive and anger addiction damages our health, especially factors leading to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. Anger is an emotion that has great power but lacks intelligence (wisdom) so it is a very poor decision-maker!

Angry feelings that we repress and "stuff down" are equally damaging, and far more insidious. "Held-in" negative feelings about ourselves and others are the main source of self-sabotage (autosabotage). As this self-sabotage blocks our success in one or more key areas of our life, it generates yet more negative judgements, negative feelings and negative "body-language", which then creates more self-sabotage. So thereby, a vicious cycle of self-perpetuating self-sabotage is created and maintained. Holding-in powerful emotions like anger can also cause hypertension and be a contributory factor to many chronic disease processes.

Depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) are terribly frustrating experiences which are made worse by angry feelings, rage or aggression that gets turned inwards (e.g. self-hatred, self-resentment, self-attack, self-harming) in a vicious cycle of downward spiral in our energy and self-esteem, while draining our energy in a vain bid to keep up a cheerful, coping, "normal" image to the outside world. Self-harm and Self-mutilation are the ultimate expressions of desperate, frustrated, destructive feelings turned inwards on ourself.

Emotional Intelligence: In our anger management courses and workshops you will be given tips, exercise and encouragement to:

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Cost: FREE!
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Personal anger management & release: Coaching Sessions

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Anger, Frustration or Feeling Low >> Management & Release!

Course now called

Anger Management course - Stress impatience & frustration - Manage Stressed Feelings workshop UK

How do you respond to the frustrations and irritations in your life and relationships? Are you ever driven to explode into "over-the-top" self-damaging and relationship-damaging outbursts of rage? Or do you "hold-in" your anger and thereby set yourself up for high blood-pressure, heart attack or stroke? Or do you turn your misery, frustration and anger inwards on yourself, leading to spells of depression? Do you turn to comfort-eating or other addictions to make yourself feel better when miserable or frustrated?
Holding anger in is bad for our health, yet letting it out unskillfully can damage our relationships. Uncontrolled outbursts so easily "shoot us in the foot", lower our self-respect and undermine the respect that others have for us.

Anger Management & Release Workshop Sunflower Health UK provider of United Kingdom Stress Management seminars & training courses Cambridgeshire East Anglia England

In this 2-day course you will practice simple techniques for finding and cutting off the roots of unreasonable anger, ways to express more skillfully the anger that IS reasonable, plus there will be a unique chance, for those who wish, to confront and safely release some of the frustration and anger that has built up over a period of time and is being unhealthily held in our energy field as muscle tension, negative body language, hostile tone of voice etc.

In this powerful 12-hour course, you will learn how to...
    • Recognize Anger/Frustration patterns
    • Develop Self-awareness of Toxic-Reaction Triggers
    • Cut off the roots of inappropriate or excessive anger
    • Raise your game! - Practice Self-esteem-enhancement exercises
    • Control rising & explosive outbursts of rage
    • Clear held-in [subconscious/accumulating] anger
    • Use Desensitisation techniques to transform anger triggers
The course is largely experiential, theory is mostly covered in the participants' free handbook [also available separately: Email us]. Videos of a wide-range of anger scenarios are presented for discussion. Training exercises target issues around communication, over-control, under-control, self-esteem, living-in-the-flow and problem-solving [anger is sometimes a way to avoid solving a frustrating problem].

Anger Management Training, Exercises, Skills & Techniques:

* Cathartic techniques for safe discharge of built-up, held-in or denied emotions
* Skills & techniques for dealing with these emotions & attitudes in ourselves & others
* Healing of fears, wounds & insecurity that underlie self-sabotaging emotions & impulsive behaviour

Tutor: Michael Meredith, physiologist, healer, professional stress management trainer.


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    Activities, exercises, guidelines and principles to deal with angry emotions in an individual child or a group of kids. Useful for school social workers and child therapists. Some of the "lessons" are suitable for preschool children's classes.

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