History of United Kingdom Foot & Mouth crisis 2001
Part 7
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"Rural Rasure" phase from September-October 2001
Great Britain Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic 2001 New outbreaks decline and further spread of the virus is limited but the persistent tail of the epidemic is politically, scientifically and economically embarrassing. Recurring clinical cases of foot-and-mouth in endemic areas are met by "biosecurity" controls of unprecedented ferocity which add further damage to rural businesses in endemic areas. The use of strategic vaccination to protect cattle and pig herds in and around an enzootic area is again rejected. Instead a "scorched earth" approach of vigorous culling of any herds and flocks that might be at risk is practised
rasure = obliteration, erasure, effacement, expurgation, suppression of signs [originates from Latin word rasura]

  Honiton, North Devon - Livestock Market Day!
Copyright 2002 Ian Geering from his book Foot and Mouth Disease - The Aftermath - www.stress-counselling.co.uk/aftermath.htm
from "Foot and Mouth Disease : The Aftermath" by Ian Geering


Early September 2001
September 1: Killing continues today in Northumberland...
following the outbreak north of Hexham on August 32, outside the existing biosecurity zone. Culling of contiguous farms is in progress. By yesterday evening, 25,000 sheep and 4,500 cattle in the Allendale area of Northumberland had been slaughtered in 7 days. Today the "blue box" biosecurity zone has been extended from 400 square miles to 440 sq.m. More vehicle disinfection points have been set up on country roads.

*Ministers set 6 week deadline before vaccination: Times

*Farmers predicted spread outside the biosecurity zone: Telegraph

*Army deployed in Hexham area: BBC

*The slaughter toll in Northumberland: Ananova News Agency

NEW book about Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus crisis in United Kingdom, Great Britain- Published September 30th 2001 -
The Death of British Agriculture
an analysis of the roots of the foot and mouth disease epidemic and other farming crises in U.K.
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*Northumberland infected for some time - Scotland at risk: Ananova News Agency

September 2: 17th outbreak in Northumberland today...
New outbreak is at a farm with both cattle and sheep in the SW of the county, close to border with Co. Durham. It is just within the existing biosecurity zone, but the zone will now be extended again.

*Foot-and-mouth spreads in Zimbabwe to S. Africa border: CNN

*foot and mouth disease in Azerbaijan & Zimbabwe: update

*Secret plans to vaccinate in UK: Independent

*More troops called in to Northumberland: BBC

*Epidemic update: Telegraph

*Mental health help for foot-and-mouth areas: BBC

*Experts demand global vaccination for foot-and-mouth: Independent

2000th UK outbreak of foot and mouth disease
The 2000th UK outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the current epidemic was confirmed on September 3rd on a sheep farm in East Cumbria Burial site in Co. Durham re-opened
The 17 recent Northumberland outbreaks are generating 46,000 carcases for disposal. Local rendering capacity has been exceeded and a burial site in County Durham is being re-opened. There is intense local protest about the re-opening of this burial site because of fears for consequences to the environment from thousands of rotting carcases. There is a school 700 metres from the site and the nearest home is only 400 metres away.

*Tow Law burial site - protest to European Commission: Ananova News Agency

*Bridegroom's sporran impounded in Australia as fears foot-and-mouth risk: Ananova News Agency

1 new outbreak (Cumbria) on September 4th

*NEW MOVEMENT CONTROLS - 6,100 square miles in North of England: Ananova News Agency

Sept 5th: 2 new outbreaks confirmed in Northumberland
(total of 19 in last two weeks)
*DEFRA has not learned the lessons of the BSE enquiry: BBC

*Slaughtering within 24 hours not met in world's worst FMD epidemic: Telegraph

*Plans to develop edible foot and mouth vaccine: Argentina

*More UK outbreaks expected: BBC

3 outbreaks (Cumbria, Northumberland, Co Durham) on September 5th - total = 2004

*Epidemic update: Times

*The case for testing vaccination: Telegraph

*4 months after "end in sight" northern fells denuded of livestock: BBC

*Handling of foot and mouth epidemic criticised by Institute of Directors: Telegraph

European Union considers imports from Argentina
September 7: A European Commission team will visit Argentina in October to review their foot-and-mouth virus control programme. After the last EU review, in May, the Argentinian veterinary authorities were asked to strengthen their control measures. The national food and animal health inspection service, Senasa, is confident that the forthcoming EC inspection will result in a resumption of beef exports from Argentine to the EU. Since April, Argentina has vaccinated 98% of their 52 million cattle against foot and mouth disease. A second round of vaccinations is currently underway. New outbreaks have fallen sharply as a result of the massive vaccination program. In the last week, new outbreaks fell to 360, although the virus has appeared in the northern province of Formosa, bordering Paraguay this month.

*Call for global vaccination programme against foot and mouth disease: Ananova News Agency

2 outbreaks (Cumbria, Northumberland) on September 6th - total = 2006

*Dutch vets fight EU orgy of killing: Telegraph

*Expert calls for vaccination: BBC

*Why people are still avoiding the countryside: Ananova News Agency

9 Welsh counties declared FMD-free by DEFRA
Conwy, Denbighshire, Carmarthenshire, Flintshire, Wrexham, Anglesey (location of first case in Wales), Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire have been declared free of foot-and-mouth disease by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). There have been no outbreaks in these areas in the last three months.
Other areas of Wales remain at risk of re-emergence of foot and mouth.
Late September 2001


*Foot-and-mouth restrictions eased on 7,000 farms in north of England: BBC

*RSPCA says animal suffering was avoidable during worst of foot and mouth crisis: Telegraph

*Epidemic update: BBC

*Call for global vaccination programme for foot and mouth: Independent

*Vets conference in Bristol & Penrith to discuss foot-and-mouth crisis:
warmwell.com     Guardian

*FMD recombinant DNA vaccine development: Pirbright Laboratory UK

*Government has a "closed mind" on vaccination: Times

September 20: Suspected new outbreak in Gloucestershire
Sheep destroyed today, results awaited. No foot and mouth in the county since April
Ananova News Agency and     BBC

  September 21: Laboratory tests on suspect sheep negative
Suspected foot and mouth cases in Gloucestershire have proved negative in tests so far (Ananova News Agency)

*Ramblers to be disinfected on Yorkshire moors: BBC

*Precautions against Foot and mouth disease in North and Central America: USA

September 24: Empty Government Promises of Support
PDIC is one of hundreds of thousands of UK rural businesses affected by foot-and-mouth restrictions. Our UK customers, under pressure of cash-flow problems and trading uncertainties, reduced their orders by 90% over the first 4 months of the foot and mouth crisis. Also, overseas customers did not want to receive materials or people that might be contaminated with the dreaded FMD virus.
In the early weeks of the epidemic, the Prime Minister promised help for rural businesses - a 3-month period of grace from annual employer's return forms, and relief from local business rate taxes on premises.
Struggling under cash-flow problems, we trustingly submitted our annual return 6 weeks late with an explanatory note - only to receive (and we are not the only rural business to sufffer this) a £100 fine for a late return.
What about the promised business premises tax relief?
Well, our application for the promised period of grace meant struggling through a substantial application form and compiling detailed accountancy reports - reports which showed a clear and dramatic effect of the FMD crisis. After some weeks of waiting, we received a call today from our local county council (which covers a rural area of East Anglia) saying that they could not understand why we were claiming premises tax relief since "..pigs do not get foot and mouth". After explaining that actually over a hundred thousand pigs have been destroyed in FMD areas, and well over a quarter million more destroyed under the "Welfare (disposal) scheme" because they could not be moved, we were told that the council review panel would consider the application again and report back in two weeks time.
So much for "quick help to reduce cash-flow problems in rural businesses"!


*Yorkshire rural industry loses £75M/week from "scorched earth" controls: BBC

*Foot and mouth crisis benefit uplands: Telegraph

Total outbreaks in United Kingdom up to September 26th = 2,027
Last confirmed outbreak was in Northumberland on September 24th

*Movement controls cause chaos in wake of the foot-and-mouth crisis: BBC

*Chinatown traders in Newcastle paid £20,000 for rumours they were virus source: Ananova News Agency

September 25: New suspected outbreak N. Yorkshire
Cattle have been slaughtered on a farm in Ribblesdale N. Yorkshire after symptoms of foot and mouth disease appeared. Blood test results will not be known until the weekend

*Prince Charles visits foot and mouth victims in Cumbria: Telegraph   BBC

*Popular farm closes due to devastating foot-and-mouth crisis: EADT

*Farmers' leader asserts under-estimation of economic damage to agriculture: EADT

*Bio-security blunders spread foot-and-mouth: Telegraph and Ananova News Agency

*Government response to FMD caused more damage to rural economy than virus itself:
Guardian   BBC

*New outbreak in Cumbria (27 Sept) - two counties under new restrictions: Ananova News Agency

*170 sheep and lambs slaughtered on suspicion of foot and mouth disease in Wales: Telegraph

*New outbreak of foot and mouth in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria: Independent

*New outbreak of foot and mouth in Cumbria: BBC

*Loss of 2.5bn tourism revenue expected: BBC

*Port action against imports by U.K. farmers: criticised

*FMD Epidemic update - bancruptcy fears for farmers: BBC

*Farmers protest at lax biosecurity at ports: EADT

*Vicar blames medieval stone for foot-and-mouth epidemic: Ananova News Agency

*Foot-and-mouth restrictions in Lancashire & North Yorkshire after outbreak in Cumbria: BBC

Latest outbreaks - September 30th
There have been confirmed outbreaks in Carnforth, Lancashire (Sept 26) and 2 in Hexham, Northumberland (Sept 24 & 29), plus 1 in Appleby, Cumbria (Sept 30). Total outbreaks in United Kingdom now stands at 2,030.
Cumbria - Milking time at Peter Wharton's Farm!
Copyright 2002 Ian Geering from his book Foot and Mouth Disease - The Aftermath - www.stress-counselling.co.uk/aftermath.htm
from "Foot and Mouth Disease : The Aftermath" by Ian Geering


Early October 2001
No new outbreaks since September 30th

*Cautious optimism over foot and mouth disease epidemic: BBC

*Face up to market forces to survive: farmers lectured

*The Pig Veterinary Society submit comments to: FMD enquiry

*More areas declared foot-and-mouth free - movement restrictions relaxed: Ananova News Agency and BBC

*Farmers protest at port for security against illegal food imports: EADT

*Illegal meat imports risk animal & public health - Jim Scudamore, Chief Veterinary Officer: Times

*Plans to dump deer in burial pits - export restrictions due to foot-and-mouth disease: BBC

*Fraudsters evading justice - investigators sidetracked by foot and mouth controls: EDP

*Council warns legal action over clean-up of burning site foot-and-mouth carcasses: BBC

*Terrorists may smuggle biological weapons in illegal food imports: BBC   Bioterrorism lecture

*Faster cull could have saved animals - 10 times more slaughtered than in 1967 epidemic:
Independent & Telegraph

*Scientists' publish new analysis of FMD epidemic: Imperial College   BBC

*Devon foot-and-mouth public inquiry to be on Internet: inquiries page

*3 out of 10 farmers likely to leave industry after foot and mouth epidemic: Telegraph

*Devon inquiry into foot-and-mouth crisis starts: BBC

*Access to countryside still impeded despite lifting of foot and mouth restrictions: Telegraph

*First clear week of new outbreaks since epidemic began: Telegraph

*Pigmeat exports to resume: Ananova News Agency and BBC

*Royal Society considers vaccination in inquiry into foot-and-mouth crisis policy: BBC

*Vaccination discussion - transcript of BBC broadcast "Close-up": 4th October

*Pig farmer among first infected denied 22 charges relating to foot and mouth: Telegraph

European Commission proposes £215M handout to Britain
United Kingdom is to receive £215 million as the first tranche of an expected total EU compensation package of £600 millions (currency conversions) towards the cost of the foot and mouth epidemic.
The Netherlands will get 39M euros
(currency conversions) France 3.3M and Ireland 2.7M euros.
These payments represent 60% of eligible costs incurred for destruction of animals and food products & cleaning and disinfecting expenses.

*Government Chief Scientific Advisor optimistic about foot-and-mouth disease epidemic: BBC

*Britain's crisis-ridden farming industry reduced to subsistence levels: Guardian

*Devon inquiry reports: update

*Firms to sue over foot and mouth: Observer

*Government cautiously optimistic about foot-and-mouth disease eradication: Ananova News Agency

*U.K. tourist industry expects loss of £2.7 billion from foot and mouth crisis: Ananova News Agency

*British farmers received over £1 billion in compensation for foot and mouth: Ananova News Agency

*Suspected new outbreak in Cumbria: October 13


Late October 2001

*Illegal animal movements increasing due to delays in official approval: BBC

*Criminal activities at Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA): BBC

*Dynamics of the 2001 UK Foot and Mouth Epidemic: epidemiological analysis

*Computer modelling of the foot and mouth epidemic: critique

*Countryside Action Network fight the new Animal Health Bill: petition   background

*Foot and mouth vets need more local power: Telegraph

*First suspect case in more than 1 month is negative (Nov. 2nd): Co. Durham

*FMD crisis and the Afghanistan war - Government action compared: Telegraph

*FMD controls - report by a vet on the inside: The Pig Journal Vol.48 #96

*Cost to Tourism of foot and mouth estimated at £3.3 billion (Tourism Minister)

*Cut in foot-and-mouth compensation payments angers farmers: October 30

*Export delay frustrates farmers: BBC   *Farm disease strategy "lamentable": BBC

*Epidemic update + UK government sued over handling of foot-and-mouth crisis: BBC

*£15 million aid for agencies working with businesses hit by foot-and-mouth: Ananova News Agency

*Task force lambasts Prime Minister over farm crisis: October 25th

*British pork exports resume from free areas: BBC

*UK Farmers face winter of hardship: rural recovery co-ordinator

*Resurgence warning - increased movement of livestock during autumn: BBC

Breeding for Foot and Mouth Disease Resistance in Farming


Breeding for Foot and Mouth resistance in Farm Animals

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