History of Foot and Mouth epidemic in U.K. 2001
Part 6
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Continuing outbreaks - a tailend timebomb? - July/August 2001
Great Britain Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic 2001England Foot-and-Mouth disease tail of epidemic is a danger The tail of the epidemic seems to go on endlessly, posing a constant threat to areas not yet infected - particularly the main dense pig farming area of East Yorkshire. The government firmly rejects both vaccination and the growing clamour for a public enquiry into the handling of the FMD crisis. Alarmed at the massive cost of FMD control, the government highlights farmers as "compensation junkies" and acts to reduce future support.


Late July 2001

*Tesco to buy 2 million FMD-restricted lambs: Ananova

*5 new outbreaks + "hardline" reaction to FMD crisis: Telegraph

*3 million UK sheep marooned by FMD crisis: Ananova

*Forced opening of footpaths: Ananova

*Farmers angry at refusal of public enquiry: UK epidemic

*Farmer at start of epidemic appears in court: 16 charges

*Bioterrorism concerns continue: New Scientist

*Public enquiry into FMD crisis is ruled out: Ananova

*Epidemic updates: 18 July   17 July

*Benefit fraud by cull workers: Telegraph

*DEFRA has inherited MAFF's problems: farmer complaints

*FMD crisis continues to impact food prices: Ananova

*Supermarkets begged to help avoid destruction of millions of lambs: Ananova

*Foot and mouth spreads to Greater Manchester: Wigan

*Footpaths mostly re-opened nationwide: Ananova

*Mass screening of 12,000 sheep in Brecon Beacons National Park: Ananova

*New call for FMD vaccination: Prof. Wheelock

*Public inquiry rejected on grounds it would attract "every crackpot": Animal Health Minister

7,000 farms waiting to be disinfected
July 23: The UK government has halted, for two weeks, the disinfection of farms that have had foot and mouth. The government is reviewing the £2 million (GB pounds) per day cost to taxpayers of disinfecting farms infected with foot and mouth disease. The total cost of the operation has apparently built up to about £800M (currency conversion). The cost of disinfecting farms is said to be up to 10 times the cost of treating similar farms elsewhere in Europe. Further spending has been halted, until revised costs are agreed, but the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) says that the suspension of disinfection is only temporary. Number of farms affected is about 7,000 which cannot be restocked until disinfection is completed.

*Disinfection halted - 4 outbreaks July 22nd: Telegraph

Out of the Ashes book about foot and mouth outbreak in United Kingdom Published July 2001!
Out of the Ashes - FMD epidemic in UK
A children's story based on real life events
As the year 2001 begins, disaster engulfs the British countryside as foot and mouth disease plunges farming communities into nightmare. The infection draws closer and closer to the Morley's small acreage. Then the unmistakeable symptoms appear in one of their cows.
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*Outbreaks tally may be underestimated by 1,500: Telegraph

*New biosecurity measures in Yorkshire: Pig industry in danger

*New Outbreak in Wales: Ananova

*Biosecurity zone in N. Yorks to protect main pig industry: BBC

Large number of new sheep infections found in Brecon Beacons
July 25: Destruction of 4,000 sheep will begin immediately in the Brecon Beacons common grazing area of Wales. Blood samples taken last weekend have revealed FMD antibodies in sheep from five areas of the Beacons. Several thousand more sheep are to be tested.

*Tourism damage from FMD controls (espy. footpath closures): Cumbria

*Prince Charles warns of collapse of farming: Telegraph

*Alleged abuse of foot-and-mouth compensation system: Independent

*Surplus sheep - European Commission finances storage: Ananova

*Last infected area in Scotland lifted: Ananova

*Deer to be tested in Yorkshire: Agweb

*Court battle to save pet pig and pigmy goats from culling is abandoned: Ananova

UK Chief Vet interviewed on BBC radio on July 27th
The DEFRA (formerly MAFF) Chief Veterinary Officer, Mr. Jim Scudamore, reported that a range of FMD antibody levels (high, medium and zero) had been found in the Brecon Beacons sheep this week, indicating that FMD virus is currently active in the region on a number of farms. Mr. Scudamore was asked about the continuing FMD problem despite a press conference on May 3rd announcing "we are on the home straight" and despite a prediction by government epidemiologists that outbreaks would fall to zero by June 7th (revised date of the national elections). The Chief Vet replied that only 3 or 4 regional "hotspots" of FMD remained. His policies were strongly criticised on air by a retired senior veterinarian, Ken Tyrrell, who had worked for MAFF in the 1967 epidemic. Mr. Tyrrell suggested that yesterday's outbreak in Warrington, Lancashire was close to a huge rendering plant used for FMD carcases, and that the importance of not transporting infected carcases around the country was being neglected. DEFRA strategies were also criticised on grounds of welfare abuse, excessive bureaucracy, lack of commonsense and failure to apply lessons learned from the 1967/68 epidemic.

*Outbreaks map + hope that heatwave will eliminate remaining FMD hotspots: Telegraph

*Audit Office to investigate handling of foot and mouth crisis: Times

*4 outbreaks on July 26 + cull of 4,000 sheep in Brecon Beacons: Wales

*Prime Minister jeered by angry farmers: Cumbria

*Gooseberries affected by foot and mouth: Yorkshire

*Too many people & too many animals have suffered says top vet: Veterinary Record July 9

*40,000 sheep may be culled in Brecon Beacons: Ananova

*Alleged corruption in FMD compensation: Times

*2 new outbreaks in Wales + Brecon cull delay: Ananova

*FMD infection - fraud investigation: Telegraph   Times

cover photo standard Farm Animal Diseases textbook

Farm Animal Diseases
**Latest Edition**
of the classic textbook

"Veterinary Medicine"

*Farmers deliberately acquiring foot and mouth virus: BBC Telegraph   Independent

*Wales' carcases to go to England: Ananova

*Vet unhappy with response of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons: Warmwell

*Clamour for public enquiry - government may be swayed: Ananova

DEFRA announce some costs of FMD outbreak
July 31: The Department of Environment has announced that expenditure to date on compensation of farmers for the destruction of animals plus the cost of cleaning and disinfecting farms amounts to 1.2 billion GB pounds (). Work in progress is expected to raise this to 2.3 billion GB pounds. These costings exclude direct costs of the huge administrative, laboratory and veterinary effort that has gone into control of the epidemic, some of which falls on local authorities. Indirect costs, such as disruption of abattoir, meat and livestock industries and the impact on tourism are also not included.

*Airborne (windborne) spread of foot and mouth disease virus: ProMED discussion


Early August 2001

*Dangerous situation has developed in Yorkshire!

*Vaccination considered in Yorkshire: Times

*2 million lambs may have to be slaughtered because of FMD controls: ITN

*Devon & South West now clear of Foot and Mouth Disease restrictions

*Blood testing hill flocks could spread FMD: Ananova

*Unprotected pigs = Unprotected taxpayers: personal opinion

*Policing of biosecurity in North Yorkshire around Thirsk began 30 July 2001

*Carcase parts thrown into livestock fields: Times

*Fraud results in change in compensation system: Times

*Second cull of free-roaming sheep in Brecon Beacons: Ananova

*DEFRA claim of contiguous cull efficacy challenged by farmers: Warmwell

*Vesicle on tongue turned out to be "wooden tongue" (Actinobacillus): Warmwell

*More infected free-roaming sheep found in Brecon Beacons: BBC

outbreaks update
August 2: Another outbreak confirmed in North Yorkshire this morning, UK total now stands at 1922. 7 new outbreaks yesterday (five in Cumbria + two in North Yorkshire - at Ugthorpe, Whitby and Balk, Thirsk)

*2 new outbreaks - Farmers receive up to £4.2M compensation each: BBC

*More FMD antibodies found on Brecon Beacons (Aug 3): Ananova

*Outbreak - detailed report from Yorkshire: Aug 2nd

*Plans to re-open landfill sites: Ananova

*Poor performance of FMD computer models: Australian view

*Epidemic update - clean-up resumes: Telegraph

*Export of meat to EU despite FMD? Argentina update

*Vaccination could have reduced epidemic cost by £3 billion (currency conversion) : BBC
(How vaccination was rejected: in April)

*Computer modellers reject vaccination: BBC

*DEFRA gives mixed message on strategic vaccination: Yorkshire Post

*Yorkshire pig industry threat - update: Telegraph


DEFRA & NFU - an un-holi alliance?
An out-of-control FMD epidemic has been handled without strategic vacccination
This has cost millions of healthy animals lives, traumatised many thousands of people (some fatally), damaged the environment, disrupted farming and food supplies, sucked in imports, cost taxpayers over £2 billion and cost rural businesses and tourism many more billions.   WHY?...
DEFRA & NFU:   News   NFU April view  Vet.Record   NFU & public purse   Spin-doctoring?
Prof.Midmore - economic arguments against the cullsummary   full papers (PDF)
PDIC   Abigail Woods   Elm Farm Research Centre   Prof. Wheelock   Warmwell   Farmtalking   Cullmaff   Eastpenrest   Merinosheep   Causal.org   Sheepdrove   Heartofdevon   Farmersforaction   Action-footandmouth   FMD scientists


*Anti-Vaccination stance questioned yet again: BBC

*Scotland anticipates FMD-free status: Ananova

*Government moves to re-shape UK farming: Guardian

*The high cost of NOT catching foot and mouth: Independent

*Stink over "welfare" carcase dumping in Cambridgeshire: East Anglian Daily Times

*Epidemic update: NFU rejects FMD insurance

*Farmer defends compensation payment of over £4M : Telegraph   Case 2

*1 outbreak on August 7th - taxes could rise: Telegraph

*Vets condemn needless slaughter: Cumbria

*The livestock valuation jungle: Times

*Economic issues get hotter: UK economy implications & Payments row

*Huge policing operation underway in Cumbria: Ananova

*No outbreaks August 6th + Brussels payments enquiry: Telegraph

*Rural recovery co-ordinator offers farmers a gloomy future: Times

*FMD Minister takes 5 week holiday: Telegraph   Farmers angry

*Insurers and farmers resist FMD insurance plans: Independent

*Don't make a sow's ear out of a silk purse: farmers v taxpayers

*Sheep spread fear - new biosecurity zone near Penrith: Cumbria

*Place of farming in the economy: Guardian

2 outbreaks in Cumbria on August 4th, none on August 5th

*Meat export resumption in Scotland: blood testing programme (Ananova News Agency)

*5 outbreaks (Cumbria) on Aug 8.  3 outbreaks (Yorkshire) Aug 7:  update

*Factors in FMD spread in Wales: ProMED

Scandal over poor biosecurity in Yorkshire
Spot checks by Trading Standards on farm vehicles in the Yorkshire biosecurity zone centred on the town of Thirsk have revealed that 1 in 10 vehicles has not been cleaned after leaving a farm. Out of 1,100 farms in the zone, 80 did not have proper facilities for disinfection e.g footbaths at the entrance. Prosecutions are being threatened Ananova News Agency report

*1 outbreak Aug 10 (Cumbria) + enquiries criticised: Telegraph

*Lessons of last epidemic were not applied: Times

*Farmers fined for breaching biosecurity controls: Independent

*Journalist stripped and disinfected in biosecurity zone! : Ananova News Agency

*5 outbreaks Aug. 9 (2 Cumbria 3 Wales) + accusations of cover-up: Telegraph

*New FMD crisis chief: 'New broom' to "sweep away foot-and-mouth debris"

*Thousands more sheep are to be culled on the Brecon Beacons region of Wales: Ananova News Agency

*More charges against source farm: Ananova News Agency

6 outbreaks in Cumbria on August 15th

*EU pays UK £224M (convert) Netherlands £24.7, France £2.1M, Ireland £1.7M FMD compensation: Ananova News Agency

*Meat imports from FMD-infected Brazil upset UK farmers: Ananova News Agency

We have received a report that the staff of DEFRA are planning to strike on Monday August 20th because of a dispute over pay.

*Pig farm, alleged source of epidemic, faces 16 charges: Ananova News Agency

*Rural recovery co-ordinator criticises Prince of Wales: Telegraph

*Vet and Co. save bulls by barn sleep-in: Telegraph

*Effect of foot and mouth on inflation: Ananova News Agency

*Outbreaks could double: Prof. Ferguson, of Imperial College

3 outbreaks on August 12 (2 Cumbria, 1 Wales)
£50,000 compensation for one sheep!
July 31: The Department of Environment has paid 50,000 GB pounds (convert) foot and mouth compensation (contiguous cull) for a pedigree breeding ram. The ram, named Mossdale Nuggett, was a Swaledale - an indigenous breed with a reputation for high quality wool and hardiness. The ram was owned by Eric Nelson of Bull and Cave Farm, near Lancaster and Robbie Cowperthwaite of Stockdale Farm, Settle. They had paid £50,000 for the ram in 1997

*Culled farmers "better off" says rural recovery co-ordinator: Telegraph

*Farmers are ungrateful - Agriculture Minister: Telegraph

*All travellers' baggage to be screened for foot-and-mouth virus: Australia

*BBC may have spread FMD virus: Ananova News Agency

*Trading Standards officers speak out about the FMD crisis: Ananova News Agency

*English "outsiders" compared to foot-and-mouth disease by Welsh farmers: Ananova News Agency

*Lord Haskins delivers stark message in Cumbria: BBC

*Livestock sales resume in Scotland: BBC

Weaner pigs accumulation in Yorkshire
Young weaned pigs are building up on farms at a rate of 12,000-15,000 per week.
They are mostly being housed outdoors in temporary accommodation.
Producers want to move the weaners to indoor housing as soon as possible, but DEFRA has not yet given permission for any pig movements in the Thirsk area "blue" biosecurity zone. It is also hoped that pig movements to Malton may soon be permitted.


Late August 2001


Are farmers "compensation junkies"?  -  A personal opinion
The UK Rural recovery co-ordinator, Lord Haskins, says farmers are too dependent on subsidies, and on state help in a crisis. The other side of this coin, which he omits to mention, is that farmers also have to bear a debilitating avalanche of state and EU interference (bureaucratic and regulatory) on a scale unknown to other industries. Also, in the UK, over the past two years, a government policy of high value for the GB pound has made home-produced food uncompetitive against imports.
How can livestock farmers be independent while carrying considerable state-imposed burdens and while being denied a "level playing field" against import competition?
Lord Haskins extols French farmers as a shining example of rural survival - but we all know that French farmers are pre-eminent in the EU for their swift (and usually militant) repulsion of state- or EU-imposed intolerable interference with their livelihood.   -   M.J.M.
What are your views? - Please post your comments now in our special Livestock farming discussion area

*Epidemic update - debt legacy of lady who saved Merino sheep: Telegraph

1 outbreak in Cumbria, 1 in Yorkshire on August 16th

*Costs escalate as lifting of movement controls is awaited: Essex

3,000 DEFRA employees take industrial action
August 20: there is a pay dispute by former MAFF staff who are paid less than their colleagues from the former DETR department. Front line staff working with foot and mouth disease control are minimally affected: Ananova News Agency
no outbreaks on August 19th

*Update on the FMD protest march in London: Ananova News Agency

*Live cattle sales resume in N. Scotland: BBC

1 outbreak in Cumbria, 1 in N.Yorkshire on August 18th

*Foot and mouth movement licences issued like blank cheques: Telegraph

*Control breaches may prolong farm disease: BBC

*Epidemiologist's warning - FMD controls are not working: Ananova News Agency

*Regional papers demand public enquiry: scathing attack on PM

*Origin of epidemic's problems - MAFF & Downing Street dispute: Scotsman

*Protest March against FMD enquiries: London 20 August

Worrying new outbreak of foot-and-mouth in Northumberland - August 24th
Three cows and their calves with clinical signs of foot and mouth disease have been slaughtered on a farm at the hamlet of Nine Banks near Hexham, Northumberland (county of origin of the epidemic, back in February). This small hamlet (a hamlet is smaller than a village) is situated in a valley where there have been no foot and mouth disease outbreaks previously. This is the first evidence of the FMD virus in that county for just over three months. Other animals on the farm have been slaughtered - 60 cattle and 200 sheep in total. Their carcases have been transported in three lorries to a rendering plant in Cheshire.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) plan to destroy all susceptible animals on five neighbouring farms in the next 36 hours. 3 km protection zone and 10 km surveillance zone have been created around the infected farm. There are more than 60 susceptible premises within three kilometres of the infected farm and the weather conditions are currently wet in the area - favouring virus survival and spread. There have been grouse-shooting parties in the area recently, but no more will be permitted. DEFRA have discounted the grouse-shoots as a factor in this new outbreak.

*Yorkshire foot and mouth high risk areas: increased prtoection demanded

1 outbreak (Cumbria) on August 23rd

*Travellers unaware of meat import controls: NFU survey
Note: raw meat can legally be brought in from the EU, and cooked meat (less than 1 kg) from outside EU

1 outbreak (Cumbria) on August 22nd

*Zany world "bog snorkelling" championships cancelled due to FMD in Wales: Ananova News Agency

4 outbreaks (Cumbria) on August 21st

*Legal defeat for opponent of Brecon healthy sheep cull - High Court decision: Ananova News Agency

*Foot and mouth outbreaks in Zimbabwe - exports halted: Ananova News Agency

*EU reimburses Member States for FMD controls: European Commission

3 outbreaks (Cumbria) on August 20th

*Scotland anticipates return to normal: BBC

2 outbreaks (Cumbria & Northumberland) on August 24th

*Second outbreak Northumberland on August 25th: BBC

*Security zone extended in Yorkshire: Yorkshire Post

*7 farms under restrictions in Scotland: Telegraph

*Foot and mouth disease undermines fabric of rural life: BBC

*Scotland nervous as 3 months freedom is glimpsed: Ananova News Agency

*13th outbreak in Northumberland - August 28th - Easing of national controls: Ananova News Agency

8 outbreaks August 27th (5 Northumberland, 3 Cumbria)

*Epidemic updates: BBC   ITN

Livestock on 4 farms Scottish Borders under observation.

*Herds in Scotland had contact with Northumberland outbreak: Ananova News Agency

*Mass inspection of farms in Northumberland: BBC

*Virus spread in populations - principles of vaccination control

6 outbreaks on August 26th - 3 Northumberland 3 Cumbria

*3 more outbreaks in Northumberland on August 26th: Ananova News Agency & BBC

*Foot and mouth disease outbreaks: Azerbaijan   Zimbabwe

*3rd new outbreak in Northumberland!: Ananova News Agency

*Northumberland crisis - tough new controls: Ananova News Agency & BBC

5 outbreaks on August 31st - 2 Cumbria, 3 Northumberland

*3 new outbreaks in Northumberland! - Army called in! : Ananova News Agency

*18,000 animals destroyed in 13 Northumberland outbreaks: Ananova

*Case history - Northumberland foot and mouth outbreak 2: Telegraph

no new outbreaks on August 29-30th

*Sheep will starve say farmers: Telegraph

*Quarter of British businesses damaged by foot-and-mouth: News   Report in full

*Call for test vaccinations to control foot and mouth: ITN

*Scotland wants to resume meat exports: Ananova News Agency

*It's time to vaccinate, says Blair's adviser: Times

*No fresh outbreaks in Northumberland - army on standby - 3 weeks of caution (Ananova News Agency)

*National Farmers' Union in Scotland call for disinfection sites along the border (Ananova News Agency)

*Grouse shooting implications in Northumberland: Ananova News Agency

*Vaccination cost estimated at £200M - culling cost already £2.2 billion: Telegraph

*National Farmers' Union break ranks over official inquiries planned: Times

Dutch farmers demand UK vaccinates

August 28: Dutch farmers' group, LTO-Nederland, want the United Kingdom to commence ring vaccination in order to control the continuing foot and mouth disease epidemic
Their spokesman, Jack Luiten, is reported as saying "We are very concerned about what is going on over there. If they continue the way they have, there's a chance that the disease will not be under control by next summer. Please go over to another policy and start ring vaccination like we did in the Netherlands. We are very afraid that a second outbreak in the Netherlands would be a complete disaster."


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