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  History of United Kingdom Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic 2001-2002 

History of United Kingdom Foot & Mouth Epidemic 2001-2
Part 9:  the Healing & Transformation Phase

January 2002 to July 2003
(22 months after last outbreak in UK epidemic)
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*Foot and Mouth Epidemic 2001 - UK database: July 2003

*Interferon Antiviral Therapy For Foot-and-mouth: Article published in Journal "Nature"

*UK Government expands sustainable development programme: Quality of Life

photo of Foot and Mouth - Heart and Soul Cumbria UK

-  over 50 first-hand accounts + 83 photographs  -
compiled by BBC Radio Cumbria

"Foot and Mouth - Heart and Soul"
A diary of the 2001 FMD epidemic
details & content




*UK Government response to foot-and-mouth inquiries: November 6th 2002


Photographs of British farms and farmworkers after the Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic of 2001

-   published 2002   -

"Foot and Mouth: The Aftermath"
A collection of photographs
by Ian Geering



*"Emergency vaccination, allowing animals to live, should no longer be regarded only as a last resort but a first-choice"
- EU FMD Committee : Conclusion 57

*Healing the wounds of the world's worst FMD epidemic
"Farmtalking" Internet Forum discussion topics:
Truth, Lies and "Spin"   Relationship damage   Betrayal   Resistance to healing
Hold pain or move forward?   Science or art?   Veterinary education


*Lessons learned from the FMD disaster:
"There are no insuperable problems with vaccination, whether technical, scientific, trade or cultural"
Sir Brian Follett, Chairman of the Royal Society Inquiry

"We take the view that food from vaccinated beasts does not need to be labelled"
National Consumer Council

"The contiguous cull has been exposed for what it was: one of the most bloody, tragic and disgraceful misjudgements made in the name of science"
Anthony Gibson, NFU South West Region Director quoted on


*International Epidemiologists Honoured for Work on FMD Epidemic [August 18th 2002]

The International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) is a world-wide organization dedicated to improving the care and control of infectious diseases. In 1994, ISID launched a now-famous Internet-based system called "ProMED-mail", dedicated to rapid global dissemination of information and discussion about outbreaks of infectious diseases that affect human or animal health. Over the years ProMED-mail has grown to the point where it is now received in 155 countries by 24,000 microbiologists, physicians, epidemiologists, public health professionals, veterinarians and others with an interest in infectious disease epidemics.

ProMED-mail uses electronic communication to provide free, up-to-date and reliable news, information and discussion on disease outbreaks around the world, seven days a week and free of political or commercial constraints. Each year ProMED presents Awards to honour individuals for Excellence in Disease Outbreak Reporting. This year there have been three awards:

1. Dr. Pablo Nart, virologist and pathology resident in Veterinary Medicine at Glasgow University. Dr. Nart holds an MSc in International Animal Health from the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh .

2. Dr. Mike Meredith, of the Pig Disease Information Centre United Kingdom. The award citation stated that in spite of severe financial problems, he contributed daily updates throughout the world's worst foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) epidemic (European Union, 2001), providing regular informed comment as well as detailed news.

3. Steve Apatow, President and Founder of the Humanitarian Resource Institute USA, who contributed valuable information on government responses and control protocol during the 2001 FMD epidemic.


*Royal Society Inquiry - vaccination recommended, computer modelling criticised [Article in "The Times"]


*UK NEW FMD Contingency Plan Published


NEW book about Foot-and-Mouth Disease rural crisis in United Kingdom- published July 2002 -
"Of Love and Slaughter"
rural drama and romance novel
based on real-life interviews and investigations in Devon
during the tragic foot-and-mouth epidemic of 2001

(book or audiotape)


*DEFRA report on source of 2001 UK epidemic: details

*10 % chance of initial negative in the foot-and-mouth diagnostic test: The Telegraph

*Foot and mouth disease scare was a useful warning: BBC

*Suspected case of FMD 26th February 2003: BBC

*Effect of FMD crisis in UK - The Shepherd's Story : "Ignorance Breeds Cruelty" [Farmtalking]

*Foot and mouth crisis in Europe 2001-2 European Commission overview published

*Foot and mouth disease free (FMD-free) countries - non-vaccination: OIE list & map

The shocking toll of the world's worst FMD disaster:
    No. premises (mostly farms) where animals destroyed:                       9,996
    Animals slaughtered or culled in epidemic control measures:         4,080,001
    Killed in Animal Welfare Disposal Scheme & Light Lambs Disposal Scheme: 2,573,317
    Piglets, calves, lambs killed (not in official statistics):         2,000,000 (estimate)
    Estimated total of animals killed:                         8,653,318
    Estimated total of carcases destroyed:                 8 million

*Easing of foot and mouth restrictions - livestock markets: February 2002


Foot and mouth gives landscape a fresh look
The foot-and-mouth disease slaughter has cleared cattle and sheep from vast areas of farmland, but it has been "boom time" for wild flowers, grass and ground-nesting birds. The new landscape is beginning to resemble the flower-clad fields of Victorian England and the...       quote from "The Times" June 20th, 2001


Archive of UK foot and mouth disease epidemic 2001-2002

from Outbreak to Epidemic to Endemic to Depopulation to Disaster

to Timebomb to Rural rasure to Recovery to Healing & Transformation (this page)



UK Government inquiries into foot and mouth disease: details

  *Foot-and-Mouth Disease: Photos & Resources


UK Foot and Mouth Epidemic
Animation of the FMD epidemic spread: HJones   Graphs: HJones


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