History of United Kingdom Foot & Mouth crisis 2001
Part 8
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"Recovery" phase from November 2001 to January 2002
Britain's Foot and Mouth Disease crisis 2001 images Export trade re-commences and re-stocking of infected and "contiguous cull" farms gathers momentum.
contiguous farms = farms of unknown infection status in the area around known infected farms. Thousands of such farms had their livestock culled to prevent further spread of the foot-and-mouth virus.


Last farm outbreak of FMD in United Kingdom was on 30 September 2001

November 2001

*Exports of Scottish lamb resumed: BBC

*Foot-and-mouth movement restrictions lifted in Cumbria: Nov. 23

*Northern Ireland - farmers' fraudulent foot-and-mouth compensation claims: Ananova

*Animal Health bill - serious concerns: Warmwell

*3,000 farms in north England released from infected area restrictions: Ananova

*UK to fund Zimbabwe foot and mouth disease control: Financial Gazette

*Welsh farmers reject animal health bill: News Wales

*Farmers face test for certificate to stay in business: Telegraph

*Urgent investment needed into vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease say farming union: BBC

*Foot and mouth disease controls lifted from 500 farms in Cumbria: Ananova

*Minister admits foot-and-mouth crisis errors: BBC

*Fox hunting resumes in some areas: BBC

*DEFRA announces new aims and objectives: November 14th

*Animal Health Bill gets rough response from parliament: continuing FMD unrest

*Foot and mouth fuelled by computer nonesense: Telegraph

*Three months of cold weather could allow foot-and-mouth epidemic to flare up: Libdems

*Farmers accused of wasting public money and of touch with market realities: Government advisers

*Foot-and-mouth epidemic - movement restrictions lifted on 8,500 farms: BBC

*Legal action against government - foot and mouth crisis: Billions involved   BBC

*Catalogue of European Union decisions on FMD: European Commission (PDF file)

*Call for global plan to control foot and mouth epidemics: FAO

*Outbreaks could have been halved: Inquiry evidence

*Only 8 of 103 farms resisting cull developed FMD: Agriculture minister

*£2m extra aid for victims of livestock movement restrictions: BBC

*Lifting of meat export restrictions: Wales   Scotland   USA

*High risk of more foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in UK: Government minister

*Continuing policy of mass slaughter for FMD in United Kingdom: Times

*16 sheep spread Foot and mouth disease virus in United Kingdom: This is London

Photo of Mary Critchley of www.warmwell.com

"Animal Health Bill" = "Animal Death Bill"
November 4th 2001

This article in the Sunday Telegraph also pays tribute to
the foot and mouth crisis work of
Mary Critchley of www.warmwell.com

*Farms were overpaid £700M in foot and mouth cull: NFU economist alleges

*Rural businesses devastated by foot and mouth crisis - government breaks pledge: Telegraph

*English tourist industry suffered £3.3bn (currency conversion) foot and mouth losses: Independent

*Farmer compensation payouts shock: £178m in Scotland   41 farmers paid >£1M

*UK Rural Business Campaign plans legal action for £5.1 billion losses: Ananova

*Britain now clear of foot-and-mouth disease after last "infected" area downgraded: BBC

*£2.7 billion cost of foot and mouth disease epidemic to U.K. taxpayers : Budget speech

*Welsh lamb exports resumed - banned since February by foot-and-mouth restrictions: BBC

*Devon declared free of foot and mouth disease virus: BBC

*Welsh Local Government Association complains about handling of foot-and-mouth crisis: BBC

*Contiguous cull of healthy animals was legally dubious and unlawfully executed: Sunday Times

*Human cases of foot and mouth infection in nineteenth century: Guardian

*"Welfare" slaughterings top 2 million : DEFRA statistics

*Farmers alleged involvement in faking £billion compensation from European Union: Times


December 2001

*No more mass culls in United Kingdom: Independent

*EU and UK Government FMD inquiries update: December 15 2001

*Animal Health Bill is knee-jerk reaction to foot and mouth incompetence: MP alleges

*Farmers falsified papers & ignored disinfection procedures: allegations

*Foot and mouth scare cost Ireland £30M: Department of Agriculture

*Rural Affairs minister defends foot and mouth epidemic policy: Brussels conference

*UK Government admits doubt about mass culling policy: Guardian   EU conference

*Re-think of how foot and mouth disease is handled in Europe: European Union conference

*Rural protesters bring Forth Bridge to a standstill: Times

*43 farms infected in the 3 weeks before UK epidemic was detected: CVO report

*Sheepdogs abandoned in foot-and-mouth stricken areas: Times

*Aftermath of epidemic - situation for farmers: December 7

*European Parliament may hold public inquiry into the foot-and-mouth epidemic: ICWales

*Europe-wide petition against EU non-vaccination policy for FMD: in English & Dutch

*New rapid DNA test for Foot & Mouth Disease virus: results in 7 hours

*UK Treasury analysis of economic effects of FMD: Pre-budget report   Appendix

*1.6M uninfected animals destroyed due to FMD crisis: Livestock Welfare (Disposal) Scheme

*Government called to account over handling of foot and mouth epidemic: Legal action   UKRBC

*Wales declared free of foot-and-mouth disease: BBC

*Movement restrictions eased in Cumbria, North Yorkshire, County Durham : December 3

*Farmers' reflections on the epidemic: Guardian

*Submission to Royal Society Inquiry by National Foot & Mouth Group & Vets4vaccs: Dec 23

*Disease-hit farm families helped by police pay contribution: December 20

*The full cost of U.K. foot-and-mouth epidemic - Dec 27 2001: Financial Times

January 2002

*Final foot-and-mouth restrictions (New Forest) to be lifted: BBC

*Brigadier Alex Birtwistle receives military CBE for heroic work in foot and mouth cull: Army hero

*Sheep cull fuels fear of return of foot and mouth: January 2nd 2002

*Movement restrictions lifted: January 1st


History of UK FMD 2001-2002
from Outbreak to Epidemic to Endemic to Depopulation to Disaster
to Timebomb to Rural rasure to Recovery (this page) to Healing & Transformation

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